Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ashen Circle WIP

Hi all.

I just thought I would share with you all what I have been up to lately. Here is my current work in progress of my Ashen Circle.  

The more I do of these models, the more I love them. The individual details on each model is just stunning. As you can see, I do not have much more to do, but once I do finish them, I will post more pictures of the whole squad so keep an eye out :-) 

Take care 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Horus Heresy Book IV: Conquest, and schedule for the HH Weekender.

No more speculation Heresy Fans. Book IV is called Conquest. 

It was revealed to me as I searched the Internet for information on the HH Weekender as last year small amounts of information were released on the Run up to the event. I found the Schedule for the Weekender in the Black Library ticket section on their website. You can see an image of it below. 

As you can see we will be learning all about it on Sunday at 10:00. 

So Conquest. What would it be about? So who got Conquered and when? There was a lot of Conquering going on in the 500 Worlds and the Thramas Crusade. Could it be a book featuring the Ultramarines and Dark Angels? They did their share of Conquering in the Great Crusade. Maybe a revisit for the Night Lords and Word Bearers?

Looking less likely it will be Russ previewed at this Weekender now. 

Drake Seta. 

Looking to Calth.

We all know the Great Crusade ends in sadness, so the Littlest Bunny has been painting 40 Cultists for when we inevitably get to the Calth atrocity. 
I think Little Bunny has done exceptionally well for her first models she has ever painted. 

We still need to do the bases on all of our models so please ignore them. 

Little Bunny is now working on a Davinite Lodge Priest to lead them. 

Little Bunny

Monday, 21 April 2014

Kharn the Bloody has risen...

Finally the Bloody one has made his appearance. This was a very enjoyable model to do and (apart from Angron) the most important single model I've completed. 

I'm very glad how he has turned out and I'm happy with the way I have portrayed him. As shown in the pictures I an using both options (where applicable in our story). I hope you guys like what I have done. Please leave a comment on your opinion, I would love to hear what you guys think.

Darko Thane

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. 

It is time for the Battle Bunnies progress report. So sit back and enjoy :-) 
Khall Sithis

Khall is working on 20 Sons of Horus Reavers. Here is a work in progress of 10.

He has also finished Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Sons of Horus. Here is a quick pic. Expect a post soon.

Drake Seta

Drake Seta is in the middle of his Deathshroud. They are coming on nicely.

Mega Nob

Mega nob is due to finish his last squad of marines tomorrow and will move into bathing his spartan 

Darko Thane

Darko has now completed Kharn. See a teaser pic below (post will follow tomorrow with full pictures).

Darko is now working on his Red Butchers. He has flown through these and should expect to have these done by the end of next week, although he is working away next week so has limited work time

Targel Vypus

I have completed my first 20 Word Bearers so a post will follow this week. I am also very nearly finished with my 5 Ashen Circle. I love these models so I really can not wait to show you guys and see how they do on the battlefield.

Well that concludes our progress report for this week.  Please tune in next week for our next report and don't hesitate to comment below with your thoughts and any recommendations that you would like us to do in the future. Also please vote on our current post as the results will be discussed on a future post

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Drake Seta's painting schedule.

Hi guys. Just a quick post as we are all very busy over this Easter period. Sometimes the fans of this hobby find it hard to get motivated to paint their huge army, when they can just assemble and battle with a grey army. Every gamer is different as it should be, we like to think of ourselves as the "all-rounder" hobbyists. Adequate painters who like to get together 2-3 times a week to dip our paintbrushes, roll some dice and talk about our recent Heresy books we have read. 

The Perfect gaming group in my opinion. 

Everyone requires a different motivation. For some the "if it isn't painted it can't be fielded" is a good motivator, whilst others the "We are having a 2500 pt battle on Thursday, try and bring some new stuff" line works a treat. 
The Battle Bunnies do like their schedules and deadlines, whilst I like to make a list and methodically through it knowing what are priorities and what are not. Below is my current project list. 

5 Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators. 
5 Iron Warrior Heavy Support with Lascannons. 
1 double Shrine of the Aquila ruin
1 double Basilica ruin
Magos Dominus
3 Knights of House Raven
10 or 15 Death Guard Grave Warden and Typhon
3 Iron Warrior Basilisks, a Typhon and a Rhino
Mechanicum Krios 
5 Castellax. 

