Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Battle Bunnies' Forge World Zone Mortalis.

I still remember when I saw the Zone Mortalis range by Forge World for the first time. I called Khall Sithis and said "Go to Forge World's website right now and look in the new releases." I still remember listening him narrate what he was typing to get there whilst on the phone, before saying . . . . Wow.

Immediately I worked some overtime and ordered enough to make a 3x3 board. It was a whole new dimension to gaming and one which made me break my un-written rule: "you can't play it if it isn't painted." The tactical side of the game was amazing. The close range fire fights was incredible. It became quickly apparent that we would need more. So I ordered another eight tiles giving me a 4x4.

But that was not enough. As soon as I saw the open floor tiles which were released from Forge World I immediately ordered 4 (and sold a spare cross section. That gave me 5x4.

And today I have arrived home to find the last four tiles have arrived. I now have a 6x4 board with around 9 doors as well as the containment tanks and other accessories.

Having gone to speak to Blake at the open day; I decided to beg for some things:

1) I would love to see a Bridge for a star ship. This should be a 2x2 tile. We do need to see things like this as a objective for games.

2) An Engineering tile 2x2 with lots of terminals and a reactor core.

3) A Drop Pod jettison tile. With spaces on the floor to jettison Drop Pods (like in the Game Fire Warrior). A drastic race to leave a crumbling star ship would be amazing.

4) Horus' Throne Room. The final battle will be fought here. And that needs to be bigger than 1x1.

5) More accessories.

6) the side of a starship with optional boarding Torpedo bits which can be removed and placed. As well as gunnery pieces. Silence the guns game anyone? :)

So they are all my wishful thoughts for today. Hope you read this Blake. Doing a great job. Keep it up.
I will do a painting guide for these when I finish the City Board.

In the meantime: It's time for another Zone Mortalis Bath time.

Drake Seta

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