Friday, 30 January 2015

New Horus Heresy Novel in February.

Hey all

So, a new Horus Heresy novel is announced for February continuing the conflift on Tallarn. I have not read Tallarn Executioner myself but have heard it is a very good book. Loads of exciting prospects coming up at the moment!!

I still cant wait for the Crimson King!!

The weekender is looking massive and I am very excited to report all the new information to you :)


Forge World Mortalis; MORE TILES PLEASE!!!

Hi all

It has been a fair while since we have seen any additional Forge World Zone Mortalis tiles. With our 6x4 board approaching completion, I have been looking at it and thinking; it is missing a lot of standard ship features. 
We know Forge World has not drawn a line under the range, so I have been sitting and thinking what additional features could we really do with?

Command Bridge. 
All Starships need a command Bridge. Now these are described in 30-40k as vast theatre like areas with many Cogitator and command stations surrounding a central Throne. This straight away removes the possibility of a 1x1 as that would be way too small so would have to be a 2x2. It would also need to introduce the "edge of a Starship" style wall system too, big arched windows would be required on one edge.
They often have a long corridor running up to the main Bridge entrance which would have many sentry systems. This could easily be represented with the standard tiles and sentry towers (sold separately) over the fan square. 
The bridge would also have a door to one side which would lead to a small war room and another to either the Captains Quarters or Navigation Blister stairs.

Navigator blister. 
In most stories there is also a route to the Navigators blister from the bridge, sometimes mounted in the ceiling directly above and other times to one side. It is the place where the vessel's Navigator controls the ship from during it's flight through the Empyrean. It could be represented on a 1x1 tile. Normally they are linked to some fine austere chambers for where the Navigator(s) reside.
It is also widely recognised as the highest room on the ship. 

War room. 
Usually tiered and surrounded by cogitators and pict screens. A large Holographic dais would be in the centre of the room. This tile could get away with being a 1x1 which could be made grander with standard Mortalis tiles and additional Control terminals. 

Captain's quarters / State room. 
All Captains, Primarchs etc would have access to a grand suite where they would reside. Now these State rooms would be quite large to accommodate a significant dignitary, so I would imagine a 1x2 tile. It would have a lavish Gothic Sofa, bed, work station and Computer Terminal. Obviously some Characters would not use such grand chambers (Curze, Mortarion, Angron, Corax, Russ etc) so the Furniture should be movable / or just don't use the tile for those Primarchs. 

Billets / Brig. 
I imagine in 30k / 40k there is not much different between these two types. Functional plain rooms, it would even be questionable if they are required at all. I would love to see a range of furniture for them though. 

This is where all of the Ship's main systems would be orchestrated / controlled through. It would need to be at least a 2x2 tile. I would like to see it as a Command tile with little or no Plant Machinery, as the bigger ships can have multiple Plasma Reactors which I would put on different tiles. 

Plasma Reactor. 
A large 2x1 tile with a large generator (similar to one of the new Forge World Cityscape tiles). 

Warp drive. 
A very important part to all interstellar vessels. It would need to be a large 2x2 tile. Below is a 40k image of a Warp drive. Obviously this may just be too tall. A shorter variation of this would be perfect. 

Cargo lift.
A large Cargo Lift tile, big enough to hold a Fellblade. With control cabin / terminal. 1x2. 

Water processing. 
A recycling tile with lots of industrial pipes 1x2

Oxygen processing. 
A oxygen processing tile with a series of fans and big Steampunk air pumps (similar to those on the Solar Auxilia Backpack) 1x2

Macro Cannon. 
Ok. These are massive. Depending on the ship housing them they can be enormous or just big. It could be represented on a 1x2 to 2x2 tile. It definitely cannot be the ceiling hung edition below, but could be the slightly smaller one below that which is loaded by sled and Conveyor. It would need to be built into a vessel flank tile. 

Torpedo chamber. 
These can also be recognised as either Gigantic or possible. Some of John Blanches artwork shows Gigantic Torpedoes being dragged by a hundred serfs on bunches of chains, or by a smaller compliment of Serfs with Pringle tube sized munitions. It could be possible with 1x2 tiles but more likely to be 2x2. 

A medical ward could be achieved with just furniture. I really would like to see those dissecting tables that were released with the Anphellion project make an appearance again. 

That is what I would like to see. What about you?

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Drake Seta

Thursday, 29 January 2015

29-01-15 Newsletter and Sevatar

Hey all!!

So, today sees the release of Sevatar, 1st Captain of the Night Lords. A popular character amongst fans who sometimes provides a little comic relief - 'It was rats. Big ones!' Is one of my favourite lines. He was fantastic in some of the NL shorts and this sculpt is very fitting as one of the best so far. Also, that's a White Scar on the base! Which battle could this be from? What do you think?

Also released today is the heroic Imperial Fist command squad. I can't wait to see more of these!

