Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Warhammer 40,000: Angron review pt1 with assembly video!

Hi all

We were fortunate enough to receive the new Angron model for review and to paint for Warhammer Community. 

We also have a painting guide on our YouTube channel shortly too!! So like and subscribe. 

He’s a brilliant model with lots of detail as you can see. 

The wings are very similar to Ka’Bandha’s wings, especially around the tips. 

Honey the Destroyer helped me with the blade (after her great Avatar of Khaine model she painted). 

We used Nihlak Oxide and Blood for the Blood god technical paints. 

The armour was finished with a lovely oil buff. 

Added some Mk6 skulls to make more Heresy-esque. 

There will be a whole painting guide soon, but in the meantime here is a video showing unboxing and assembly to painting step. 

Battle Bunnies. 

Monday, 6 February 2023

Weekly Progress Report: 06/02/2023

Hi there!

Another week, another update, lets see how things are progressing as we enter February.

Drake has been helping his son Nathaniel paint a unit of Juggernauts of Khorne. Helping him to get a handle on basic techniques and styles.

Eyecon74 has been working on his Aeldari Titans to get them ready for the walk at Beachhead next weekend, the Phantom was a little unstable so added a pin to the waist/upper body. Painted an Arvus Lighter for a member of the TOC, and a weird mushroom person for a mate.

Hector has been chipping away at his Enforcers - but they are starting to look a lot less like just primed models now.

The Gory Crow decided to start an Acastus Asterius 1 week before the Titan Walk at Beachhead. Instead of keeping things simple, and truck load of transfers have been used and a full weathering package is planned. Will it get finished before Friday 10th Feb? Find out next week....maybe

How is your hobby progress going this week?

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Monday, 30 January 2023

Weekly Progress Report 30/01/2023

Hi all
That’s right another week down!

The son of xana has been working on the new Nomad header and Duneskuttler whilst trying to get his remaining knights ready for the beach head event in a couple weeks time. You will see a video of it tomorrow on our YouTube Channel! :)

EnginePhil has just finished Lord Solar Leontus, and you can see a video of his work here:

Hector has been up at Warhammer World for the AoS Throne of Skulls Doubles event this weekend but managed to get some progress done on his enforcers - the black on the armour plates is pretty much done (highlighting and shaded), remaining base coats need doing now so will have a less monochrome picture to share next week!

The Gory Crow has been painting the individual tools carried by Solar Auxilia personnel. No one will see them but it's all in the details. Next will be the random canteens and possibly filter bowls that cover these guys

Eyecon74 has been working on an Eldar Revenant on an ice base, and a cute little Owl bear cub for a friend 😄

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Friday, 27 January 2023

Warhammer 40,000: Lord Solar Leontus review

Hi all

We got a beautiful review copy of the new Lord Solar Leontus Model from Games Workshop. 

Our EnginePhil immediately set to it with a technique he has been dying to try. 

See below for a more in depth review and information regarding the technique. 

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Monday, 23 January 2023

Weekly Progress Report: 23/01/20

Hi all,

Getting towards the end of January already!

This week Honey the Destroyer has finished some Termagants for her son’s Tyranid army. Following that, she has moved back to the Aeldari Corsairs. These are now about 70% complete but each model is very detailed and taking a long time! This is about her third attempt to finish them and with the amount of edge highlighting to do on the models and a Titan Walk coming up mid Feb, she has given myself the deadline of the end of February to complete them. Visually they are one of her favourite Aeldari factions to look at but probably one of her least favourite to paint as each model has the detail of a character model.

Son_Of_Xana has been working away at a few review items in between them he has built 2 cerastus knights and a warmaster iconoclast ready for the Titans Owners Club exhibition game at beach head in Bournemouth in the next 3 weeks...there's a kit of work still to be done but he'll get it done!

Eyecon74 has build and painted the new Rogal Dorn Tank, and has been busy with bases for the Eldar Titans.

The Gory Crow once again proving why he doesn't finish anything. There's approximately 100 of Solar Auxilia troops of various roles, a couple of Necromunda characters, an assortment of Horus Heresy Ultramarines and two Graviton Ruinators for AT.

Engine Phil has been working on his own Necromunda Goliath gang and The Lord Solar Leontus.

What have you been working on this week?

Until next time,

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Sunday, 22 January 2023

Warhammer 40,000: Rogal Dorn Battle Tank review and painting guide

Hi all

It’s always a special time when a new Astra Militarum vehicle gets released by Forge World, yet it seems far rarer when Games Workshop’s Citadel model range actually release one. Rejoice fans of the generic human soldiery. The Rogal Dorn is here!

Soooo. We received a review copy of this gorgeous tank and immediately Eyecon74 jumped onto it. 

Painting guide:

Colour breakdown
Black basecoat, grey undercoat.

Irorach skin
Mix 50/50 ironrach/celestial
Light airbrush from top, deep kind flesh

Wash thinned Agrax
Wash thinned Plaguebearer Flesh for the green tint
Apply some pure Plaguebearer Flesh at lower areas of tank
Leave to dry

Airbrush, very lightly from the top, deep kind Flesh

Do details, transfers etc, then I sprayed the tank with pledge floor polish, left overnight,  then made an oil wash with burnt umber and black, 80/20 ratio. 

Apply Wash, leave for a few hours, and clean off excess. 

We love oils at Battle Bunnies!!

Strangest think about the kit is the lack of a bottom piece! Hmm. Guess you can’t see it anyway. 

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