Thursday 30 November 2023

Necrons 10th edition Codex video review with Lauren and Fish!

 Hi all

Games Workshop were kind enough to send over a copy of the new Necrons Codex for us to review, so we let Fish have at it as he was just starting his journey down the rabbit hole with this army.

We then finished it off with a battle report . . . though the nefarious Aeldari of Craftworld Mymeara got the first turn.

Also if you have not yet seen it, please enjoy our Legions Imperialis Battle Report.

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Saturday 18 November 2023

Legions Imperialis is here! Watch our Battle Report on YouTube now!

 Hi all

Games Workshop sent us a review copy of the new Legions Imperialis game! It is fantastic!

Drake Seta, Son of Xana and Eyecon74 divided the box. Drake painted the Space Marines as Blood Angels.

We will be putting some other posts up later today and this week so stay tuned.

Eyecon74 and Drake filmed a battle report of 1.5k v 1.5k a side. You can watch here.

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Battle Bunnies

Saturday 14 October 2023

Horus Heresy: New Mark III

Hello Bunnies!

We were lucky enough to get the new heresy battle group as a preview. I got the new mark IIIs to check out. Building was super easy, they go together really smoothly in 5 minutes and the back packs are much better than the original plastic mark 3s. They are one piece rather than split in two, which was always a pain. They are taller and I wasn't sure if I liked them or not. However getting them in hand, I do prefer the scaling and proportions of the model. They also don't look too out of place next to the other mark 3s. Below are some comparison photo for you to get the idea of how these compare. 

I was prepared to not like them, especially as they are the same poses as the mark 6s and the same 5 dudes repeated, but I do like them and I think they are big improvement over originals. The good news is they don't look out of place next to the older ones and having built 20 of them as tactical marines the repeating bodies aren't evident. 

Happy gaming!


Saturday 26 August 2023

Age of Sigmar review: Cities of Sigmar big box!

Hi all

The Battle Bunnies received the new Age of Sigmar: Cities of Sigmar box for review, and our Bunny Rob set out to paint them for us in a nice Grim colour scheme. You can follow him on Instagram @the_gory_crow.

The regular citizens of AoS I now represented all in one place, finally? And boy are they displeased with the state of things.

The art for this army is, beautiful.

The first page with actual text on it, contains a very tired and slightly injured looking footsoldier.
Following by a nice fluff piece worthy of a rousing speech by a commander.
It's a bit Grimdark

The old world shattering hit the regular citizens hard by the looks of it, and it's taken up to know for them to build up their military industry and organize their ranks.
There's a small letter from a fusilier on pg 12 of the codex which gives a small incite into what was before and what comes next.

We're then treated to maps and explanations of the different realms that the free cities control or have interests in.
It's a stark contrast from the Stormcast, they're shown as almighty warriors striking from the heavens.
For the citizens of the free cities? It's an endless and bitter struggle, where just living sounds pretty awful.
When a crusade is announced, it's unknown if the army with be operational when it reaches it's staging point. All the troops have to walk while carrying all their equipment, so the crusade personnel are absolutely shattered before the fighting even starts.

There are 11 main free cities to choose from.
I really like the Hammerhal Aqsha for the vibrant red of their shields or Greywater Fastness for the Black and yellow-orange scheme.
No shortage of choice for sure.

Page 44 leads us the the standard equipment of a fusilier sgt.
They have to carry a lot of stuff, all heavy forged iron. It is really stressed here than life as a soldier is deeply unpleasant, without having to consider the enemies they're having to fight.
The feel of this book is akin to necromunda, I feel so sorry for these non-existent people.

You can have duardin, elves and humans all in one army, with all the weird creatures that comes with it.
This can lead to some interesting interactions and a wonderful varied army in terms of silhouette.
There's an opportunity here to really represent all order based rases banding together to push back the darkness.

This army has their own order system.
Units within a certain distance of a commander untit (depending on race) can then perform extra actions depending on their race.
I like the return fire order, just fire back at a unit that attacks you with ranged weapons.
Yes please, I would like another shooting phase.
To make remember order easier, you get token straight out the box. Fantastic.
But that's not all, you get the quick reference scrolls in a nice sleeve.
I would have liked for more miniatures, but I know that's not how things work anymore but what's available is nice.

Onto the models.
Yeah GW have knocked it out the ball park again.
These are brilliant.
There's chainmail everywhere and it's consistently sharp.
Then there's heavy steel plates layed and strapped in place.
On the standard footsoldier sprue:
There are 20 head options!
10 helmeted (male and female) and 10 bare.
And I've lost count how many swords, maces and axes
I'm a massive fan of piling on the options for standard troops choices.
Yes you're going to have loads of them, but it's nice to have subtle differences between each squad.