Mortarion / Perturabo trumps everything and will immediately go to the top of the list.

Just thought I would give you a glimpse into my painting future. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 18 April 2014

Deathshroud WIP

The Deathshroud are coming along nicely. Hopefully they will have a Primarch to escort round in a months' time. So far they have been a delight to paint, and it has been a pleasure getting back to the Death Guard. 

Drake Seta

Horus Lupercal WIP

Hey all


Here is my work in progress for Horus Lupercal. Between myself and Drake we have decided on this colour scheme for all my black armoured Sons of Horus models. It is simple and effective, based around the fluff that the armour was shiny. I dont tend to use scenic bases on my gaming models. One day I will do a display version of each Primarch. For this Horus I have used sand and a stone. I think it will still look effective (and not like Horus drags around a bloody-great eagle head everywhere he goes lol). Please remember he is not finished and the camera quality isn't the best...

Horus Lupercal - I have given him a red shoulder pad based on Justaerin artwork. I don't think there is a right or wrong here:
The Talon of Horus:
From the front:

What do you think so far?


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Forge World Release Speculation

Heya Bunnies.

I wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who reads this. Gaming, painting and modelling in 30k is a dream come true to myself and Drake. We are glad to have you here for our journey, your journey, and what a pleasure it has been so far. Extermination was a fantastic round-off to a phenomenal achievement - the opening trilogy. Making some of the most horrendous and devastating wars of Warhammer history playable has been spectacular. The Heresy series by Forge World has been tremendously popular and the fanbase grows daily. Our own blog has started to enjoy regular readers and commenters, which makes us very proud. Thank you.

So, the dust has settled on Istvaan III, Ancient Rylanor is hanging on his lonesome while carrion birds feed on the decrepit remains of the betrayed on Istvaan V. But what of the rest of the war? We know their is another trilogy coming but not alot else. I used to believe that it would be Book 4: Inferno, released at Games Day 2014 with Leman Russ in a dual with Magnus but, after conversations with Alan Bligh at open day, maybe Prospero won't burn as soon as we believe- I look into this a little bit more later...

Here is my opinion (complete conjecture based on no imperial truth) on what will be heading our way over the next 3 books. 12 legions down. 6(8) to go. This is in no particular order and is based on the books in the trilogy being the same length as the first trilogy. If FW decide they will do smaller books then this becomes invalid.

Angels and Daemons (catchy right? Lol)
In my opinion the book based around the Blood Angels in the Signis cluster and Dark Angels in, as yet, unconfirmed campaigns, will be the quickest and easiest to complete and was hinted at during a seminar at Games Day last year. Exactly the type of project that can be completed in 4 months and released at Games Day THIS year. Both legions involved were less divergent during the Great Crusade/Heresy and would therefore only need small releases. The only reason this may be pushed back is to tie-in with a fleshing-out of the Dark Angels by Black Library.

Blood Angels Special Units:
Sanguinary Guard - I remember these, or a variation of them, being around in 'Fear to Tread,' it makes sense they would get rules. Probably quite similar to the ones in 40k....just less depressed lol.
Deathstorm Strike Force - either enter from drop assault or deepstrike (jump pack). This is a formation that the Blood Angels used. Maybe charge from reserve?

Blood Angel Special Characters:
Raldoron - First Captain. Just because he is probably the most notable in Heresy alongside the next guy...
Nassir Amit - Fifth company captain, also known as the Flesh Tearer. He is super cool :)

Sanguinius - the Angel, the last flying Primarch lol. Can't wait to see this dudes model. Hopefully he will eventually fit into a dual with bad-man Horus. His rules should be at least equal to those of Angron.

Rite of War:
Something to do with speed and drop pods lol...

Dark Angels Special Units:
Not really sure about these. Maybe Deathwing and Ravenwing? Of 2 of the other 6 wings they have? Lol

Dark Angel Special Characters:
Corswain - because he was very active against the Night Lords.
Luther - he was massive in the history of the chapter. 

Lion El' Jonson - bit of a douchebag. Have a feeling he will be quite tough though.

