Friday, 27 May 2016

Mechanicum Ursurax Cohort

Hi all. 

Another squad complete this week. The Ursurax!

Was a cool kit to assemble and didn't take too long to paint. 

The models are very nice and dynamic. I decided to equip them all with lightning claws for added Legionnaire mincing. 

The claws were painted with Boltgun metal followed by Grey Knight Steel then washed with Nuln oil. 

From the rear. 

Well that is another Mechanicum unit down. Still have a lot of Battle automata in bags ready to assemble, but Solar Auxilia will be a priority for a while. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Tactical Support Squad

Hello Bunnies!

Today I am showing my latest finished unit of Raven Guard; a tactical support squad armed with melta guns. I have used some plastic MKVI legs on these with the Forge World Raven Guard upgrade pack. 

I am pretty happy with how they have turned out.

Here are some pictures of them taking part in the action to claim back an Imperial city on Eryxes II. Taking out some vile cultists!

After brother Sako fell to a warp-bred machine construct it fell to the squad to unmake the beast with righteous, liquid fire.

I hope to be having the army ready by 11th of June, when the Bunnies are hoping to take our painted armies to Warhammer World for a game! It is nice to have a target!

Thanks for coming to see my work, I hope you have enjoyed it. My next post will be showing a squad of 10 MKIV tactical marines. Also, if you know of a good place to get photo backdrops made, please feel free to share below!

Stay fluffy


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Getting stuff done.

Evening all

You may be just as bad as me. Start 20 projects and seem to finish none. Well I have had a very productive week this week so far and I am feeling pretty proud of myself. I did manage to do lots of loose end projects so here is a little glance at some. P

I wanted to get Garro another base before I entered him into the HH weekender Golden Daemon but I was too busy. I started one base with a discarded helmet on the floor so I decided to finish that off. 

I got 3 Vorax painted last week. 

These Solar Auxilia are finished now and I have assembled one of the "Bitches" from the Purokar league campaign we are looking to start. Expect a better look at the SA later in the week. 

I assembled some Ursurax. . . 

I finished the Ursurax!

I assembled my first Cerastus as well as two Questoris Knights!

I started a Mars-Pattern Landing Pad!!

And I moved onto the Solar Auxilia Flamer Section! 

It felt good. I minute sense of victory of getting so much progress done that I just wanted to let you all know about it. Thanks all. 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 15

Hello all!

I have spent tonight painting furiously to get my latest model completed! It has taken a couple of hours but I have managed to finish it! It's not quite fully dry but I wanted to get some photos up for you all to see! So here we are my first of 3 Dreadclaws:

I wanted to use etched brass on each of the 5 side but the Dreadclaw lacks space to be able to get these on. So for the time being it doesn't have any legion markings. My plan will be to add something to the tops of the fins when the new Sons of Horus stickers get released.

I will mostly be using the Dreadclaw to transport 10 man Reaver squads around. Dropping them into battle and using them to get the Reavers straight into combat! I may make use of them to drop 5 Justaerin or a Contemptor into battle from time to time for a change!

My experience with these so far has been good, they get whatever is inside into the heart of the battle quickly and once the troops are out they are very useful for blocking line of sight!

I've not decided what I will work on next yet, it will depend on if I fancy building or painting when I next get some hobby time! So it will either be 11 Justaerin or Reaver and Leviathan making.


Monday, 23 May 2016

FW Container crates done in plastic by citadel!!

Another sign that FW and GW are listening. These were mentioned in our wish listing yesterday, and here they are!

3 containers and lots of other bits. Sure some rules will follow too. 

Original Forge World ones. 

We are getting between us all around 15 packs. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 22 May 2016

GAMES WORKSHOP! We want the following!!!

Hi all. 
"If I ruled the GW towers I would. . . ." Is a sentiment each one of us from time to time has stated. So with G' Dubs giving us more of what we want and it looks like it is getting more approachable and reasonable again, I though a good ol' fashion wish list would be good. So here is what the Bunnies want!

