Thursday, 27 August 2015

COMPETITION: Titan Owner Club transfers draw

Hi all. 
A while ago I announced that there will be a Transfer competition on Titan Owners Club. Everyone who has uploaded a Titan before 00:00 on Tuesday the 01st of September 2015 GMT will have their engine put into a digital hat and one lucky Princeps will receive a new set of Titan Transfers from Forge World. It will be drawn from a digital Random picker site. 

I will post world wide recorded to an address you specify. 

Titans which have been submitted, but yet to be processed to this point to are also to be entered. 

Drake Seta

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Battle of Calth board game: the new Space Crusade?

Hello and welcome to another edition of Drake predicts the future. The Horus Heresy plastic set is obviously on its way now are we now understand that it can be used as a standalone box game with apparently two rule sets. This two rule sets thing got me thinking over the past few days. We have not really got much of A difference between the 30K and the 40K rule set so in my mind it would be very silly to put two of the same into the same boxed game. Which led me down another path; how did we get the hobby? Most people got in early days when they first saw a Space Marine be this rogue trader, Space Hulk etc. I personally got involved at the Space Crusade stage. 

In my opinion this box which is about to come out is the new "Space Crusade". I'm not saying it's going to be called Space Crusade that would be damn silly, but what I am saying is could this be the jump off set that 40K and 30K actually need to bring more youngsters into the hobby? I mean if we all got in to it at the Space Crusade era and are still into it now, it can only be a decent sign. I personally believe that they went back to the drawing board on this one and started looking at the hobby from a day one "how did you start?". How can we re-introduce a Space Crusade style game into the hobby? Every kid like space Marines that is mainly the reason why they play 40K and there is a lot of characterisation and 30K (which did need plastic support), and it is predominantly Marine on Marine. 

In my opinion Assassination Force was a trial to see what they could do with the technology for cardboard boards and a simplified rule set. This made me think that it was quite similar to a simplified process which was used in the Space Crusade boxed game. Maybe one of the rule sets which are involved in this box is a simple move move for squares role to dice to kill that person style system. 

So I personally believe there will be a simplified rule set and a standard age of Darkness (7th edition equivalent)  rule set for the veteran gamer is inside this one box. Apparently it has 30 Mk4, 10 Cataphractii, 1 Contemptor and 2 Characters. 
It is rumoured to be called Battle of Calth.

Can't you imagine the boarding missile tiles for entry onto the opponents ship? Maybe a Cardboard Caestus Assault Ram or Kharybdis to help promote the FW Horus Heresy range? The trim of the box depicting different colour schemes for the different Legions? Ahhhh smell the Nostalgia. 

I do believe we will see it at the 40k open day in October on the 17th. 

What do you think? I could be completely wrong, but I would want to do something like this if I was in charge. 

Drake Seta 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Applying Banner Transfers to Heresy models

Hi all. 

Let's show you how I did it. 

Firstly the new Forge world transfers feel very thin compares to the old ones, which can only be a good thing. The older ones were a bit harder to use Micro Sol and Micro set with.

Firstly I chose the banner I wanted. In this case I chose this one with the big Iron Warrior helmet. I like this one but I was torn between two. Now I'm very tempted to buy more of the banner bearers so that I can use all of them.

Firstly we cut it out with the scalpel. At this point ensure you scalpel blade is very very sharp.

Rest the cut out square onto a piece of kitchen towel which has been wet through so that it absorbs some of the moisture but does not wash away the adhesiveness. 

We want to cover flag surface in micro sol this will allow us to contort and shape the transfer at the next stage to the banner itself.

Slide the transfer into place ensuring that you get the top part in line with the top of the top of the fabric and at the bottom parts is dead centre at the point in this case.
Ensure that the top and bottom middle is a touching the centre of the flag as this is the place we will be pushing out from.

Using a wet Q-Tip you want to slowly push out from the centre so you are laying it down as every now and again you want to add a bit of Micro sol to it to soften the transfer and when it is fully pushed down you want to add more Micro sol and give it a few minutes to soak in

We then use the Q-Tip to push out the air bubbles and push the banner into the recesses of their creases at the top of the banner. 

We then force the banner transfer into the corners around the banner trim so that the connection is sharp and precise

We then take our very sharp scalpel and cut into where is the trim meets in the recess at the bottom of the banner. 

We careful cut up the along the sides following the recessed trim. 
This is why I have very sharp scalpel is very important at this stage. 

When the whole trim has been cut to shape, you flip the model over and look through to where the banner would be overlapping over to the black back. We then flip the model front and back cutting as we go until we are very happy with how it can bend over the top to the rear of the banner.

We then add more Micro sol and let it soak in and once again push further down into the recesses.
By this point hopefully we should have no bubbles or creases. We then apply micro set to the surface to shape and contort it better to the shape of the flag. 

Enjoy because all is done. 