The field marshal has 3 options and show shield arms (left and right)
Whatever loadout you choose, it really oozes the stoic character you want a seasoned marshall to possess.

You want Silver clad knights charging in on white horses?
It's all here again with plenty of customisation and characters.
Oh and most importantly, you get 4 absolutely stunning transfer sheets in this box!
Not like the Stormcast transfers.....these are full colour and very detailed and smooth.

I've not been all that involved in AoS. There's just something that's missing for me.
I really like armour but there's something about the Stormcast that doesn't sit right.
However with the free cities? I think we're on for a winner here.
I want to make a massive gunline with flintlock rifles who were farmers or blacksmiths a few weeks before, truly the bravest of us.

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Saturday 5 August 2023

Warhammer 40K: Cerastus Knight Lancer Plastic kit. House Ærthegn

 Hi all 

We received the new Plastic Lancer kit for review a little while ago, so Lauren (@honey_the_destroyer88) jumped on it as she is in the process of getting a full Knight Banner for when she attends Titan Owners Club Titan Walks.

Here is what Lauren has to say: 

A big thank you to GW for sending us out the new Cerastus Knight Lancer for review.

I have been really excited to see the Cerastus Knight get released in plastic and the kit has not disappointed.

 Due to being lighter in weight, it has made it easier to go for more outlandish poses.

The plastic kit is retailing at £120 which is a considerable drop from the resin kit which was over £200 previously.

I have gone for Knighthouse Ærthegn with an oil buff for the weathering as it ties in with my Titan Legion Vulcanum. 

I wanted to see how far I could push the model in terms of posing it which is why I have gone for a forward lunging strike with the lance whilst it is using the shield as cover. It is slightly wobbly as I have it balancing on one toe!

This has been a much quicker project than working with the resin version, there’s less preparation and the assembly has been much faster. It’s a lovely kit and I really enjoyed this project.

This is just the beginning of my venture into Ærthegn! Love big robots!

As Ærthegn transfers don't come in the box, we got some custom ones made for my Knight House.

Really happy how this came came out, as apart from the Plasma Blastgun on the Warhounds I have done, this is the only glow effect I have done to date.

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Battle Bunnies

Saturday 22 July 2023

Necromunda Rulebook 2023 review

Hi all

Good News!
At long last, the labyrinthian scattered rules of Necromunda are almost in one place!
This is going to be an almighty book with over 300 pages of grimdark grimness!

The first thing that struck me was the artwork, there are some stunning pieces especially in the first few pages.
My favorite being the smog chocked sky of a hive city with various light cruisers hanging ominously in low orbit.
Artwork from more recent books are included aswell, includng the Lord of Necromunda himself.
While this isnt an artbook, it certainly contains brilliant pieces.

I've always skipped over the timeline of most warhwmmer related books, the details are light as theyre just snippets of previous events.
However the one event that caught my eye was the forge of flesh....
Where House Goliath "built a wall of corpses" from those who tried to take one of their forges.
Ah it feels questionably good to read Necromunda lore.

This book is designed for those who are new to the game as there are sections dedicated to each relevant environment, landmark, season, political organizations and more outlaw-ish groups.
It really does wonders to set the scene for this hopelessly complicated and bloated world, that somehow has a gargantuan resource output that is immensely valuable to the imperium.

Now for the big stuff.
All the important rules from the last 6 years are compiled into one place.
This will allow players to play in the underhive and ashwastes.
The movement, shooting, assault and end phases includes how regular fighters on foot and vehicles interact on the battlefield.
From what i've read online, exotic beast kind of get forgotten about which is a shame considering how fluffy they are.
I'm not sure if it will help but exotic beast have their own page attached to the core rules section, with actions available and levelling up possibilities.
It certainly something to make ke consider taking one in my next campaign, i'd like my own personal grapplehawk.

Actions are consolidated as expected for fighter and vehicles, including how actions are limited under certain conditions like insanity.
Something I do appreciate is theres a short fluff scentence prior to the action, which gives context as to why a fighter might choose to perform it.
Its easy to apply the imperosnal warhammer 40k logic to necromunda, forgetting that these skirmishes are desperate struggles for survival, of everyday people.
I personally would like to see more models taking cover voluntarily (especially if they have spring up)

These sections are quite heavy, with lots of information per page. I'd highly recommend using colour coded page markers.

The trading post and black market have been combined! Into the trading post....
This is good, as all the standard and esoteric (also dangerous) stuff is available in one place.
Items are simply common, rare or illegal, with their respective search roll value attached.
This is so much better than needing 2-3 books.

