Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy Night Lords - 3k list building

Hello Bunnies! 

I have now had a several games with my Night Lords and have been playing around with various list ideas. I have an idea of what I’m trying to achieve but it hasn’t quite worked. This is due in part to some of the new rules but also me trying to avoid certain things. Version 1 of the list is below, it is 3k roughly, but some Prey Sight needs to be added to a few units and load outs aren’t quite right, due to early days on Quartermaster. It is very much based around Sev’s warlord trait, allowing Terminators to deep strike and Terror Assualt. 


10 Contekar Terminators: Dissident; 9 Contekar Terminators

Terror Squad: Headsman (chainglaive; volkite charger); 9 Executioners; 8 × volkite charger; flamer; prey sight

Terror Squad: Headsman (chainglaive; volkite charger); 9 Executioners; 8 × volkite charger; flamer; prey sight 

Terror Squad: Headsman (lightning claw; volkite charger); 9 Executioners; 9 × volkite charger; prey sight 

14 Assault Space Marines: Assault Sergeant (artificer armour; pair of lightning claws); 13 Assault Space Marines 

5 Tartaros Terminators: Sergeant (pair of lightning claws; grenade harness); 4 Terminators; 4 × magna combi-weapon; 2 × power fist; 2 × thunder hammer 

5 Tartaros Terminators: Sergeant (pair of lightning claws; grenade harness); 4 Terminators; 4 × magna combi-weapon; power fist; chainfist; 2 × thunder hammer 

5 Tartaros Terminators: Sergeant (combi-melta; lightning claw; pair of lightning claws; grenade harness); 4 Tartaros Terminators; 4 × magna combi-weapon; power fist; chainfist; 2 × thunder hammer 

5 Tartaros Terminators: Tartaros Sergeant (combi-melta; lightning claw; grenade harness); 4 Terminators; 4 × magna combi-weapon; power fist; chainfist; 2 × thunder hammer 

Storm Eagle Assault Gunship: twin-linked lascannon 

Night Fighting in affect for the first 2 turns guaranteed and 50/50 chance for turn 3. All characters gain Fear (1) for free. The termies deep strike and cause pinning checks for everyone in 6 inches of them, hopefully covering a large amount of your opponents army. This pinning check is then, fingers crossed, taken at -2 leadership (-1 for fear, -1 for night time). The termies can then charge and destroy stuff. The Terror marines infiltrate and try to kill off some stuff. Assault marines hide outside of 24” night time restriction to stay alive and then jump and grab an objective. Contekar and Sev go in the Storm Eagle and then kill stuff….hopefully. 

Problem 1, scoring! Only one scoring unit in the list, it hasn’t been a big problem in the games I’ve played so far, as I’ve tried to kill off the opponents. In some games it hasn’t mattered as denial units have been able to claim some points. My thinking is perhaps to change the Assault squad to 2 tactical squads in rhinos. Doubles the scoring and won’t add many more points. My other thoughts are around heralds and legion standards to add 2 scoring units in. 

Problem 2, Where does Sev go? Currently he is in the Storm Eagle but this hasn’t been great. He can’t be part of the deep strike, ruling that option out. I really just want to walk him across the table with a big squad of Contekar, but unfortunately Precision shot is easily accessed and warlords have no way of being able to avoid this. Which could lead to him being shot off the board before he gets anywhere. He needs to be kept safe, and that means being inside armour of some kind. The Storm Eagle is susceptible to intercepter fire and reserve roles. It also means Sev and unit aren’t doing anything until turn 3 at the earliest and it’s nearly a third of the armies points. It has worked out ok in a couple games but in others he has been too late to change the outcome. I’m trying to avoid the obvious Spartan for him and the solution might come in with the above plan of using legion standards to add scoring. Changing one of the terminator squads to a command squad instead of the Contekar, and giving them a dedicated Land Raider carrier, I know much much different to a Spartan! I would then possibly look to add in the Explorator Land Raider to help with the needing to rely heavily on a reserve role for the termies, which would also double as a transport for another herald and something else. 