Darien Vasco:
- Plastic heresy boxes, all armour variants, assault troops, basic tank range such as rhino, sicaran, LRMk2B. 
- updated orks with buggy model

- Saul Travitz
- Lucius 
- Little Horus and Torgaddon 
- Updated legion army list book and interactive iBook editions of the army books. 
- more zone mortalis tiles 
- Models for units and characters that have rules but not released yet. 
- Ork gargant 
- More legion specific extras such as templates 

Battlefleet Gothic for heresy

Drake Seta
Plastic Lucius Warhound (multi-poseable!!!!!) so that FW could release Mars pattern upgrades. 
Plastic Thunderhawk (with possible alternative configuration for transporter?)
Plastic Tarelians mini-dex  with options as mercs and options as Tau allied (FW to expand). This would be a successful release. 
Plastic Hrud mini-dex
Plastic Eldar Exodites
Plastic Squats
Plastic Storm Eagle
Plastic Demios
Plastic Chaos Knight
Plastic cultists (FW to provide specific upgrades). 

Furibundus Dreadnought (being created now possibly). 
Ulysses class Land Ram (Ravenlord). 
Landspeeder upgrade kit to MKIV. 
Alternative drivers / riders in different marks. 
Legion specific banner bearer and Praetor (like Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus ones). 
Vlka Fenryka despoiler upgrade kits (axes and Chainswords etc with arms seperate from hands holding weapons so MKII - mkvi compatible. 
Rhino Advancer. 
Rhino Castellan
Predator with Volkite
Sicaran with other turret weapons
Deimos Whirlwind
Legion Hydra?

Alternative heads and upgrades for Blood Bowl teams. 
An Isstvan V survivor / escape RPG game similar to Zombiecide and that Kingdom Death game for 1-8 players.

Kaelo Rylanus:
Eldar Exodites
Revamped Eldar (updated poses etc)
Plastic Eldar Titans
Eldar scenery
Revamped Orks
Ork scenery
8th Edition with streamlined rules
Plastic heresy
New flyer rules
New tree kits
2x2 flat realm of battle tiles (some with rivers, lakes etc as options)

Anything that is outstanding
Eldar Zone Mortalis
Cave Zone Mortalis
Eldar Corsair Range
Great Crusade Ork range upgrade
Individual Legion books (containing all the background history expanded from the black books and more images)

Specialist Games:
Same as everyone else

King Fluff:
Plastic mk2 & mk3
Plastic demios pattern
Plastic Spartan
Plastic sicarian variants
Plastic Thunderhawk
Plastic Warhound
Graian Mechanicum transfer sheet

Corvus assault pods for Warlord
Combat head for warlord
Landing pad for warlord
Fire control tower for warlord
Legio Astraman transfers
Support for second & first edition knight households in black books and transfers (Hyperion, Krast, Hawkwood)
Cpt Ophion
Cargo crates - like the ones from the Calth board
Starship interior section for zone mortalis- bridge, secondary bridge, teleporter pads, launch bays, drop pod bays, astropathic choir room
Realm of battle destroyed Titan tile
Magnus the Red
Scarab Occult
Non-sokar pattern Stormbird

Specialist games:
Epic back at 6mm scale
54mm pre-heresy space marines for Inquisitor
Expanded BFG fleet for Demiurg
Pre-heresy ship types for BFG
Gloriana ships for BFG

Lady Atia:
- Plastic Mars pattern Warhound (with Lucius upgrades from FW again).
- Plastic Thunderhawk
- More Daemons
- Full Army releases for each Cult Army (Plague Marines, Noise Marines, ...) especially interesting for the Siege of Terra
- Squats

- More Terminators, including Mk I
- Lucifer pattern Dreadnought
- Mk I/II Land Speeder
- Deimos pattern Whirlwind
- More Daemons, including Kha'banda, The Red Angel and Ingnethel
- Chaos Squats / Traitor Squats
- Dark Mechanicum
- Raven Guard Whispercutter Transporter
- Rules for GW Mechanicus stuff
- I would like to get the Storm Hawk/Talon aswell as the Hunter for the Horus Heresy. Old fluff says the Hunter was developed before the WW Hyperios, who is playable at 30k atm.

