Sunday, 23 November 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this past week. So let's get started shall we?

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has started the mammoth task of assembling all his Night Lords. He will be trying out a few Greenstuff molding techniques to add some grisly pieces to their armour. Here you can see the assault sergeant and a Terror Squad Legionnaire. 

Darko Thane

Darko has been cracking on with his Shabran Darr model and is not far from finishing him off. See photos for updates. Will look to finish this off soon and continue with his other project

Khall Sithis

Khall has not had a chance to do much of his own work this week for a mixture of reasons. On Monday he worked on Zone Mortalis with Drake. See here:
On Tuesday he put the finishing touches on 35 Emperor's Children! See here:
He then came down with man flu and was out of action for a few days. He returned on Saturday to have a fantastic battle (his first game in 7th edition) of Ghost Warriors VS my Word Bearers. It was a very gripping game which ended in a draw. Stay tuned for another post this week for his EC's.

The Group have purchased another 20 Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Troopers. Bringing it to a current total of 60! We are loving the Conquest book at the moment so painting productivity is down slightly. 

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know what progress you have made this week

Take care :-)

Pre-Heresy Night Lords: Grisly bits and Greenstuff moulds

Hi everyone. 

I am well into my Night Lord project now and have decided I wanted some other grim and nasty bits for my Legion to go with their terror ways. 

I really like the detail on the Night Raptors and the Terror squad torsos, so I decided to get my bluestuff moulding bits out for a spin. 

Simple stuff is bluestuff. Throw in boiling water, let it turn to the consistency of a really chewy caramel or gum.
Tear a bit off and squeeze over the item or detail you want to replicate and let cool. 

When cool you pull it off and evenly jam some greenstuff in there. Leave the greenstuff to set over night. 

Next day pull it out easily as it won't stick to bluestuff and you have a perfect representation of the piece you desired. 

Then cut and glue to your model and complete any straps / nails etc needed to keep it in place. 

Anyway. Hope it may be something to consider for you guys out there. 

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Stormhammer previewed in Conquest book

Is this the Stormhammer we have all been waiting for? Or is it a mock up for a picture in Conquest?

It has a Stormhammer cannon and a dual Battlecannon as standard (different from background if I recall). 

Secondary Weapons-wise it more of a mobile fortress than a Super Heavy. 6 Multi-lasers, Lascannon and a co-axial weapon too. 

We will be reviewing the Conquest book in fits and spurts over the next week due to it's size. 

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Friday, 21 November 2014

CONQUEST IS HERE!!! The Battle Bunnies have a peak.

Book four Conquest is in our hands and we will be scouring through this Tome today and tomorrow. 

First glance the book is substantially bigger than ever before. Lots of background and fluff for Knights, Titans and Solar Auxilia. 

Incredible illustrations. 

The Relic Weapons section has some great bits of equipment to pimp your own personal Character such as the Vlka Fenryka's Burning claws and the Bolod Angels Photonics blade. 

The Campaign system is simple and actually resembles the peg and link system that I was favouring. 

My first impression of the Solar Auxilia is: They are a different flavour of Astra militarum. It will always be difficult to add certain rules which show them as being different, but not giving skills on the battlefield that would eclipse a Legionnaire. The Disciplined fire and Close formation fighting rules really give them a hold the line feel (hold the line rule really helps too funnily enough). I am already looking forward to getting these chaps in a trench and drawing a Legion in to have a bite. Put a Super-Heavy command tank with a Commander bellowing out encouragement or orders in the centre and rest assured they really will be difficult to break. 
The Solar Auxilia Lasrifle is 30" range which also goes with their long reach. They also have void armour which amongst other special rules puts them at a respectable 4+. 

Expect to see us using a squad soon in one of our famous reports. 

It's great that Port Maw is such a key to the Campaign base, and I am really looking forward to reading about them. 

We will give some more info when we can but all in all: Awesome. 

Thanks Forge World, another great book. 

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Drake Seta

Thursday, 20 November 2014

More Solar Auxilia WIP

So tonight at bunny HQ we began fully constructing our Auxilia bodies. They are coming together very nicely for us now, not far off at all now for this squad. Coming together very nicely. With the guns we completed last week we have near enough got the clearance to send the boys to battle!!

Here are a few pics to show our endeavours:

Hope you enjoy how these guys look, should have them completed in the next couple of sessions.

Stay locked in from more from us :)

Darko Thane

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Emperor's Children Tactical Support Squad

Hey Bunnies

I have been working on my Emperor's Children longer than I care to remember - it's never ending!! I am now starting to see the fruits of my labours with finished models! 