Problem 3, I really want the general idea to work and I’m trying to fit a lot of stuff in! I guess a lot of the list planning is working out how much scoring is needed or whether my plan of just killing everything will work!! 

Version 2 of the list in now in the works and I have some games coming up in the next week to see how it plays out. I will share an update once I’ve tried out some of the other ideas. If you have any thoughts I would love to hear them! Lastly here is a sneak peak of next weeks Terror Tuesday; 

Happy gaming! 


Monday, 15 August 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 15/08/22

Hiya everyone!

It's been a pretty warm few days here in the UK so we delayed our weekly progress report by a day to give us time to get stuff together so apologies if you were expecting this post yesterday in the normal slot.

Eycon74's WIP for this week has been hampered by soaring temperatures! He fully intended to finish his Melta Support squad but could not be in his hobby room with this heat... However that does mean that next week he'll be able to get some stuff cleared away! So, 10 men Melta Support, 95% done.  Alpha Legion Exodus (still not happy with the camo cloak, but it'll have to do for now). He is quite happy with progress on his Kharybdis base, still needs some more detailing but it shows the general idea now.

Kiral Red has made some progress on his latest batch of vehicles for Thousand Sons (just enamels to do now), converted a Legion Moritat with aether-fire pistols and also enjoyed a 1200pt game (continuing a mate's introduction to HH).

Andy has been building some mark 3 support squads for his salamanders!

Drake is currently on holiday, and is very keen on getting back at the end of the week to painting.

Hector managed to get a load more stuff done this week for his Ultramarines. Got two Sicaran Arcus built along with building his 10 man missile heavy support squad, 10 man praetorian guard squad and some additional invictarus suzerain options (couple of thunder hammer guys, a 10th axe and a standard bearer). Starting on Rhinos next!

What have you been up to this week?

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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Liber Mechanicum review

Hi everyone.

We were fortunate to receive a copy of the Horus Heresy Liber Mechanicum for review.  You can check out the video at the bottom of this page.

KiralRed has got his hands on this book and shares some of this thoughts below…

Warlord Traits
Mech have access to the core Warlord traits seen previously in the Liber Astartes and Liber Hereticus with the addition of three unique Mechanicum traits. Gone is the random D6 table.

When it comes to Army List, gone are the three flavours of Ordo Reductor, Legio Cybernetica and vanilla Mechanicum. The flavour and character of your Mechanicum army is achieved using The Orders of High techno-arcana. This special rule and the options within will be recognised by any HH version 1 players but they've been expanded in detail: shaping the playstyle and abilities of your units. Obtainable by Archmagos Primes, these are Archimandrite, Cybernetica, Lacyraemarta, Macrotek, Malagra, Myrmidax, Reductor. Some of the named characters have their own, additional and unique techno-arcana.

In Liber Mechanicum there are some immediate changes that existing Magos' may notice. Gone are fun Termites (I'm hoping these appear in a future Warcom PDF) and for Ordo Reductor lists The Matrix of Ruin FOC, Artillery Tank Batteries and Scoring Tank benefits are also absent. Liber Mechanicum is light on flyer options so unless a future PDF re-introduces the options we're going to resign Avenger Strike fighters, Lightnings and Arvus' to the bench. I wonder what the future will bring.

When it comes to Dedicated Transports across the Liber Mechanicum we have the well recognised Triaros Armoured Conveyor as the sole option. Strangely Thallax are capped at squads of 6 with Triaros despite its capacity being more than enough for full-complement squads.

Personally, I'm excited to see positive changes to some signature units. Scyllax Guardian-Automata; reduced points cost, reworded Rad Furnace rules. Castellax; kept as troops, removed Support Unit special rule, access to Line Sub-Type with certain Techno-arcana. Vehicle Volkite Sentinels are now standardised and reworded as Volkite Calivers. Adsecularis Covenants now have standardised stock wargear and are still designed to operate as everyone's favourite Tar Pit/ Shield-wall unit. 