Rite of War:
They were a very effective legion, not sure how this will be portrayed. As long as they don't automatically give continent-destroying siege weapons to Iron Warriors in every battle I don't mind...

I think the Angels and Daemons book will focus around the Signus cluster battles and Dark Angels against Sons of Horus and Night Lords. The Daemon rules are already released through GW. Maybe just add in some nice models with cool rules?

This book will be a big undertaking and I don't feel it would be completed by Games Day. There is too much to do:
2 quite divergent legion army lists
Sisters of Silence
I will be so impressed if this is completed AND play-tested fully in 5 months. 

Vlka Fenryka Special Units:
A named destroyer squad - not entirely sure but they seem very proud of their underhanded and unethical way of war. We know they used them.
Wulfen - these mutant-abominations were rife in the legion during the Great Crusade. Weird how the Emperor ignored that....

Vlka Fenryka Special Characters:
Bjorn - Alan Bligh practically confirmed this at open day
Lord Gunnar Gunnhilt - because he is the captain of the Routs first company
Othere Wyrdmake - because, you know, you have to have an ironic inclusion in the war against the psykers lol

The Wolf King - Leman Russ with Freki and Geri. Drake believes that Simon Egans is working on this now. He should be a tough Primarch, no doubt. I hope they keep a level head and don't pamper to the very whingy and vocal Space Wolf fans and make him tougher than Angron. Eh Drake? Lol ;)

Rite of War:
Something completely rage? Lol

Thousand Sons Special units:
Probably be small psyker squads based around some of the disciplines. 

Thousand Son Special Characters:
Ahriman - he has got to be there right?
Phosis T'Kar - Leader of the Raptora
Hathor Maat - Leader of the Pavoni

Magnus the Red - will be an awesome model I'm sure. I hope he is psyker level 4 and can choose to use any 4 each turn.

Rite of War:
Maybe this will change depending on the HQ choice taken? Different brotherhoods have different generic army-wide powers?

These guys will be really tough. Constantin Valdor will definitely be in there. Maybe others will too?

Sisters of Silence:
Really looking forward to these, not just as a model range but rules-wise too. I reckon that it could be something as simple as a modifier to your deny the witch role depending on how many sister units are within range. Kendal is a must too.

I am looking forward to this book, but with the sheer amount of content it will take longer than 4-5 months to write and publish. If this is the next book released, don't expect it at Games Day my opinion :)

I am looking forward to this book more than anything I can think of joke....
I can't wait to field Roboute Guilliman. my opinion it makes sense to put the White Scars in this book (my final legion lol) and do a short campaign on Chondax against Orks. Could do some new units and models just to complete the range. I also believe we will see the Imperial Army list in this book.

Ultramarine Special Units:
Guilliman has an honour guard, I cant remember the name. Drake will edit this with it. Lol
I think that will likely be it.

Ultramarine Special Characters:
Marius Gage - 1st company commander. Fought on Calth.
Aeonid Thiel - because he is wonderously epic!
Remus Ventanus - 4th company commander. Lead the ground battle of Calth.

The Avenging Son - Roboute Guilliman. I know he isn't the hardest Primarch. But please remember, he defeated Lorgar before being charged by Angron, he then fought both briefly and held his own! He was defeated in the end and would have died. As far as we know he is also the only loyal primarch to kill another primarch. I just hope his rules have him as being at least as good as the top-tier primarchs lol

Rite of War:
Efficient. Maybe slight point reduction on units?

White Scar Special Units:
Keshig - should come in terminator or power armour flavours. Bodyguards to a Khan.
Bike unit - some fast close combat bike unit please!!

White Scar Special Characters:
Qin Xa - head of the Keshig
Yesugei - bad-ass librarian. Probably my favourite non-primarch character. 
Shiban Khan - pivotal in the continued loyalty of the legion.

Jaghatai Khan - known as the Warhawk and the warrior. Not a lot is known about him. He is a very well thought of combatant. Be interesting to see how tough he is. Hope he comes with a bike option.

Rite of War:
Speed, speed, speed! Expert rider all round lol

Titan Legion's Lysander and Oberon - worked alondside the Ultramarines on Calth.