And the Solar Auxilia Medusa & Basilisk

Not a bad release line up for a Thursday!!

Keep up to date with us at the Weekender :)


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Horus Heresy Weekender 2015 schedule released.

Here we have it. Let's have a little peak at the schedule.

It looks really Iron Warrior and Imperial Fist-centric, which is great as there has been little focus on the IV upto this point. 

The Tempest Seminar on the Sunday looks as though it will be a main feature for the Weekender, as well as the ever popular New models on the Saturday (we are hoping to get a glimpse of Dorn here and some new Iron Warrior minis). 

The Blades of the Traitor Seminar will be interesting as it would touch on what is upcoming in the HH stories. 

We will all be reporting from the front row of the most significant Seminars so tune in on the day for our usual on the fly coverage. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook too. 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ork Fuel depot WIP.

Another 3 hours down and Little Bunny and I have got a bit further along with our second Ork Building project. 

The Plasticard was glued on after chips were cut out and bullet holes pin viced in. 

3 Ladders will be required to the landing and 2 up to the top of the Tanks. 

Lots of Ork Glyphs have found there way onto the piece. 

We have started adding rivets and bolts but as you can imagine it is very time intensive. 

We are also looking at doing 3 Ork Bastions, an assortment of Huts, and a few scrap heaps. I have also been looking at Dawn of war for some inspiration. 

Mek shop

Stay tuned :)

Drake Seta and little Bunny. 

Monday, 26 January 2015


Hi all. 

The Bulletin has given us some lovely new shiny models to look forward to. Here we have 2 new Legion Centurions. 

I personally will be getting 2 of the top one for my Iron Warriors and Death Guard and 2 of the bottom one for my Iron Warriors and Night Lords (a few tweeks maybe for the IV Legion). 

What do you think? I personally want Forge World to release more of the like as general releases, maybe even a monthly release of a single famous Knight Errant from the Horus Heresy Stories. 

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Drake Seta

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Evil Sunz: Another new project.

The Battle Bunnies are all still really preoccupied left right and centre with new family members and hectic work schedules, hence when we do get time to hobby at the moment we try to get as much done as possible to feel like we have achieved a decent amount. 

With our Great crusade Campaign approaching we are trying to get as much stuff done in as quick a time as possible. I have promised I will do an Evil Sunz force to be a force to fight against in a large Campaign, and so today whilst relaxing with new Baby Nathaniel, I got my clippers and glue out and attacked an Ork Battleforce. 

I am after a quick and easy flesh tone for the Orks. Any recommendations PLEASE post below. :)

Currently I am just aiming on a lot of infantry, Trukks and Warbikes. Hopefully I can enlist little Bunny and the Missus to help do some of the painting, to keep my time away from Forge World models to a minimum. 

Looking forward to getting this new Red tide done. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Eagle's Talon

So we have been blessed with yet more Horus Heresy from Black Library. This time it's a new audio drama involving the Impirial Fists and the battle of Tallarn.

 I for one am very happy about this as I only only saying the other day that I wished Black Library would do more about the Impiral Fists. I just hope this is popular with other people so maybe Black Library will realise that there is a gap for more Imperial Fist story's. The icing on the cake for me would be their own novel,

Let me know what you guys think about this and if you would like to see more regarding the Imperial Fists, and if so, what should it involve.

Take care :-) 

Deredeo Dreadnought has arrived. Rules added.

The Deredeo has landed, and it was worth the wait! 

The Deredeo pattern Dreadnought is a dedicated heavy support frame, though it shares many core components and systems with the more general assault-based Contemptor class. Initially deployed in limited numbers to each of the Legions due to difficulties in its manufacture, its durability and firepower saw demand for the Deredeo pattern dramatically increase after the outbreak of the Horus Heresy.

The Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought is a multi-part resin kit which includes the sarcophagus-mounted heavy bolters or heavy flamer options and an 80mm plastic base.  This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Friday January 30th.

One of the primary weapon systems the Deredeo can mount is the twin-linked Anvilus autocannon battery, a fearsome development of the autocannon that can engage and destroy armoured targets with a punishing salvo of fire.

Mounted onto the carapace of the Deredeo pattern Dreadnought, the Aiolos missile launcher which, with its sophisticated targeting system, can track targets independently of the primary weapons system and regardless of intervening terrain.

Not too bad rules either. Definitely an Anti-air Dreadnought. Now let's just hope we see a Fury and Warhawk soon. 

Drake Seta

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Horus Heresy weekender 2015 Anthology; Blades of the Traitor.

Black Library have announced this year's HH weekender Anthology; the Blades of the Traitor. 

The cover shows Mortarion in all his Glory. 

No details letting us know what is inside yet, but it already promises to be great. The artwork is definitely one of the best covers I have seen so far too. 

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook where we will be posting on the fly reports of what we see at the Weekender 2015. 

Drake Seta