Now i'm off to learn Cybertheurgy and how it can be complement Techno-Arcana.


Tuesday, 9 August 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy Night Lords - Terror Squad 1

 Hello Bunnies!

Welcome to the second instalment of Terror Tuesday! This week We are taking a look at the first of my 3 Terror Squads that I have completed. They are kitting out for murder with Volkites and a flamer. The Headsman gets a Chainglaive. I have given each Executioner a single lightning claw claw attached to one fist to represent the Combat blade that they had in Heresy 1.0. Of course this is now a Chainsword in 2.0, which is a little annoying from a modelling perspective but I like the look and won’t be changing it! 

These guys often make up the core of my force, they are really good! The big change for them is that they can no longer score, which does leave me very light on scoring units. I have another 30 legion specific torso ready to make more, most likely with rotor cannons for pinning. I do also fancy a 10 man squad with chainglaives, as I think it will look cool! However adding more is on hold until GW get the MarkIVs back in stock! 

Happy flaying everyone!


Sunday, 7 August 2022

Weekly Progress Report 07/08/2022

Hi all. Another week down! We are all looking forward to the new Horus Heresy releases coming up soon, and WarCry Heart of Ghur has been a good diversion. 

Let’s show what we have been working on!

Andy has made a start on Sevatar. Filling in the silvers and reds.

A bit of a quiet one for Hector this week so not a lot to show but hoping to get a lot more done next week. 

Lukes slowly making progress with the Tryant of Xana II, the metallics are down next up is to do the ivory/bone colours most featured on the god engines of Vulturum and house Malinax. Xana II prevails!1

Ikthelion has been on a nostalgia kick this week after finding his original Daemonhunters Inquisitor which he painted in 2003. He’s laid his hands on another copy of the miniature and has been painting it up this afternoon - still a lot of work to do!

Drake has been painting some Khorne Daemons up with his son Nathaniel (7) this week. They are still Work in Progress, but they are doing it as a simple and easy first army project for Nathaniel, using Contrast paints and other basic techniques. They are looking forward to the new Chaos Daemon Codex!

Eyecon74 this week painted a punchy Leviathan, made good progress on a 10 men Melta Support squad, and built a little something for the new Shooty Leviathan to heroically stand on 🤪

What have you been up to? 

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Saturday, 6 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Alpha Legion Leviathan

Hi all 

I was looking at the Transfer Sheet for the Alpha legion and it has some really nice transfers on it, but they are pretty big so it is not easy to use them easily.

I had already used a decal some time ago on a shield and that came out very nice, so decided to add one to my Leviathan.
I measured it out and after some dryfitting decided that it would fit, I carefully cut out the little recesses in the armour and started setting it in place.

Now, thing with Leviathans is that the armour panels slope quite a bit, so I had to use a lot of Micro Sol to soften and manipulate the transfer in place.

Use more Micro Sol to soften the edges and keep pressing it down with an old brush, I used the tip of a scalpel to carefully push the vents and recesses in the top of the armour, as well as around the rivets. Once I was happy with the placement I used some varnish to lock it all in place.

After this I started using a sponge finger dauber to go around the edges, for this I used Ironrach Skin and then Deepkin Flesh, both have a faint hint of green in them which matched the colours on the transfer.

After that I started doing some weathering with a sponge and some Rhinox Hide, Skragg Brown, Chainmail and then applied a dot of Seraphim Sepia to the rivets.  I tried to concentrate on the still visible seams of the transfer, sadly they are still a little visible, but I can live with it !

