Friday, 9 October 2015

Forge World release 9/10

Another week passes and its Friday so this means we get some new goodies for our armies. This week is a new set of Tau releases. They look really good. Now I myself am not a 40k player, I entered this hobby straight into the Horus Heresy but these look really good for a project for me in the future....

But for today at least we have been treated to a new battlesuit arrangement. Here are some pictures to treat you all with:

So here we have a new KX139 Supremacy battlesuit with Fusion Eridactors. This looks like a lot of win here!!

The Fusion Eradicator is also for sale seperately.

Above is the Supremacy armour with a Fusion Eradicator and a Tri-Axis ion cannon. Because why keep it just a one flavour experience!!!

Also available is a Tau Cadre bundle so you can get all of your favourite suits in one purchase:

This bundles includes one XV107 R'Varna Battlesuit, one XV109 Y'Vahra Battlesuit, one XV9 Battlesuit with twin linked burst cannon, one XV9 Battlesuit with phased ion guns, one XV9 Battlesuit with fusion cascades and a pair of Tau Remora Drone Stealth Fighters.

A great release for Tau collectors it seems! What do you guys think of this week's releases? What would you like to see come next?? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Beast Arises

Hi all

Got a nifty email through from Black Library yesterday. 

Quite a statement (including the fact book 1 is a Dan Abnett book). 

So it is set around the 32nd Millenium. It's books all have the "the beast arises" tag in the top right and it is going to run for a whole year. 

Just pondering that this may be the Stories for a series of Campaign books for GW which could get announced on the 17th?

If so, with GW selling Horus Heresy Plastic kits soon, this could be a "you can build a 30k force to fight in the Horus Heresy and combine it with your existing plastic range of 40k Space Marines to fight your Xenos friends" kind of series. 

Just thinking aloud. 

Join us on 17th to find out more. 

Drake Seta

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Lady Atia: An Introduction

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Thanks to Kaelo who did the first step (I'm rather shy about these things) the Battle Bunnies have a new member - me!

Well, let's do a little introduction of myself:

I grew up with the hobby thanks to my Dad, who started with it at the end of Rogue Trader and played alot of Blood Bowl, Space Crusade and Warhammer Quest - and later Warhammer 40k. As soon as I could hold a brush, he intruduced me to a world of fluff and painting. My first real army were Eldar of Biel-Tan back in early 4th edition, followed by a huge Dark Angels army (including the 3rd Company and a lot of tanks for Apocalypse), a small Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf army, Space Wolves and a small Ultramarines army.

I always loved the fluff of the Horus Heresy and the Siege of Terra - and I was pretty hyped when BL released the HH series, and even more as I saw the FW HH video-teaser back then. My first 30k army were Death Guard, followed by Salamanders - I still need to finish them in the future.

I'm also working on Daemons of Khorne at the moment, in order to have some for Signus Prime ^_^

So, what are my plans for the future?

My first Battle Bunnies project will be a force of House Vyronii - I always loved Knights, and the metallic green paint scheme from Forgeworld is just too awesome! It's also a great opportunity to practise with my airbrush and play with oil paints. I may also add some support infantry, either Solar Auxilia (representing Household Guard) or some Mezoan' Skitarii.

Another army I want to do is my Legio Fureans force - i already started a Reaver Titan a few months ago (her interrior is finished), and I have a lot of Mechanicum stuff to paint for it in order to represent support units from Incaladion.

From a Legions perspective, well lets say I love all Legions, so my ultimative goal is to have atleast a Zone Mortalis force of each - I'm currently working on some Iron Warriors, and hope to finish a 1500 points force and Perturabo in the next months alongside my Knights - after them, I want to finish my Salamanders and start with Imperial Fists!

Speaking of Zone Mortalis, I have bought a 6'x4' board - that wants to be painted too!

Kaelo asked me what my favourite Legion and Primarch is ... and to be honest, that wasn't easy to answer, as I like all of them. But I think i found a worthy representative to answer that question ...

Back then, before I got some Eldar, my Dad allowed me to paint some Nurgle Death Guard ("you can't make something wrong with them") - I guess that's why I still love the XIV'th Legion. Their fluff how they became Plague Marines also always appealed to me - betrayed by their own First Captain ...

Also, Mortarion is a pretty cool guy, as he sees both the Emperor and Horus as tyrants - but it's better to have a tyrant on the throne you know, rather than a foreign, so called "father" - Mortarion joined the rebellion in believe that it's good for the Imperium, I like that! Even as he later started to dig into Chaos and use witch-craft, he tried to make it a weapon - better he wields it than his enemies!

I'm really looking forward to have a cool place to share my models and crazy ideas, away from stressy rumours, leaks and other stuff (but no worries, i still will post @ War of Sigmar :p), aswell as discuss the universe I grown up with and love. I also hope I'll start to play again once my Zone Mortalis is finished - can't wait to post some cool battle reports :)

Lady Atia :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors: Basilisks

Hi all.

