Tuesday, 9 May 2023

Weekly Progress Report 08 05 2023

Hi all

Eyecon74 has spiced up some banners for his Titans which were printed by Drake Seta, they looked really nice at Warhammer Fest! Made a few decorations for my banner using AT bits and a Terrain piece. Made some explosion markers using LED tealights which came out quite nice. Also started work on a display for one of his Titan Crews and the spare head, it will be magnetised so I can swap it.

The son of xana has taken a break from 28mm titans and has resumed work on his enlightened fleet from dystopian wars as a nice pallet cleanser he will eventually get back to titans in the form of a new engine.....

Engine Phil has been fixing little chips and scratches on his Titans after Warhammer Fest. 

The Gory Crow just cannot help making mechanicum monstrosities. However the best possibilities available at the moment have been exploited. Might have to go back to making "normal" kits now

Drake and Honey the Destroyer are deep in some review content so have nothing to show at the moment. Hope to show something soon though!

Battle Bunnies. 

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