Sunday, 24 March 2019

Weekly Progress Report: 24-03-2019

Hi all

Another good Horus Heresy week for us. It is nice to be back in the full swing of things.

Ikthelion hasn’t had much in the way of hobby time this week, but managed to assemble an Arcus tank... a little bit of gap filling but overall a nice kit!

Hector has made some progress on his Thousand Sons this week. He's built some of his characters and is setting up ready to build everything else in batch.

Darien has been testing paint schemes for his new project using Greenstuff World colour changing paint.

After a long break from the hobby Castiel has been busy assembling his alpha legion forces. Look out for more posts in the near future.

So, enough about us, how about you?

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Vigilus Ablaze and Codex Heretic Astartes reviews.

Hi all

Been another damn good day for 8th edition 40K.

Firstly we have the new Codex Heretic Astartes.
Content-wise, this is possibly the best Chaos Space Marine Codex to date. It is just full of history of not just the Traitor Legions but quite a few of the Renegade Chapters.

Black Legion look and feel better than ever too. They ever were my favourite of the Legions, and it details a lot of their history and organisation/formation that was set out by ADB etc.

I do love a good nod to the Great Scouring. I am thoroughly looking forward to this chapter of 30K now.

So happy that Gaes Workshop moved away from the poor cell shaded representations of individuals, and went down the Forge World route. Seeing the factions of the 4 main gods represented by their followers within the Black Legion is great inspiration. I just love the Bringers of Decay.

Looky! a familiar Legionnaire.

And some that I am not so familiar with. Look at him. Wow!! They look and sound brilliant. Just wish there was a novel for each and all Chapters :)

It is good to read some background about the new Venomcrawler model which I am a big fan of. Nice and Chaosy.

Big Abaddon, looking big and bad. I do hope we see his father return in time though :)

 He looks just a head smaller than Roboute, but still imposing.

Anyway back to the book. Chaos needed a good resurgence and it looks like GW have utterly nailed it again. The book is great, and a must purchase for any CSM gamer.

The new Noctilith Crown is a great scenery centre-point too. Looking forward to seeing how they are converted.

The first of the Vigilus books was a fantastic book, but it did feel daunting to read due to the sheer content and spread of data inside (and this is coming from me who regularly falls asleep with FW Black Books on my lap). It is very much worth the price tag as it does have a phenomenal amount of content and background inside. I am still not enamoured with battle zones which have so many factions present, and I do think lesser and more focussed Campaign books are better. For instance I can grab my Inferno Black Book and read from start to finish, as I have a complete interest in the forces involved in the entire conflict. This book, does have Space Wolves in, but also a million other forces, which I will skim read past.
If I was running a giant gaming club campaign though, where all my members had different armies, then it is perfect.

This guy really stood out for me (he also comes with an executors mask too should you desire). He would fit in perfectly with the Night Lords :)

Angels of Caliban whom are loyal to the Gods of Chaos rejoice, you have a Fallen Angels Specialist detachment now. Agent of Discord looks like a very fun rule to play!!

And as always, a ton of new missions :)
Drake Seta

Friday, 22 March 2019

28 - mag is out now!

Hi all

Images of this magazine have been flying about for quite some time now. The teasers have been very well received due to the style/s they contain. 28 - mag is out now and volume 1 can be downloaded from HERE

Many readers of White Dwarf may recognise the names of the contributors, who do a fair few pages here or there as features or guest interviews. They are very passionate about the Grim in the hobby, and manage to consistently deliver on this by paying great homage to the works of artists such as John Blanche and others in their creations and kit bashing.



Their gaming is a work of art in itself, where the appearance of the models against an immersive battlefield or backdrop is just as important as the story and combat itself.

One of my favourite bit in this volume was the customisation table that has been created, where conversions seem to be . . . . tormente/tortured/experimented or spliced into existence (the spider footed doll's head in Toy Story springs to mind.
Great magazine, with some incredible articles, a very grim welcome to the 28mag and her team. Long may she reign.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Chaos Battletome: Blades of Khorne Review.

Hi all. 

We have received a copy of the new Chaos Battletome: Blades of Khorne for review. 

Five things I love about this book

1. All of the daemonic Warp battles depicted with art inside this Tome. Khorne loves war and blood so much that the Tribes are constantly on the move searching for the next battle. Great art of these visions of hell tearing and maiming look fantastic, and are done to such a high quality. 

2. The characters, though familiar to most are some of Games Workshop’s greatest work. Valkia the Bloody is definitely my favourite of them. Known as “Gorequeen” and the “Red Angel of Slaughter”, this Chieftain was offered to Khorne as a sacrifice by her tribe, she killed around a hundred singlehanded before being felled. Khorne was so impressed with her Martial prowess that he brought her to him and remade her. She then obviously decimated her tribe and has be wailing on the Kingdoms ever since. 

3. Painting guides in these books are great. It is a decent touch by the author of the Tome to put some fantastic guides in here to help Noobs and vets alike. 

4. The Skull Altar looks great. Get the enemy Wizards/Sorcerors within 16” of this and watch them flounder and lose confidence. I do love army specific scenery. It just adds a cool touch. More please!!

5. The pages and pages of background that gives an army character. All the artefacts of Khorne are great to read about, as are the tribes of Lord of Skulls. 

Great book. Must have (obviously) for any AOS Khorne gamer. 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Weekly progress report: 17-03-2019

Hi all

That’s right. The Sunday Weekly Progress Report is back. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know what you have been up to too in the comments below. 

After a very long hiatus from posting and the hobby in general, Ikthelion has started a new project, testing out different schemes and bases to see how they look.

Darien has been working on a new project for some upcoming action. A big chuck of resin washing has taken place!

Hector has been ploughing through his Thousand Sons. He has purchased a lot recently, with the aim of getting a big force together for Prospero. 

I myself have just finished a Death Guard Primus Medicae, and am midway through another batch of Legionnaires. 

I also finished my first Adeptus Titanicus Reaver for a while. 

Battle Bunnies

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Hector Cephas - Titans Primed

Hi everybody,

I luckily managed to catch a day of good weather and had one heck of a priming session! 8 Reavers, 8 Warhounds, 6 Cerastus Knights and all of the weapon options for these and the extra weapons from the Warlord Plasma Annihilator sprues.

On top of this I also had to prime all the armour plates for the reavers, warhounds and the additionals from the upgrade sprues...

That was one very productive day involving 3 and a bit cans of primer to do it but completely worth the effort as now I can crack on with painting everything now at my leisure. I managed to prime everything else a few months back so this is basically the last of the priming until I start work on the AT scenery I have. Next thing on the list, start painting titan frames.

Apologies if this is not such an interesting post, I was just pretty proud of the fact that I managed get this all sorted in a day.

Until next time,

Hector Cephas

Friday, 15 March 2019

The Solar War: 8 Book Mega-Series starts tomorrow

Well this is ultra exciting. Just look at that book! 

So from tomorrow at UK 10am GMT, 2500 copies of the first book of the Solar War will be released. An 8 book Mega-series that will tell the final chapter of the 13 year long story.

Well I for one hope to be getting this book at 10am!

Fire on the Mountainside.