Drake Seta

Monday, 24 August 2015

New Volkite option for Contemptors

In the most recent bulletin from Forge World we have been given a look at the new twin linked volkite arms for the Contemptor Dreadnought. This has got us very excited in the bunny camp!! See pic below:

In my opinion they look absolutely gorgeous and I know I will be taking these as my options in the near future.

What do you guys think of this? What would you like to see be released next?

Darko Thane

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weekly Progress Report 23/8

Hi guys, here we go with another edition of our progress report. A mixed bag of progress this week being shown but nonetheless here we go:

Kaelo has no new pictures of progress for you today. He is hoping to amass a whopping 15-20hrs of painting this week as he is staying away. Stay tuned throughout the week!

I, Darko, have been working on moving forward on the held projects. By this I have had assistance from Drake and his airbrushing skills to be able to get my models that were in a metal standard to the purple that Emperors Children fans all come to love. Here are a few pictures of the result:

I will be looking to make some headway on these models over the next week/s. Look forward to seeing more from these soon.

Drake Seta has received his Warlord Titan head now and will be working on it this coming week. He also has done work on his Iron Warriors again after receiving the new Transfer sets. He will be doing a post in a couple of days showing a completed Banner and how he got it on.

So this concludes another week of work from us. Let us know what you think and what you hope to see coming up. Let us know what you are working on too, we would love to hear what everyone is creating :)

Darko Thane

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Kaelo Rylanus: Invictarii Suzerain Update

Hi Bunnies!

So I have had a busy week but I have still managed to get some movement on my Invictarii Suzerain. I have managed to finish trimming, spray black and then Macragge Blue. I have also done the first wash. I have a nice plan for the shields and I am excited to show you all later in the week.

I am away for a week now and my room mate has allowed me to take my 'nerd models'. I will get a lot done this week �� keep tuned in!


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Legion on Parade: Dave Gent's Vlka Fenryka

Ladies Gentlemen and Bunnies: for your viewing pleasure let me present Dave's Vlka Fenryka. 

A very well painted and presented army. Very impressed. 

As a bit of background, I've been collecting space wolves for around 20 years now, this is the 4th incarnation of my army. The HH serious has been like a dream come true! 
At the moment I am re-organising my army from a 40k company to a 30k legion force. I've removed all the stuff that is not useable (such as thunderwolves) and many of the armour marks that just aren't right (for me, Mk6 has always been the armour of the Heresy era, so I have always had a lot of that in my force anyway, but I am loving the other armour types that FW have produced, especially Mk3). I've also been turning my 10 man squads in to 20 man squads, so repainting squad markings, changing weapons, etc.
I have also been removing snow off my bases, or just re-basing where this has been impossible, setting my new force on the plains of Prospero rather than the snow wastes of Fenris. My main love of the hobby is painting and collecting, so taking the opportunity to push my skills and try new techniques in these areas has been good. And this is why I only have two squads and a Storm Eagle fully painted at the moment. 
By the end of the year I am hoping to have re-branded the entirety of my current force ready to move on to new things ready for whenever they finally release the Space Wolves HH book.
So attached are pics of the following; 2No. 5 man Destroyer Squads (fully finished), 1No. 10 man tactical support squad (fully finished), a storm eagle (finished), a contemptor dreadnaught (needs re-basing), some WIP shots, etc. I used to have 12,000 points fully painted but this has shrunk to around 5,000pts partly painted while I re-organise things.  On the 1st August I will pick up a massive bundle of tanks to replace the ones I've just ebayed (because I couldn't get the snow off!), including two Spartans, a Fellblade, 6 rhinos and some jetbikes. Any help and advice in putting these together would be appreciated (the Storm Eagle was tricky enough...)
I've also included a couple of shots showing the mixture of unit markings and shoulder pad designs I've included. As there's no Space Wolves Legion decal sheet I used the XVI transfers from the Luna Wolves sheet and removed the X in some cases. I've also added some of the other transfers. I don't think any two of my miniatures have the same shoulder pad markings :-)
Kind regards

Great details and shoulder markings. The great thing about the Vlka Fenryka is the individual feel of the Legionnaires, where their armour feels as though it is telling the Warriors saga. 

Destroyers seem pretty apt after hearing about them dropping a space station on a planet (doing whatever it takes to win). 

Nice WIP assault squad. Can see the 40k to 30k transformation. 

Melta Gun support squad. 

Great details and weathering.

Loving that white band on the wing and the weathering. 

Heavy Bolter Squad. 

A mk5 marine. Looking forward to seeing some more of these in the next few books :)

A Contemptor Dreadnought. The ones that listen to the same stories in the dark. While Kasper H. Wakes them with his wriggling. 

A great looking Legion. Very impressed. Please send an updated one in when you have completed to a final stage :)

If you have a Legion you want shown on Legions on Parade please follow the links on the left. 

Drake Seta

Monday, 17 August 2015

Forge World bulletin 17/8

Here we have been shown a new bulletin from the Forge World team and a look into some future releases.

