Thursday, 28 April 2016

They see ma Legion Rollin'

Hi all

That's right. Finally we have more items to show our dedication to our beloved Legions. Thanks Forge World!

Death Guard

Alpha Legion

Sons of Horus

Emperor's Children. 

I personally hope this is the start of an influx of Legion / Legio specific merchandise or gaming accessories. Explosion templates, gaming cases, markers. . . 12 piece dining sets, dog collars, hub cap covers, baby clothes, plush teddies of Primarchs . . . 

Drake Seta

Sons of Horus First Company Update 12

Hello all!

As you may have seen in our weekly updates, I have been working on my support vehicles for my Sons of Horus First Company. I had been waiting for the weather to cooperate, so that I could get the 9 vehicles that I have base coated. Finally the rain stopped falling just long enough for me to run out of paint after getting 6 of them base coated! I managed to get the Land Raider, 2 vindicators, Spartan, Sicaran and 1 dreadclaw done with 2 cans of spray!

As I had hoped the vehicles are not taking too long to paint. I have continued to use the same process for my painting that I laid out in my Justaerin painting guide. 

I started with my Land Raider Mk2B. I was pleased with how the scheme worked on the vehicles and moved straight onto my 2 vindicators. 

Next up is my Spartan, which I will be starting over the next couple of days hopefully. When I get a dry day off I will get the Fireraptor and remaining 2 Dreadclaws base coated. Given how quick they are to paint, I'm confident that I will have all 9 done in the next 3-4 weeks! 


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Kaelo Rylanus: Raven Guard Update

Hey all

It has been full steam ahead with my Raven Guard legion now that life is getting back to normal. Tonight is a quick look at the work in progress of one of my elite units, the Contemptor Dreadnought. I have gone for the legion specific version from Forge World.

Mine is armed with an autocannon to give my legion a bit of high-strength ranged attacks. 

As a nice contrast I have equipped the chainfist with a Meltagun for some extra punch. I never used to like the design of the chainfist but now I have made one it really has grown on me. 

I am also assembling Corax at the moment. I have posed his pistol arm slightly differently and I am not using the scenic base. Pictures will follow over the weekend - where I am aiming to spray my legion black for my next post.

Of my initial 3000 pts, I only have 3 Jetbikes and a Javelin left to assemble.

I hope you have enjoyed my update.


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Word Bearers Contemptor Dreadnought

Howdy Guys and Girls,

Today I have some Word Bearers progress to share with you, starting with my Contemptor Dreadnought - hope you like him!

Marakael of the Annunake

Contemptor-pattern Dreadnought, attached to the Chapter of the Graven Star

"Speak the words of Lorgar and you shall live forever in the glory. Speak them not and every one of you shall die today."

"Annunake" is a Colshisian term which means "Judges of Hell" or "Princely Sons", and was used within the Word Bearers Legion to denote those Legionaries granted the honour of continuing their service within the armoured shell of a Dreadnought.

Marakael was a former Master of Ordnance of the Chapter of the Graven Star, a Colchisian warrior deadly wounded during the Third Rangdan Xenocyde. He was intered into a late production, artificer wrought Contemptor pattern Dreadnought, and fought during the last days of the Great Crusade, at Istvaan and during boarding actions at the Betrayal at Calth.

Note: Modified Contemptor Dreadnought chassis, freshly re-painted in the red of betrayal. 

WIP: Tactical Squad

The next unit i want to finish for my Word Bearers is my tactical squad - 15 Marines will give me some manpower to overwhelm my foes during battles and boarding actions! 

If you want to paint before final assembling, cork and old plastic sprues are helpful. Another trick that helps for painting parts with an airbrush, or spray: double-sided tape! Your parts will never again blown away from your airbrush.

I saw a question asked during the last WPR by Captain Agrippa regarding painting and assembling:

Interesting to see that some of you guys assemble marines before painting and others paint in stage. Still very much undecided how I am going to approach this.
I honestly thing there is no "true" answer to that. It mostly depends how you paint your models - airbrush, brush or a combination of both? It also depends on the models themselves, and their poses. Also, do you want a fast job for a tabletop army, or going into details? Painting before final assembling makes it easier to reach all the details, and especially bigger models benefit from it.

A good example for this would be my Ang'grath the Unbound - the wings are pretty huge and its easier to paint the body, weapons and wings seperate. The only drawback here is that you have to fix the connection points between the parts after most of your painting is done, which can be annoying (especially if the wings won't fit at all). In my case it wasn't a huge deal, as i wanted a blend between black and red, so I could do that after using some greenstuff/miliput mix to fix the wings.