FInally I applied an oil wash all over, cleaned it and this is the end result, quite happy with how it ended up :D

Eyecon74 (follow me on Instagram)

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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Vlka Fenryka Leviathan Dreadnought completed

Hi all

I have finished the sample Leviathan Dreadnought that Games Workshop sent out for review to us now. So have a look :)
It is painted in the colours of the Vlka Fenryka/Space Wolves/Rout to the painting guide below. 

The Knotwork was actually incredibly fun to do. I will be doing a video guide on this on our YouTube channel in the near future if you want to see how I did it. So click and subscribe. 

The grey was airbrush of Stormvermin fur over black. I then highlighted and sponged it up with codex grey mixed with Stormvermin fur, to Administratum grey mixed with Stormvermin fur to give it a mottled and aged look. 

The white was Administratum grey mixed with white layered up to white at the highest. 

All metalwork was Warplock bronze to Leadbelcher (then with a final sponge or drybrush of Leadbelcher to Ironbreaker after the streaking grime). 
Chipping was 1:1:1 Warplock, dryad bark, Abaddon black. 

Yup so I gloss the surfaces with Vallejo gloss before I put transfers on. I then give them two to three further thin layers so the outside of the transfer skin vanishes and you can’t make it out anymore otherwise you get a horrible frosted square look. 
Then I put 2 thin brushed coats of Pledge (multi surface wax) over the model (waiting for each to dry in turn). 

I then covered the model in a nice mix of black and AK interactive for internals brown streaking grime. You can try an enamel wash like the range AK do and it will likely give the same results. 

After it dries, buff it off with high quality tissues (not toilet paper) or Q-tips. You can use White spirits too if needed. 

When dry you can then paint on or dab on Matt varnish, or maybe even use a nice varanish spray. 

Then bobs your uncle. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy Night Lords - Konrad Curze

 Hello Bunnies! 

Welcome to Terror Tuesday! A new weekly feature dedicated to my Night Lords. I will be showing off the units I have painted, lists, tactics, and progress on new units. I have been working away on these guys for a long time, perhaps a year prior to Forgeworlds Book 9 being released. Sevatar is my favourite character from the fluff and mostly the driving force behind me collecting Night Lords, but I really enjoy how they play on the tabletop and even more so with the release of Heresy 2.0. 

This week we are jumping in with the King of Terrors himself Konrad Curze. 

A great model to paint, I had a lot of fun doing so, I didn’t add any lightning to him as it didn’t feel quite right for him to have it, he is already scary enough! His trim is painted in a brass rather than the silver I used on everyone else to give him that extra special look. 

When I complete a new model from scratch I will add a painting guide, incase you’re wondering though the blue is achieved with Greenstuff Worlds Colourshift Colbolt Blue. 

Oddly I find him hard to get in my lists. I haven’t fully decided what unit he wants to be his bodyguard, I will explore this further in a future post, after I’ve been able to field him in a few more games!

Happy flaying everyone! 


Monday, 1 August 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 01/08/2022

Hiya everyone!

This week Rob has been mostly painting new Warcry warband and terrain, completed my Destroyers, built a Kharybdis, a Melta Gun Support Squad and a Reaver Titan Carapace Vulcan Mega Bolter, it was a quiet week..lol

Drake has been carrying on with his Leviathan Dreadnought and hopes to finish it on Monday!

Kiral Red has been batch painting new additions (and finishing existing WIPs) for his Thousand Sons. Troublesome heatwave knocked the painting schedule a bit 😂 Kiral Red has also received some new magnet army cases to transport his Thousand Sons although his Mechanicum have to sanction them first of course!

Hector has been busy assembling more of his Ultramarines. He finally performed the Great Resin Wash of 2022 for all his Ultramarine bits, glued various shoulder pads and helmets onto tactical marines (included shaving the trim off some of the pads to turn them into MkVI shoulders) and built another Land Raider. More things left to build but the end of the construction is looking a lot closer now than it has been.

Andy has been building his Rhino’s for his salamanders, all four are now built!

What have you been up to this week?

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