Thursday, 15 July 2021

Legio Vulcanum I Dark Fire: 28mm Warlord Titan progress

Hi all

Lauren has been busy on her new Warlord Titan. She has decided to paint it in Legio Vulcanum I Dark Fire colours. 

There is not much more to do now, but it’s looking fantastic. 

The Graphite Grey of Vulcanum was achieved with an undercoat of black followed by a 50:50 mix of Mechanicum Standard Grey and Leadbelcher airbrushed over favouring it being brighter on the higher edges or centre of larger panels. 

The Titan was then given a thorough covering of Klear (or Pledge Multi Surface Wax). Followed by another. 

She used a combination of Streaking grime from AK on some panels and also a muddy mix of Black, Raw Umber and Raw sienna oil paints with a bit of white spirits to thin, to get the recessed grime look. 

Cover the panel, heat up with a hair dryer so it’s almost completely dry (almost is the key word here). And then buff off with some cut up cotton sheets or old t-shirts. You can buff up and down lightly and hard in different ways to get different effects. You can also try to ensure you have some stream lines by bolts to look like water / grime runoff. 

She also used the same technique on the skeleton too. 

Worth to practice this technique first because it can be temperamental. A rhino side is always helpful. 

We have recorded a video which we will be putting up soon too of how she painted her 2 Warhounds with a step by step guide. 

Battle Bunnies. 

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Blood Bowl: Lizardmen Team Card Pack

Hi all. 

Games Workshop have sent this through to review. 

I haven’t actually ever used a set of cards for Blood Bowl before so I am intrigued. 

The Random events add some colour I guess. 

Magical Memorabilia could be fun too. 

I do like concise rules most of the time. So generally I prefer to have less things to look at or read. But could be fun for a change. 

Drake Seta

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Crusade: Amidst the ashes review

Hi all Games Workshop have sent Amidst the ashes for us to review. 

As with all before this enables you to do Crusades for one particular army, in this case the Sisters of Battle. 

The first 70 pages are missions, advancement trees and a Campaign set around War Zone Charadon. 

The great thing about these books is the core rules are easy and to hand in the rear of them. 

A must for any Sister of Battle gamer. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 9 July 2021

New Kill Team. Death Korps and Orks!

Hi all. If you haven’t seen the trailer for the new Kill Team head over to Warhammer TV now! Wow. 

The teaser video was great too. Hope this is the quality we are expecting with Warhammer+

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Warhammer+ coming to fans from 25th August!

Hi all

This is something I have been looking saying you my friends that should be done for a long time. And hear it comes! Warhammer+ 

it’s a new subscription service for Warhammer fans that provides access to animations, shows, apps, event extras, subscriber offers, an archive of lore and digital magazines and even exclusive free miniatures! - All for just £4.99 a month or just £49.99 a year. ($5.99/59.99USD)

Warhammer+ is landing on August 25th.

YouTube WH+ trailer:

YouTube Animations:

You can also find out more here:

I’m really into all of the offers and promotions that they are doing too. Especially the models!

Gonna get me the Assassin. 

The Orruk does look cool though. 

I’m happy to pay £5 a month to a service I am vested in, knowing that the money will be going towards more content in the future (more series, movies and maybe documentaries I hope). It’s a great start. Just hope I can watch it on my Smart TV via an app. :)

Drake Seta. 

Friday, 18 June 2021

Age of Sigmar: Dominion unboxing

Hi all

We have received a copy of the new AoS Dominion box for review. It’s massive!

Soooooo. The box is absolutely packed full of stuff! No terrain though which is strange in my opinion for a core mega box, but still bursting with Sprues. 

Mega box!

2x of this sprue

2x of this sprue 

1x of these sprues

The big bad!!!

The glorious Angel!

Instructions are brilliant as usual. We will possibly find an issue with numbers here and there but hopefully not. 

There is something so satisfying about a several different configurations. The Cursed City box was testament to that!!

There is some great bits in the start here book too for Yndrasta (a strong contender for model of the year). . . 

And Killabosses. 

Then there is the book. It’s an absolute tome!

Rules an the pics are decent and self explanatory. 

It’s another cool box. They have kept my least favourite rule (4.1):

In my opinion they should bin it off completely. Or better yet keep it and move to alternate activations like in many other games in their range (detachments lead by leaders activating within the army). 

Strangest thing: There are no dice. . . 

Drake Seta