Imperial Army:
Will hopefully be similar to that of Imperial Guard (not gunna call them that stoopid new name). Just hope they come with a nice model range which is slightly more to scale the current enormous Cadian lol

And thats my belief for the next 2 years. If you want to discuss or expand on what I have written, please do so below :) interesting times lol

There will obviously be other units thrown in here and there, as well as other characters (where the hell is Lucius? Lol) 

Thats it from me for now though. Thanks for reading :)


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Primarch release schedule suppositions.

Well we have just settled down from the incredible release that was Horus the Warmaster and we are asking ourselves who is next. So let me just put my thoughts down again. 

Let me first say in my opinion which Scupltor of the Two on the Primarch project in my view should sculpt which Primarch on or suggested on the Horizon:
Leman Russ (he has already reserved this apparently, if book 4 is Inferno then he needs to be at Gamesday). 
Vulkan (he worked on a lot of the Iconography in the past and has a stature comparable to Horus and Ferrus). 
Perturabo (I think he will be doing Perturabo mainly due to having done Ferrus' Hammer, he may get him done quicker than 3 months as has less detail). 

Curze & Corax (they duelled on Isstvan V, both will have very dynamic poses and if given the chance they could become the table toppers for another huge battlefield like Ferrus and Fulgrim. I really think he could do these flying Primarchs Justice, and get through them quick too). 
Dorn (I would love to see him do a big noble Primarch). 
Alpharius (Lorgars' pose was so noble I think its stature could be transferred well onto Alpharius). 
Magnus the Red (I still expect to see this at Gamesday 2014. Forge World will try to have book 4 out by then and I still hedge my bets that we might see this brute for a centre piece with Russ. 
Sanguinius (Lorgar had amazing detailing so I would expect the Angel to have the same, this will be a challenge for either Sculptor as his face will need to look Beatific. 

Primarch 5 Was Horus the Warmaster. He was being worked on in September and a lot of time and effort was put in to make do the Arch-Traitor justice. So Simon Egan was on him for a fair old while, atleast on and off (maybe) from August to late February early March (again a supposition). This means it takes Egan around 4-6 months to do a Primarch (a highly detailed one). At the Openday he was really keeping his lips sealed about which Primarch he was working on currently, and this can be construed as a Primarch from a Forthcoming book (according to Sir Alan of Bligh; still up in the air) or to tie in with the "Amazing surprises" on 2014's Horus Heresy Weekender! (Which the Battle Bunnies are attending). All we know on which Primarch he is working on is: he has very embellished armour. 

Primarch 6 Edgar Skomorowski has a Primarch ready to be released right now and we will see it on or before the Horus Heresy Weekender. Popular belief is that it is Mortarion to round off book 1s' cast. This also is backed up from the Typhon model he created (which is incredible) and the hint he gave at the end of his interview for the Typhon model. Outside candidates for me would be BOTH Corax and Curze. For instance: if he has finished Corax and is working on a second; an incredible surprise would be to see two Primarchs by the same Sculptor at one event, especially as they wear relatively unadorned armour. Would be a shame to miss the boat on the Isstvan V bandwagon and not showcase their encounter. 
Simon has said his next Primarch will be previewed at the Horus Heresy Weekender, maybe as they reveal their next book project. 

Primarch 7 Egan may get another Primarch out before Edgar releases his third one. I currently believe it to be Vulkan or Russ. This all depends on whether FW are to be releasing another Horus Heresy book at Gamesday. As really this will be a new setting so should have a Primarch to showcase it. I am leaning heavily towards Russ. This would give him 5-6 Months before Gamesday and considering Russ has Freki and Geri, I really think he needs all the time he can get. 

Primarch 8 Magnus the Red should be on the board too. You only get one chance to impress with a new book and range Launch and Skomorowski is more than capable of doing this Primarch justice. 

This would round off the year completely and very well. The Inferno book could quite possibly have a wealth of other bits such as Sisters of Silence and Custodes etc. this would also give the team a whole year to get the likes of Corax, Curze, Perturabo, Alpharius and Vulkan wrapped up. Only issue is the other characters may take another Back seat. 

Comment below, follow us on Facebook and subscribe. 

Good luck guys. Keep up the great work!

Drake Seta.