Here is my first squad for your viewing pleasure - a 5 man Tactical Support squad armed with Volkite Chargers! These are badass, especially against Xeno's! 

This squad is done in my new colour scheme, which is much closer to the Betrayal scheme, and I am very pleased with how it has turned out. I will do a step-by-step painting guide on Fulgrim in the next few weeks showing how I achieved the metallic purple effect and what mixtures of paint I used.

I hope you like my work, please feel free to comment below :)


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zone Mortalis WIP

Drake and I have devoted our Monday nights for the next few weeks to working on our Zone Mortalis board. The pic below shows 1/6th of the board we have. 
We are trying to get it all to the same stage before we start wrapping it up. 

Here are some pics of the progress we have made in just 4 hours. 

Keep tuned in. Will be a great few weeks.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Horus Heresy Book 4. Conquest

Hi all

Now that we have seen the contents of the next Horus Heresy book from Forge World, I asked our bunnies what they are most looking forward to. Their answers were as follows:

Khall: I am looking forward to the campaign pack. It is promising the tools to create engrossing and progressive storylines and it will be interesting to see how the group incorporates this toolbox into their Great Crusade campaigns with their own characters.

Darko: I am most looking forward to seeing if they are to do anything with the shattered legions. With so much mystery behind them you would at least imagine they would make an appearance on Terra even if their exploits are expunged so would like to see if anything is going to be noted about them.

Drake: I am most looking forward to reading about what Mortarion and the Death Guard have been up to between Isstvan 5 and Molech. It will be good to hear how they attack a world without any other Legion in campaign. The Reaper of Worlds section should detail this hopefully. 
The Death Guard also show off their paired Knight house which is featured on the front cover of the book itself. I will be doing 3-5 Knights in this scheme of German Grey and Karak Stone in the future. 

It is difficult to see the names of the Knight houses; Vyronii, Makabius, Orblace and Ærthegn. These I am also very much looking forward to reading about. Why did they join / turn from the Imperium? what are their Nobles like? How long into the Great Crusade was it before they joined? Really looking forward to Knight houses in the age of darkness. 

Solar Auxilia army list also is promising to be a great read too. We know they fight at Long range (even longer than the Astra Militarum). I am hoping to see Valkyries, Shadowswords, Baneblades and the like as I do not want this list to get soooo expensive.
The Lasrifle rules compared to a standard Lasgun as I believe them to be 30" range. Also the little guys have little rockets on their belts. Are these one shot mini-Krak missiles etc?

The Experience and Injury system sounds vaguely Necromunda like and I am really looking forward to trying this out on Lieutenant Ubbag Jules of my Death Guard. I think each Bunny will be creating 1-2 characters for our Karrus Campaign and seeing where Fate takes us with these characters. 

As for me, I am most looking forward to the Solar Auxilia army list. A new army list is always exciting and after painting quite a bit of the models that have already been released for this army, I just can't help wondering what rules they have and how they will do on a battlefield. 

Please comment below with what you are most looking forward to.

Take care :-)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this past week. So let's get started shall we?

Drake Seta

 Drake Seta has chosen an Imperial Enforcer model to be his Commander for the Solar Auxilia so has opened the blister and washed it. 

Not content with just mk4 Terror helms; Drake has started a Greenstuff journey for his Night Lords. 

Khall Sithis

So, Khall has started his Luna Wolves...has he finished his ECs? No...of course not...
Here is a sneak peak at one of his first models...

Why is he starting with Loken? Stay tuned to find out.

Khall and Drake will be  working on the Mortalis boards every Monday for the foreseeable future. There are 4 tiles to be brought to base layer standard, which they will be doing on Monday. 
You can also see the Forge World Furniture, some other company bunks and control terminal too. 

Targel Vypus

I have been able to do quite a lot of my first heavy weapon squad for my Word Bearers so expect to see a post about them within the next week :-)

Darko Thane

Darko has been working and completing his rampagers. He now has a 10 man squad and is now starting on a new project whilst also alongside his Darr character. See his pictures for more details and hints.

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know what progress you have made this week

Take care :-) 

Happy Birthday to Bunny Targel Vypus.

Happy Birthday to one of our Bunny's; Targel Vypus. 

Targel is making good headway with his Grey Pre-Heresy Word Bearers. With that in mind the group have purchased bits to start his Imperial Fist stockpile. 

A Legion Land Raider Achilles Alpha
Imperial Fist Legion Heads  

He also has got a Squad of Cataphractii with weapons for Kor Phaeron's bodyguard. 

Have a great day!