Specialist Games:
- Arbites for Necromunda, with enough variety to do a full 30k/40k Arbites force (Adeptus Arbites fought at Terra)

Tylar Fasolt:
I'd just like to see a Plastic Warhound and Thunderhawk TBH 
The Calth containers and a re-invigorated Scenery/Terrain range from FW. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Red Dawn of the Thousand Sons

Good evening all. I have returned with an update, or more precisely a resolution, on my XV legion project.

I've always enjoyed painting red, I feel it's quite a forgiving colour. With the release of Forge World's metallic Thousand Sons it posed a bit of a problem for me, their minis look amazing in a metallic scheme but if I did do them metallic I knew that my less shiny legions would feel, well less shiny. Long story short I decided to do a non-metallic Thousand Sons force which would slot seemlesy into lists alongside my Mechanicum, Knights, Imperial Fists and Night Lords.

Tonight I bring you the labours of some experimentation into painting the red and balancing out the colours on the prospective units. Now please bear in mind I'm using old models (of questionable mould quality) and daubing at speed - so the quality of what I post is not representative of what the final army will be.

Firstly I started with red. Mephiston Red now being available in a can seemed the logical place to start...

The next consideration was shading, do I tone it all down and re-layer the base red or doing something else?

Initially I tried a Seraphim Sepia wash

Which just wasn't potent enough so I decided to use a technique I've never tried before (which would ultimately lead to more experiments) so I turned to a Burnt Umber pin wash.

This is a technique used by many painters but something I've admired but not tried until now. The idea being you base paint the model, seal with varnish then flood the model with an oil paint in a thinners solution, once dry(ish) the oil pigment is wiped from the top surface leaving the tone in the recesses.

I had an initial go using the pin wash on an unvarnished model...

You can see the pigment toning the recesses and slightly tinting the red colour too - a massive difference to the Sepia wash from earlier...

Next up was testing the pin wash on a model that is coated in purity seal.

As you can see I wanted a clearer indication of what the pin wash would also do to the gold and whites of the army. The gold I've used is Vallejo Polished Gold - which is a lovely bright gold, I used Ceramite White for the detailing.

Here is the first 4 testers L-R; sepia wash, burnt umber pin wash on to colour and burnt umber pin wash applied after sealing with purity seal.

It was at this point that I felt the red was too dark and verging on a Word Bearers crimson, however the gold was spot on for me so it was clear I had to revisit my base red.

Having painted some Mechanicum priests I knew a good highlight for Mephiston Red is Evil Sunz Scarlet, so my next job was a heavy wet brush over the Mephiston on another tester...

Much brighter and vivid (which would be toned down by the oil) - now time to repeat the steps I used before..

The red was delivering now on depth and vibrancy but there was a little hint of Blood Angel about the colour (which we all know from opening pots of Blood Angels red is that BAs have a tint of orange - or at least they used to back in the day) - so now to lose the orange tint. Drake offered some tips from past Thousand Sons schemes so I turned to Carroburg Crimson.

I washed the model after the Evil Sunz layer with Carroburg Crimson - unfortunately photos don't really capture it but to the naked eye it's a cleaner red with no orange once applied.

And that ladies and gentlemen is my finished scheme, it's been a long journey (as you can see)

But I have arrived at an easy to reproduce, quick and effective method to get my Thousand Sons on a tabletop.

Here's a run down of the steps;

Spray grey
Spray Mrphiston Red
Airbrush (or wet brush) Evil Sunz Scarlet
Wash with Carroburg Crimson
Paint gold with Vallejo Polished Gold
Paint metals with Leadbelcher
Wash metals with Agrax Earthshade
Dry brush metals with Necron Compound
Paint whites with Ceramite White (2 coats)
Apply transfers
Spray with Purity Seal
Apply Burnt Umber pin wash
Wipe clean once thinners evaporate and was looks 'dry'
Apply weathering powders
Spray with purity seal again

(More for my benefit but if it's useful to others - brilliant)

And do there we have it - I'm now poised to build and paint the first couple of units for my army once Forge World releases those delicious transfers that we saw at Warhammer Fest 2016.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me and remember Pteranadons never disturb others when they urinate.