Monday last week I decided that I wanted to try something fun / show something different at the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls, so I decided to hit up 3 Basilisks and take my Castellum. It was a true race against time, so I had to ask Kaelo to give me a hand with the work (mostly while I put little Nathaniel to bed). 

So as you can see I achieved it :)

So to start. 50/50 Leadbelcher was airbrushed onto the tank. 
Then zenithal and zonal highlighting with Thinned Runefang steel was used to break it up. 
After that it was purity sealed (heat gunned to prevent frosting in cold weather). 
Then the main chassis had black segments painted. 

The tracks were then re done with Leadbelcher. 
The brass details were picked out with Warplock to Runelord brass. 

Vents were done Leadbelcher then washed with Nuln oil and druchi at the top to add some heat damage. This was then blackened later near the top with weathering powder black soot. 

The gun braces were done Warplock with a zenithal Runelord brass drybrush followed by some agrax Earthshade and some ard coat to look oiled. 

The sides (left off til this stage - yet silvered beneath the masking tape you can see above) was sprayed Averland Sunset base then to Yriel yellow at the top. 

These were then masked where I wanted to keep the yellow, before I chaos blacked them. 

Peeled off and touched up. 

The whole unit was then covered in a klear, agrax Earthshade, Nuln oil and water wash (klear takes it into recesses). Then edges were chipped with iron breaker. 

I then added transfers. Cut nice and close to the decal. 

The whole tank (- crew) were then glued together and purity sealed again. 

I then splotched Burnt umber oil paint in places over the tank and flooded with white spirits (by this time it was 02:00 before I had to be up at 05:00 so no photos of this stage but if you search death guard Medusa top left you can see a guide on oil washes). 

The tanks in action :)

Thanks for reading. Thanks to Kaelo for his help. I will be painting lots of weapons no doubt in return. 

Drake Seta

Monday, 5 October 2015

Battle Bunnies 4th Birthday!

Hi all!!

Today is very special as its been 4 years since Drake and I turned our love for the hobby into a blog! We have had a great year and Warhammer 30,000 is going from strength to strength! We are have been delighted with the response we received to our recruitment drive and we have another 3 authors to be announced over the next few months followed by a potential 4th later in the month! The next year is shaping up to be a great one! 

Next year it's the 5th (White Scar theme hosted by yours truly!) but this year it was the turn of the grumpiest bastard the Emperor sired! We had a meal themed around the inspiration for the Iron Warriors, I asked Drake to explain his menu decision. Here is his response 'It was a fusion between Stalin's Russia and Greek.' - man of few words - think he is still disappointed with how they performed over the weekend ;) 

Us! From left to right; Little Bunny, (Closest) Drake, (Lurking behind Drake) Darko, (injured) Castiel, (Baldilocks) Moi! 

Tylar was unavoidably detained and couldn't make it :(

I was asked to write a short birthday Skit around a Perturabo birthday. I did it quickly but I hope that you find it enjoyable:

