Monday, 6 October 2014

How do you like your heresy?

Hi all

Us bunnies have decided to share with you our favourite Horus heresy outlet. So this could be anything from another blog to a podcast, or even just a website. So here they are.

Khall Sithis

I enjoy reading Natfka as I feel it is a good hub for the community. I like the rumours and check back regularly throughout the day. Natfka covers many game systems and I find all of them very appealing. It isn't just about GW and I like to see the variety in the industry. I like to think of myself as a gamer who wants to try the majority of these games and the coverage on Natfka tempts me more and more to branch out. Heresy will always be my number 1 though due to the Primarchs :)

Drake Seta

I am a fan of the Chap in Australia that runs "The Painting Bunker" blog. His Painting skills are always a great thing to see, he documents every project with a swathe of Hi-Res photos. I think he is 100/100 when it comes to terrain and boards, with his  Forge World Cityscape boards and Anphellion scenery a heavy inspiration for our terrain. He runs excellent Horus Heresy Campaigns and has a stunning World Eater army. 
I consider him to be one of the truest hobbyists in the history of the Hobby as a whole. Please check out his site.

Targel Vypus

I am a huge fan of the After Ullanor podcast as I feel the book reviews they do for the Horus Heresy are extremely good. The 2 guys who host the podcast always go into great detail about the books and they remain professional throughout while not giving away any spoilers from future books. This helps jog my memory on parts that I have have forgotten and also sometimes things that I may have missed completely when I read the books myself. I do listen to other podcasts, however this is the one that as soon as a new episode comes out, I stop whatever I am listening to in order to listen to it

Mega Nob

I really like lexicanum as it contains really detailed info on all the characters, alliances and pretty much everything else you could want from a wiki site. For a fluff nazi like me it's ideal

Darko Thane

Great Crusade on invision is a good site as it is a good forum where you can pick up some good painting tips and also get to have some good debates about stories. They are a bit old and they haven't posted in a while on some of the sections but the forums do show some good pointers and the people on there are friendly when it comes to debates about legions and stories I.e there's a good contemplation about the timing of black legion for example. They also have many sections for battles and tutorials so it is great for hobbyists of all experiences

I hope you have found this useful and maybe you'll enjoy some of the above and maybe comment below with your favourites.

Take care :-)