Monday 24 June 2024

Skaventide - The good guys return'd

 Hi all

The grim warriors of the Ruination Chamber have been unleashed! 

Painted by Rob Caldicott (@the_gory_crow). Rob C. decided to paint them in a dark green and red scheme. He felt the models were very dynamic, and that they would go very well on a diorama scene!

Its great that the Skaven are not the only great new models in the new Skaventide box.

The Stormcast gather around the relic and face on the onrushing Skaven!




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Sunday 23 June 2024

Skaventide Box - Lord Veritant

 Hi all

Honey the Destroyer has been painting the lovely new Lord Veritant model from the new Skaventide box. 

She really wanted to make the model look as though she had seen a lot of action, and that her armour was very old. So heavily weathering was the way forward!

Thanks again to Games Workshop for the sample!

Painting guide.

Undercoat with Mechanicum Standard Grey.

1) Paint with Tinny Tin.
2) Drybrush with Runelord Brass.
3) Agrax Earthshade wash.
4) Light Drybrush with Runelord Brass.
5) 1:1 Nihilakh Oxide and Lahmian Medium pinwashed into the recesses.
6) Light Dybrush of Runelord Brass.

1) Vallejo Old God.
2) Mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium
3) Drybrush of Vallejo Old Gold.
4). Light Edge Highlight of Auric Gold.

1) Kantor Blue
2) Washed with Drakenhov Nightshade and Nuln Oil (recess washed)
3) Edge Highlight with 50:50 Fenrisian Grey and Kantor Blue.

More of this great box this week.




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Saturday 22 June 2024

Skaventide - Skaven cometh! and they look damn good!!

 Hi all

Our fantastic painter Rob W. (@eyecon74) has been a massive fan of Skaven for years, but has always held back due to the hope of eventually seeing a new fantastic range of models! 

That time is now, and he was sooooo happy to get his claws on them!

Skaventide is out soon!!

Ratling Warpblaster
Rob decided to add a big old scenic base for this great model.

Lots of Verdigris!

Rat Ogors:

More fantastic sculpts!

We have needed these for sooooo long! They look brilliant.

Warplock Jezzails

The Jezzails with their new Rifles really fit in with the aesthetic of the new range!

Grey Seer and Warlock Engineer.
The new Grey Seer model is a great on foot model, The blue robe offsets the model really well.

Clawlord on Gnaw-Beast

What a fantastic leader for the new Clanrats.




More soon! Thanks again to Games Workshop for the sample.

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Sunday 2 June 2024

Kill Team Termination - Brood Brothers cometh for the 4x armed Emperor

 Hi all

We busted out the Kill Team Termination Genestealer Cult Brood Brothers! Great sculpts with lots of options. 

Its green, so you know its good.

Wanna buy some bracelets!?

Behold, my strong hand!

Guns beat Knives Jeff. Leave them behind.


Behold . . . my troops!


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Saturday 1 June 2024

Kill Team Termination - Plasma Genatorium

 Hi all

We received the new Kill Team for review. Have a look at the new terrain. Its fantastic!

Here are the 2x Genatorium. Great terrain pieces, but a bit of a shame that they do not tie in with the existing Sector Imperialis range. Pipes won't connect to them or anything. But the design is still great.

A lovely red one! 

Had a lot of fun painting the big chevrons!

The source lighting was painted with airbrush.


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Saturday 4 May 2024

Darktide the Board game review!

 Hi all

We have received the new Darktide Boardgame and had a fun game of it!

Darktide is based on the Kill Team game system, with a small Warhammer Quest twist. The initiative order is determined by an activation card based system, similar to Cursed City.

The miniatures are unfortunately not new designs and do not represent those in the Video Game. Feel this is a bit of a shame, as it would encourage more people to buy the game.

There is a deck with upgrades which enable your team to stock up.

The Behaviour table is great and enables you to play the game on your own, without pulling punches on your team (move down the order, and where it can be targeting one person or the other, you choose the worst of 2x options).

Here is the first mission (Round 1 and Round 2). 

The biggest disappointment is the board itself. It would have been far better if it was a board akin to the Blackstone fortress or Betrayal at Calth in design. 

I would recommend this game for people who want to get into Warhammer Kill Team, otherwise I would suggest waiting for a game like Warhammer Quest.


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Saturday 6 April 2024

Blood Bowl - Gnome Blood Bowl Team - The Sizzlebottom Scorers

 Hi all

We were incredibly happy to receive the new Gnome Blood Bowl Team for review!

These were painted by Lauren (@honey_the_destroyer88) for her son Arlo who loves Gnomes!

We love this team so much! We honestly can't imagine what they will do next. . . . Maybe Fairys?

Even the watering can has the BB symbol on it

We had a look at a fair few Gnomes for reference!

We settled on blue, green and yellow.

We added some model flowers to the base to tie in to the Gnome pitch which we can't wait to get our hands on!

The Sizzlebottom Scorers (named after Arlo's D&D character).


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Kill Team Nightmare - Night Lords - The Dread Gheist Nemesis Claw

 Hi all

We received the Kill Team Nightmare box, and it is brilliant. The Mandrakes and the Night Lords make you feel that you can't possibly consider which you would prefer to be caught by! Its great to see an upgrade sprue for a Chaos Space Marine Legion like this. I do hope we see a sprue for the other Legions now too.

Painted by @battle_bunnies_drake_seta.

The Dread Gheist Nemesis Claw. I absolutely loved painting them.

It was great fun painting the Visionary's cape. I used different skin colours to add detail.

The Ventrilokar is really dark, and carries a dismembered Astartes to battle on a pole.

The Skinthief just loves skin!

The Fearmonger is another great model. I decided to go for an orange poisioned liquid on the blade, as I just wanted to get away from the green (why is poison always green!).


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Saturday 2 March 2024

Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Battle force (Yes they are plastic now)

 Hi all

Games Workshop has sent us the New Solar Auxilia battle force to paint for review.

You may have seen our Resin Solar Auxilia from when they were first released, and as you can imagine we were very excited to get these painted!

The sculpts are brilliant and we are so happy they are now in plastic!

These were painted by Rob W. (@eyecon74).

Here is a painting guide:

Pics below

Las Rifle Auxiliaries

The Command section
Aethon Heavy Sentinel
We managed to magnetise the weapons at the top of the sentinel. Its a fantastic model!

This model compliments oil weathering / enamel washes so well.

We managed to magnetise the weapons on this beast too!

Leman Russ Battle Tank!
With all the weapons made magnetised/slottable.


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