Perturabo called over one of the servitors. Smiling gently.
'This has to go perfectly. I need my brothers to like me. I need the Emperor to see my values. Is there enough booze left?' the servitor looked at Perturabo nervously and responded in a tinny mechanical voice.
'My Lord. We hadn't calculated for the Wolf Kings vast thirst. He has drank every drop of ale, beer and cider. He is now working through master Fulgrim's Appletini's.' They both looked at Russ who was giving a glass of green liquid a lupine sniff. The astropath sat by the 11th chair stood and opened its mouth wide. The room fell silent and waited for the communication.
'Incoming call from - the astropath coughed. Do you accept?' Perturabo nodded. After a short pause there was 20 seconds of static. When it ended all the Primarch's in attendance laughed loudly.
'Oh him/her! He/she is always using his/her wit to play jokes on us. I can't wait to see him/her/it again in the future.' Said Lorgar looking over at Magnus who had resumed making balloon-xenos for a group of vacant-faced servitors.
'and here is a Tau Ethereal for you!' He said smiling. The servitor accepted it. Looked at it then back at Magnus.
'What the fuck is a Tau?' 
Perturabo turned his attention back to the servitor.
'As you were saying...'
'My Lord, if the pace of Russ continues, we will be out of booze in exactly 3 minutes and 23 seconds.' Perturabo put his face in his hand and sighed. He placed the other gently on the servitors shoulder and snapped its neck. Its body slumped to the floor.
The astropath sat by the 4th chair stood and opened its mouth wide.
'Incoming call from the Master of Mankind. Do you accept?' Perturabo pulled his face out of his hand, sat upright and released a small smile.
'Of course!' There was a tiny click as the line became connected.
'Daddy!' Said the Lord of Iron barely containing his glee. A strong powerful voice came back.
'Perturabo, stop whatever the hell it is you are doing. I need you to go to Irreplacableart IV. I need you to destroy the planet and wipe it clean of its artisans and artists. Also burn everything and leave none of the stunning architecture or artwork standing!'
'Um, ooook. That sounds like a waste though. Can I ask why?' Asked Perturabo.
'They overcharged me for a sculpture I had commissioned. It doesn't even look like Horus! None could ever truly capture his beauty though,' there was a sound of licking lips 'I was daft to even try...' He trailed off.
'But Dad, I am sure you are aware - it is a very special day! Did you not get the invite I sent you?'
'Uuuuuhhhhoooofff course I did!' Replied the Emperor.
'I bet you don't even know what this party is for?' Asked Perturabo sadly.
'Party? Uuuuuhhhhoooofff course I do! Tell me, who else is there?' Perturabo looked around the table.
'The Lion couldn't make it. I have no idea where -' there was a loud cough 'of the second legion is. Fulgrim is sat in your chair, Freki is sat in the Khans chair. Russ is staring at me funny -' there was a click as the connection ended. Immediately Russ' astropath stood and opened its mouth. 
'Incoming call from the Master of Mankind. Do you accept?' Russ smiled.
'Please!' It connected! 'Hi Dad!' 
'Russ! Turn the volume down and don't give it away that its me!' Russ looked at Perturabo as he turned the astropaths ear, adjusting the output volume. Pertuabo frowned as Russ leaned in close and continued the conversion quietly.
'It is done. What?' There was a pause 'I don't know why I am here.' Russ looked around the table 'some of my brothers are here' pause again 'we are sat around a table' short pause 'ummm a cake and some alcohol?' Russ stood and leaned over the cake, reading the frosting. Perturabo continued to frown. Russ sat back down.
'It says Happy Birthday Perturabo...what the hell is a Perturabo?' Russ eyes shot open. 'His name!' He exclaimed. 'I thought his name was Digby! You mean I am not here to sanction him?Dad I gotta go!' The connection ended and immediately the Wolf King opened a comm feed.
'Lord Gunn! Call off the assault!' There was a short pause 'well defuse it!' Russ ended the call and smiled at Perturabo. There was a chain of explosions that Russ tried to cover with loud coughs. Suddenly, Fulgrim leapt to his feet holding his glass high. It looked small in his genehanced hands.
'Its apple!' He lowered the small glass to his eyeline, tapping it gently with his index finger 'and its teenie!' He finished in a soft high pitched voice. Guilliman facepalmed, Ferrus Manus looked away uncomfortably. Horus sat looking at his brothers, pointed at Fulgrim and asked;
'Why the hell is he naked again?'

Thanks for joining us and sharing the day with us. You all mean so much to us! We wouldn't do it without you :)

Keep safe 


Forge World Bulletin 5/10/2015

Hi all. A special day today (see more about later tonight), we have been shown a new Knight force from the Forge World studio and the much in demand Alpha Legion and Imperial Fist transfer sheets:

This next book which approaches is looking to be great. These Knights apparently have sided with the Warmaster. Could they be a Knight house which is featured in an upcoming black book? You just know Dom has been working on the Mechanicum Cerastus that was previewed recently too, considering this is a Traitor / Mechanicum knight house. 

Also murmurings of the new plastic box are around again. 

17th is the open day where we will get a big announcement. 

24th could be the White Dwarf preview?

31st we could enter the 31st Millenium?

That is what I would do :)

Drake Seta

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Horus Heresy: Throne of Skulls. The victors!

Congratulations to the Loyslists this weekend! They were a great bunch to fight against. 

Was meant to have games the chap kneeling fourth from left (white and blue chequer shirt) for my fith game before the shuffle happened. Hope to see you in January where I will try to get a game with you :) 

If you should be so interested here be the victory points and fav. Game votes. Throne of Skulls is primarily a lets have fun event so the final positions go to best game votes (lol lucky for me - didn't realise either!). 

Was a great weekend and we met some great new friends / opponents! Tickets are available in November for the next Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls in 16-17th January. 

Drake Seta

Horus Heresy: Throne of Skulls Pt 6 - Drake Seta special

Here is a look at Drakes army set up for battle!

Against Rogers Raven Guard!

Against Ben's Ultramarines:

(Sorry for lack of photos) my phone was full! If you have any to add please send them to our FB page. 

Against Gareth's Imperial Fists:

(Sorry for lack of photos) my phone was full! If you have any to add please send them to our FB page. 

Against David's Death Guard:

Against Matts World Eaters:

Been a great weekend! Met some awesome people and gained some new writers for the blog. Very excited.

If you have been at the event and have some pictures of your force close up or just better quality than mine please feel free to send them to or stick em on our Facebook!