Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ultramarines Legion Herald Unboxing

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today you can buy the limited edition Ultramarines Legion Herald at your local store - while stocks last. I know that the initial pictures didn't looked that great, but I went ahead and bought one, and need to admit, I quite like him. Not a great fan of his barehead, but you can give him another one or a helmet if you prefer.

The Marine itself is a hommage to Neil Robert's Mark of Calth artwork, and should look great alongside some Suzerains. If you want to use him as Ventanus 'till FW releases a propper one - go for it! He has the right wargear, and both his banner and wrist have the number IV.

Sadly my banner is slightly miscast, but that's nothing unfixable :)

I quite like the spiked bonding studs - Forgeworld, give me more!

The model comes with a datasheet, but I think this one is not different to the stock herald rules (besides the LA: Ultramarines). Still, be careful when you open the blister.

What do you think about the Ultramarines Herald? Will you get one? What would you like to see as "limited edition" model next time?

Lady Atia

Burning of Prospero Unboxing videos

Hi all

Today we are fortunate to be in the position to show you our in-depth unboxing of the Battle of Prospero Boxed Game.

We were blessed by Games Workshop with a pre-release copy weeks ago, and since then we have been tight lipped about anything to do with the game.

We actually filmed us discovering what was on the box art and  what was in the game too, as before this moment we had no genuine idea what was actually included. We look at everything from the dice through to the boards themselves.

Hope you enjoy the unboxing. We have lots of things to show you over the coming weeks including painting guides, a video play through as well as reviewing the Custodes and Sisters on the battlefield.

Drake Seta

Friday, 21 October 2016

Rules for Russ

And last but not least - rules for good old Leman Russ :)

Lady Atia

Sisters and Custodes rules

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Rules for using the Legio Custodes and Sisters of Silence miniatures included with Burning of Prospero in games of Warhammer 40,000 are up on the GW site. Since "Age of Darkness" is an expansion for 40k, we are pretty sure it's cool to use these 'till we get our hands on the new White Dwarf (or a list made by Forgeworld).

You can download them here:

What do you think about them? Also, have you seen what's lurking behind these Custodes?^^

Lady Atia

Burning of Prospero - The Developers

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

New Zealand pre-orders are up, and Games Workshop shared a video about the new game, with insight about the lore and game mechanics - check it out!

Stay tuned for an unboxing video from us, and more - tomorrow :)

Lady Atia

Forgeworld Bulletin: The Wolf King rides to war!

Hello Everyone,

Very little news to speak of today other than what looks like the release of Leman Russ tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow to see what we've been working on recently! Exciting times indeed for the blog!

Thanks again,

Aveinus Kaane

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Who are the Thousand Sons

And last but not least - a cool artwork for Ahriman ^.^

Lady Atia

Who are the Space Wolves?

Ok ... we already know who these guys are, but it's still a pretty cool artwork (I also added a few more from the last Open Day - enjoy).

Stay tuned for more Vlka Fenryka soon - and in the meantime, you may check out what Drake has done for them so far, using BaC and FW upgrades :)

Lady Atia

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Scenery: Making wargaming great!

Hi guys,

Today I'm going to discuss an aspect of the hobby that can be overlooked but really makes our games that much cooler to play - yes, I'm talking about scenery.

With the focus of our hobby being on the armies we build, paint and play - it's only natural that scenery takes a bit more of a back-seat role in the hobby... however, when you compare some of my work in progress pictures to some of the other photos that are shown on the blog that have buildings in them, it suddenly makes the models look more like soldiers as the background sets the scene.

Same really applies in game too, scenery gives you something to fight over - be it a city that you are fighting over, a vitally strategic spaceport you are trying to capture, an isolated skirmish in a forest to disrupt a supplies convoy and so on. The scenery really can add to the narative of a mission by providing a visual aid and as a result make our games more immersive too.

Furthermore, scenery adds to the game mechanically too. From a tactical standpoint, scenery can provide you with cover from enemy fire, obscure your advance by denying line of sight for a turn while you prepare for your next move or force your opponent to commit to a costly offensive to remove you from an entrenched objective. This is why its great visiting places like Warhammer World to play as they have gaming tables to play on and if you get the chance to, I highly recommend booking a feature table as they are simply superb!

What are your thoughts about scenery in general? What kind of scenery would you like to see for games based in the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Balanced Lists and what makes yours 'Fluffy'

So tonight Bunny followers I delve into that great question when it comes to 'Lists'. 
What to take and why?

There's been some lengthy talk between us in the Battle Bunnie camp regarding what to take when facing certain opponents. I thought I'd discuss the ever existant conundrum of when to build and list and when to go 'Fluffy'. 

As you can see above one of my favourite characters from the Imperial Fists is Senechal Rann. 
Mainly because he's Sigismund's best mate, he prefers assault tactics and he eventually, like Sigismund, becomes a Chapter Master during the second founding. 

So what to do?

Now like the rest of the Bunnies I like to go for a Fluff feel. Why, well your list has to have 'Character' and by that I mean a back story, a history, something that has a narrative that you automatically bring to the table. 
That way you have a vested interest when it comes to painting them and using them in battles. 

I have a few go to units I like to include all the time. As a result my lists usually include some kind of assault based unit, a few light tanks and then some infantry. I then adjust my HQ's and heavy support according to the potential rival army. 

Some might say you could be heading for a downward spiral. Not many Fluff lists will stand the tide to the insane 'super mega death-star math hammered' lists out there floating around the interweb and blogosphere. 

My question really is where do you as our readers stand?

Do you have a unit that you use every time and build around?

Or do you play a certain way and pick you list accordingly?

Is there a LoW choice you always select or do you have a couple you chose from?

This is the bulk of my go-to units if you like. With a smattering of heavy support and one of my LoW's. 

With the Shadow Crusade weekender coming up to which several of us will be attending we'd like to hear your thoughts.
Comment below and we'll take on the discussion :)

As always - For the Emperor!
-Tylar ;)