Shown this week we have been given a sneak peek at some new raven guard options. Shown to us are the new mor deythan strike squad and some new raven guard transfers. Both looking equally gorgeous!

Really liking the look of these here at the bunny camp and can imagine raven guard players will be excited at this imminent release. What do you guys think? Would love to hear your thoughts regarding this :)

Darko Thane

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Weekly Progress Report 16/08

So here we go my fellow heretics, another edition of our weekly report. Here's to what we have worked on this week:

Drake has been working hard on his Warlord Titan Seething Released. He has the main unit basecoated now and awaits some Klear in the post before he can start washing the chassis.

Darko has been working on his most recent purchases. He has assembled and base sprayed the assault squad to a metal standard. He hopes to have a huge wave of purple rushing through all of his prepared units very soon to start ticking off points for fulgrims pleasure. He has also made a start on a dedicated Spartan for the Phoenician and will look to assemble in the coming times.

Kaelo has continued working on his Invictarii Suzerain this week. He realised today that he had run out of black spray paint and thus he has no further pictures to provide today. Here is one from yesterday:

So that concludes our work for this week. Let us know what you like and what you're excited to see coming soon :)

Darko Thane

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Kaelo Rylanus; Invictarii Suzerains Update and Short Story

Hi all! 

So I have started work on my Invictarii Suzerains and I am making good progress. I will be aiming to complete these hopefully by the end of next Saturday as they have become a bit of a personal priority for me.

First I want to say that I am a bigger fan of these then I originally was. They are clunkier than I would have liked and not quite as noble looking (however I hope a nice paint job will compliment them). Secondly, I really don't like the pistol arms on these models. If the marine aims their pistol then they will be negating their shield in its entirety. Drake has been making excuses for it all day but I just can't get past it. So I am using breacher arms and will get some Phobos pattern holstered pistols to attach inside the shield. This may disappoint some of you but they are my toys and (to me) it makes more sense lol. Either the pistol or axe would be mag locked to shield or belt when the other is in use meaning the shield can be used at all times and not just in close combat. Shield, pistol and axe will still be present on each model.

I will be giving the squad 2 plasma pistols only as I don't want to spam them and make a cheesy unit. I will be spraying them tomorrow so tune in for another picture!

We have a new campaign starting soon and I have been asked to write a small piece of narrative to get the ball rolling. Here is a preview of it below. I hope you enjoy it:

Roboute Guilliman and his entourage, comprising of 4 company captains, strode through the dimly-lit corridors of the Winskrieg orbital station. The 5 warriors were all bedecked in their restored warplate following the completion of the recent campaign against the greenskins. Kaelo Rylanus, captain of the 9th company, found the decision to attend council in such attire odd. He frowned as he processed these thoughts.
'What troubles you my son?' Asked a calm and measured voice. Kaelo looked to his side and found his Lord-father had fallen in step beside him. He looked like a warrior king of legend and even after these many years of service he found it hard to speak to his Primarch. Knowing that Roboute Guilliman would see through a dismissal of his question, Kaelo decided he would use honesty.
'My Lord, we are meeting your brothers for council and, although not important, I cannot work out why we are dressed for war,' Guilliman eyed his son.
'Do you question my orders Kaelo?' His tone was cold and devoid of emotion.
'No! My Lord, I -' 
'Relax Kaelo, I am jesting with you,' Guilliman smiled and Kaelo let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Moments of silence passed and the captain started to believe the conversation had ended. Kaelo glanced behind him at Idaeus, Captain of the 43rd company, who shrugged and smiled.
'Not all of my brothers were created the same or with the same roles in mind,' the casual tone of Guilliman's confidence shocked Kaelo and as he turned back, he found himself silently imploring his father to continue. 
'Nor do all of my brothers fully understand the intricacies of building our fathers empire. We destroy and we build but we also preserve and give something for mankind to celebrate. Mortarion and Lorgar, I know well, but I can't say the same for Angron, other than what I have heard.' He took a breath before continuing and looked at his son.
'Mortarion is a philistine, caring nothing for art or any of the finer things we preserve and create for humanity. My brother is functional, performing the tasks laid out before him well. What I know of Angron is of the same vein, but he is harder to predict or control. What I wouldn't give to have Dorn, Ferrus or Sanguinius here in their stead.' Guilliman seemed to say this last part to himself. He smiled to himself before continuing.
'They are supreme warriors, adept at cleansing and destroying worlds. They are Lords of War. If I came to a meeting with such warriors dressed as a statesman or diplomat, would I garner their respect?' Kaelo thought on this.
'No my Lord, they would consider you weak'
'Exactly so my son. Such shows of peace and brotherhood can be shared with some of my brothers. But not these two.'
'What about Lord Lorgar?' Guilliman turned his gaze forward.
'Lorgar builds in his own way, but I am not sure he understands our fathers vision of a secular Galaxy'
At length the entourage came to the doors of the council chamber and the doors opened to let them inside.

Kaelo Rylanus