Gaining XP for fighters has had a slight change but wilp make a difference over the long run.
Fighters can now gain XP for causing serious injuries, considering how common this occurs in games, i can see even the humble ganger or even Juve starting to gain advancements.
For a might 12XP, you can choose from a fighter's secondary skill list! While not efficient, it may be worth it for fluff reasons or for the odd combo.
Either way its welcome.

Psykers are a weird one in necromunda, their powers can be very effective or utterly useless. Also theres a hefty penalty of you get perils from the warp, but i'd recommend taking one because of the randomness which feels right for this game system.
To ass more utility, Psykers can deny the witch, giving you a chance to cancel an enemys power however you can perils from this too which is utterly brilliant.

Onto the most important part of the book in my opinion.
The Arbitrator's section offers all kind of additional bits to add on to the campaign to make it feel more immersive.
Dont fancy playing a standard dominion campaign? Well there are 10 alternatives to choose from.
Feel like grenades still arent unpredictable enough?
Add in the rule where if a grenade scatters, there a chance it blows up in the throwers hand.

This book does a good job of consolidating the scattered core rules of necromunda and streamlining certain areas to make this system feel less unwieldy.
You'll still need your own gang's house book and campaign supplement (to get access to vehicles for example) but it reduces the amount of books you need considerably.
As a fan of this world and system, i'd certainly recommend picking it up.

They still have fixed ablative armour though...

Honourable mention to Servo skulls. 

Battle Bunnies
The Gorey Crow. 
@the_gorey_crow on Instagram

Saturday 8 July 2023

Blood Bowl, Gutter Bowl, Underworld Denizens and Old World Alliance review

 Hi all

Hi all. We were sent the new Gutter Bowl for review and so jumped at the chance for a match.

You can see our game on our YouTube channel “@BattleBunniesTV” where the Norse team takes on the Amazons. 

Gameplay wise, there are a few bits which make it slightly different from a regular game of Blood Bowl. One thing is that you cannot have more than 5 people on your roster that aren’t Linemen. 

The starting lineup of a match is 7 players too, and due to the narrowness of some corridors this works really well. 

Refills are a flat 100,000 too regardless of team, so you really don’t feel they are worth it if you want to splash out on better players. 

This also helps give an air that these are rookies and not serious players and they sometimes fail on the simplest of tasks. No refs either! So you can foul without risk of being sent off. Whilst the supplement does not feel as random as Dungeon Bowl, it does add a fun twist to the game. Definitely worth getting. 

Also coming out we have a re boxing of the Old World Alliance Team! Our contributor @eyecon74 on Instagram jumped on this team as he was looking to get back into Blood Bowl (and is looking forward to a game soon).

Also out is the new Underworld Denizens re box. This is a team that I will be working on to give me another option of teams to play with in the future. I am already halfway there with my Blightchester Guttercutters.


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Please jump onto YouTube and watch mine and Lauren's game!

Battle Bunnies.

Saturday 24 June 2023

Warhammer 40K: 10th edition Battle Report - Craftworld Mymeara vs Wolfspear Space Marines from Leviathan Box

 Hi all

We have filmed a battle report where we pit the new Space Marines from the new Leviathan Box against Craftworld Mymeara. Thanks to Games Workshop for the review copy of the new box!

Here you can see a Ballistus Dreadnought take on an Avatar!

We managed to get a game in at Warhammer World on one of their feature tables. 

Battle Bunnies.

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Warhammer 40K: Wolfspear Ballistus Dreadnought


We received the new Leviathan Box from Games Workshop as a review copy.

I have never been a fan of the Primaris Dreadnoughts, and always planned to sack them off favouring Leviathan Dreadnought chassis.

But the Ballistus Dreadnought has changed all that. Absolutely love the style and it is a beast.

The Ballistus Strike special rule, really makes this your Alpha Strike unit for killing big enemies. The Krak Missiles and Ballistus Lascannon do make some serious Damage. Pair it with Oath Of Moment and it will not let you down.

I have not had a bad game with this model so far, and he even has good luck against the Avatar of Khaine!

Battle Bunnies.

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Warhammer 40K: Wolfspear Terminator Runepriest from Leviathan Box


We received the new Leviathan box for review, and we love it!!

The Terminator Librarian was a great model, but I needed to make him more Wolfspear-esque with some pelts and a nice Beard.

I have not had much luck with him so far though. Everytime I do a Focused Witchfire attack I give my Runepriest a 3 Damage Migraine by rolling a 1 for hazardous.

The armour really lends itself to a Runepriest vibe.

I really enjoyed the new Grimdark style I have been employing for this Army. Was quite difficult getting a bloody and glowy effect on the Force Axe.

Thanks to Games Workshop for sending the review copy.

 Battle Bunnies.

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