Another example would be Knights or Titans - it's far easier to paint the armour plates seperatly from the "metal body", especially if you want to add weathering.

Hope you enjoyed my little post today. Do you paint before final assembling? What are your tricks? Write us in the comments below :)

Lady Atia

Monday, 25 April 2016

Limited Edition Imperial Space Marine: Death Guard

Hi all

Here we have the second of my Imperial Space Marines. This one has been painted in the livery of the Death Guard Legion. 

From behind you can see the results of the AK interactive streaking kit. 

With his fellow Legionnaires. 

With Garro!

With his IV Legion counterpart. 

WIP shot of the 50:50 Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium over Corax White. 

After I had used many layers of heavily White Scar to bring the white back up. 

After the Waplock to Runelord Brass metallic sections and the Castellan green to Elysian green on the pads. 

I then used the MKIV shoulder pad sized Death Guard transfer on the MKVI shoulder pad with the circular inset. It fits very nicely with a bit of Micro Sol and Micro set. 

I used a sponge and 5x0 paint brush for scratches. This is done with slightly thinned storm vermin fur. 

I then purity sealed and used AK Interactive streaking kits. 

Anyway. Still got two more to do. Both will be converted though. 

Drake Seta

Warhammer Fest Exclusive Miniature

Hey all

Forge World have released images of their new event exclusive for Warhammer Fest. It is a Cataphratii Terminator with thunder hammer and a combi-volkite.

There is also images of a bag that will be available too:

Forge World have also announced a pre-release of the Domitar-Ferrum will be available.

Very exciting stuff! 

What else do you think will be there?

Stay fluffy


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Weekly Progress Report 24/04/16

Hi all. 
Another busy week in the Bunny camp. So let's see what we have been up to:

This week King Fluff has been slowly progressing his Mechanicum and Night Lords, expect posts in some finished units over the next few weeks.

Kaelo has been assembling a veteran squad for his Raven Guard. Here is a preview of a Heavy Bolter marine as part of that squad. He will be armed with a suspensor web allowing for a mobile ranged squad with the sniper rule.

Aveinus has started building his Questoris Knight-styrix this week and hopes to have if built in the next few days.

Darien has finished painted his Land Raider MK2B and has now started working on his 2 Vindicators for his Sons of Horus First Company.

Drake has already shown off his first Ltd Ed Imperial Space Marine earlier in the week. He also at the same time worked on his Death Guard Legion version which is also complete. You should see the finished model within the week. 

Atia was busy working on her Contemptor Dreadnought this week, who shall be revealed in the next days. She also started to prepare her 15 Tactical Marines for painting. Last but not least, there are some whispers that her Word Bearers are trying to summon another Greater Daemon - stay tuned!

This week Tylar has used his limited hobby time to clean prep and build his next addition. A Missile launcher Demi-squad with the new Proteus II pattern launchers. 
He hopes to complete these over the next week or so before moving onto a Tactical squad. Look out for his upcoming Tank post. 

That's all of the updates for this week. Go on guys. Comment below to let us know what you have been working on!

Drake Seta

Mechanicum Questoris Knight Styrix

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a short post just to update you on my current progress. So there has now been a bit of an unexpected change in direction from me, as my dad has asked me to build and paint him a Questoris Knight Styrix for his birthday! Now its a step into the unknown for me as I haven't worked on any mechanicum models or any knights yet so hopefully it will go well!

I've decided to go for a paint scheme that can be linked to my Iron Hands so that in the future if I did want to use the model in a game I can borrow it off of him! The scheme is the one from the pictures below which is featured on a Questoris Knight Magaera and a Cerastus Knight-Lancer.

I like this scheme because I think it should be quite achievable for me without an airbrush and I think the red, black and white will fit nicely with the Iron Hands.

I am however, undecided as yet whether I will use any Iron Hands iconography as I could potentially also use it for my blood angels in the future too.

In terms of progress made, I have finished the wash and prep process for the resin parts of the knight and I have begun to assemble the plastic parts as you can see below. I'm not a big fan of the building side of things so I'm glad there are more plastic parts to work with than forgeworld resin lol. I will also give you a look at the paint scheme I am going to use once I have finalised it.

Hopefully I will have made more progress on this and will have it assembled by tomorrow night :). It is a bit of a daunting project for me but I will keep you updated as things progress! I hope you're all enjoying your sunday!

Thanks again,

Avienus Kaane