Friday, 22 May 2015

New Forge World Airbrush paints

It's been a long time coming but here we are. 

The Forge World Airbrush Range collects together all 26 of Forge World’s airbrush paints into one, handy collection to make it easier for you to get the entire range.

Forge World Airbrush Paints are specially formulated acrylic paints designed to give great results with an airbrush, whilst retaining the perfect consistency for applying with a paint brush. This range of 26 paints includes flat colours and metallics, as well as clear colours which can be combined to create effects such as fades, blends, washes and for changing the shades and tones of other colours. Forge World Airbrush Paints are ideally suited for using with our Horus Heresy model range, as well as with all other Forge World and Citadel models and scenery.

We recommend using Forge World Clear Medium with your airbrush paints to improve their flow and provide a great aid to blending. We also recommend using Forge World Solution, which is ideal for thinning paints and for cleaning your airbrush.

People who want the beautiful glossy purple of the Emperor's children and the sea green of the Sons of Horus now have the ability to achieve these goals with a range of official paints. 

I for one am glad I have not got to my Vlka Fenryka or Night Lords yet, as the official colours should look fantastic. I do hope that the paints are of a better quality than the Citadel paints. 

We will update you with our review on these paints when we get our paws on them. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Solar Auxilia force continued

After some time off hobby for many reasons we have all had a good kick-start back in. With the Warhammer World opening we have all got back down to business and first port of call was the Solar Auxilia army.

We have just started our volkite unit and they are looking well. So far they have been drybrushed with metal and had most of the red fatigues started on. A very good session for us to get us back in the habit. We will soon be cracking on again with our legion projects with a few knights and Mechanicum thrown in as well. See future posts for these updates.

For now here are a few pictures of our latest works on the Solar Auxilia unit mentioned above:

Check back soon for more work and posts from us here at the bunny camp.

Darko Thane

Monday, 18 May 2015

Warhammer World Grand opening additional photos.

Thanks to Arkangel for some additional cool photos. 

Warlord Bridge detail. Smaller than portrayed in some books but cool.

A Necron exhibition with Blood Angels and some cool lighting. 

A cool Valkyrie conversion. 

An alternative Princeps model. Would love to see this guy standing in front of a Mortis Warlord in a display cabinet. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 17 May 2015

A new variant of Terminator armour coming?

I have flipped through the new large Novella to the picture pages and were confronted by this image:

They are referred to as the Pyre Warden (may be Sslamanders). Now obviously this is one of the older designs we remember from the Rogue Trader era of GW (see below). 

I think it is a good homage paying modern design of this suit (which I cannot confirm the true name for), and if they are breaking through into the Horus Heresy Novels it is almost confirmation that FW will have to do them. 
They are the Deredeo to the Contemptor chassis; a extra heavy weapon sporting Terminator squad. The lead has what looks to be an Assault cannon and Heavy Bolter whilst the one behind may have a Graviton cannon and Lascannon. 

There could be a spot on my Shelves for them. 

Drake Seta

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Warhammer World Grand Opening Overview

Hello Bunnies!

What a fantastic day! As the dust settles I would like to look at some of the highlights from the event. 

Warhammer World:
As a venue, Warhammer World now looks the part. The new stores are cool and clean with beautiful cabinets full of products. The Forge World store is particularly awesome with displays of unpainted kits with prices. Really, really cool! 

Bugmans is untouched and the food hasn't changed - which I don't mind really lol. 

In all, I feel the renovations are brilliant.

These were insane. I can't believe how good the displays were. I was told that one of the displays was exceptional...nothing prepared me for Exhibition Room 3. Seriously, the photos cannot do it justice. Why are you still reading this...go there...right now!

First impressions of this book are pretty ace. The usual narrative, campaign and missions are present. There is fluff for the Ultramarines, House Vornherr, 2 Titan Legions, Imperial Militia and Cults. I have only scratched the surface and I intend to do more complex articles at a later date. What would you like me to write about first?

Roboute Guilliman:
The model is perfect. Simon Egan says this is his favourite sculpt now. I love the pose and the face is brilliant. 
Guillimans rules are spot-on too. In combat he evolves as he fights and gets better as challenges progress. He has cool wargear and some nice buffs for his legion. Very happy ��

The Ultramarines now FEEL like Ultramarines. They are efficient and effective but not overpowered. The legion-specific units are fun and varied, there is an assault unit, terminator unit and close combat unit. All of them have a nice flavour and some great options. 

The Future:
I was terrified when I saw the White Scar marines...I really don't my last legion to be released just yet lol. I spoke to Alan Bligh and he said the intention is that in the next 4-6 months legion specific armour and pads will have been released for all 18 legions. He also said that he wanted Rites of War to be released for each so everybody could start their legion of choice. Awesome.

I asked what the next book will be. He told me that the next book will be out around Christmas. He is working on a lot of content for Shattered Legions, Shadow Crusade, Black Shields, Thrammas and Prospero. He couldn't tell me what the next book would be. I got the feeling that it hadn't been decided yet...

Next Primarch:
I personally believe that Simon Egan is working on Alpharius and that Edgar is working on Perturabo. Simon says work is going well but gave nothing away. Simon said that the intention is to be up-to-date before the next book is released. 4 more Primarch's this year then!

So there you have my review for the day. It was brilliant. Well done to Forge World, Black Library and Citadel for a fantastic event. Any questions please comment below and we will endeavour to answer. Also, please put any information that maybe we missed below. We would love to read it ��

Stay safe