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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Legions on Parade: David O'hara's Raven Guard

Hello to the 30k community. 

Presented here tonight is David O'hara's Raven Guard. David is one of our followers who I spend a lot of time chatting to. He is a die hard Raven Guard fan and below is his Legion. 

The force as it currently stands. We will be getting some action photos in the near future on a battle board. 

Missile Launcher Heavy support squad. 

Commander of the force and a pair of RTB01 Legionnaires (the first minis I ever purchased). 

Dark furies!

A lovely painted army. Very Matt black in appearance and stealthy looking. 

David painted it like this. 
A fairly simplistic paint scheme; Black undercoat, then a quick spray of white from the top. Black wash several times and then a light dusting of grey (partly to bring some detail out, partly to add a dusty effect as I wanted them to blend in with their bases as they are all about the stealth!) 

A little background on my force! I built this army with the intent of being an opponent for my good friend who was featured on Legions on Parade a while ago (Night Lords: “The Devils in the Dark”). Therefore I wanted the background to evolve with whatever battles we fought… So without further ado…

A Raven Guard company selected to test the prototype MK VI Armour near the end of the great crusade, the 121st “Falcon’s Claws” put the armour through its paces utilising it for the signature strikes the Raven Guard where known for. When the order came from Corax to gather the legion for the strike on Horus and his allied traitor legions, the 121st prepared their Mk VI Armour for its greatest challenge yet. The Falcon’s Claws threw themselves into the fight with the rest of their legion, only falling back when the loyalist numbers appeared to be swelled by the arrival of the Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Night Lords and Alpha Legion.

When the traitors struck, the 121st where mauled particularly badly, being reduced to around 100 members and separated from the bulk of the legion when the order to breakout of the trap came. Rather than attempt to regroup with Corax they chose a different tactic, evading complete destruction by hijacking several traitor gunships. The strike force remained hidden in their captured craft, only heading for orbit when the traitor legions started recovering men material after the main battle was concluded. The highest ranking survivor, Shadow Captain Maltus ordered his remaining forces to converge on the damaged Night Lord Strike cruiser “Stalker in the Night”, intending to board the ship, steal it and use it to escape the system. There were several other damaged ships nearby which appeared warp viable still; however the “Stalker” was the better target. Maltus theorised that most of the legion forces should still be transiting up from the surface, making the ship vulnerable.

If you have a Legion on parade you would like to share follow the links on the left to find out how. 

Drake Seta. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Word Bearer Contemptor wip

Hi all

I would like to show you what I have been doing lately. I have made quite a lot of progress with my word bearer contemptor. I am really enjoying painting this model and it is a good change from marine after marine lol
I really like the way the gold is looking in contrast to the granite grey armour.

All I really have to do are the weapons and a few of the small details which really shouldn't take me long.

Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

Take care :-) 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this past week. So let's get started shall we?

Khall Sithis

Khall has nearly finished his Emperor's Children breachers. 

He is making headway on a despoiler squad, 5 Lascannon marines, 5 Volkite marines and 5 Melta marines. He hopes to get them all finished this week and move onto his jet bikes, Javelin, Primus Medicae and a reposed Fulgrim. 

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has added Bolters and arms to his Death Guard Breachers now. He hopes to get them finished next week. 

He has also started planning his Night Lords and will be starting them when he finished his Breacher Squad. He hopes to get 60 Legionnaires Basecoated as soon as possible for them so he can finish a 10 man squad a week after. 

Mega nob

Mega nob has washed his glave and has started reading the copy of death and defiance he bought at warhammer fest

Darko Thane

Darko has been working on a few projects over this week. He has been making way on his rampagers but has also made a start on his new character model and also begun constructing a whirlwind scorpius. Both of which you can see progress below of. He hopes to make some serious work in while he is away and will post more soon

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know what progress you have made this week

Take care :-) 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pre-Heresy Night Lords: Drake Seta's next Legion.

Hello to everyone. 

When we first found out that Forge World would be doing the Horus Heresy my brother Khall and I immediately began the transition from 40k to 30k. We firstly sent a message out on our group chat reserving certain Legions. 
I immediately reserved my 2 favourite Legions - 1) the Vlka Fenryka and 2) the Night Lords. Other Legions that were not claimed got claimed on the second pass through - which is how I ended up with the Death Guard and Iron Warriors (both of which I am a massive fan of). 

With the release of Curze and (unnamed miniature presumed to be) Sevatar imminent I have decided to get the meat of this Legion started before these two of my 3 favourite characters get released. 

So firstly the list. V1. 

NL - Sevatar 175

4 Destroyer Legionaires: 3× 2x Bolt Pistol; (1:5) Missile Launcher with Suspensor web and Rad missiles & Bolt Pistol ; 4× Chainsword; Squad Jump Packs; Squad Melta bombs; + 1 Legionaire Destroyer Sergeant (Artificier armour; rad, fag and krak grenades) 285
4 Destroyer Legionaires: 3× 2x Bolt Pistol; (1:5) Missile Launcher with Suspensor web and Rad missiles & Bolt Pistol ; 4× Chainsword; Squad Jump Packs; Squad Melta bombs; + 1 Legionaire Destroyer Sergeant (Artificier armour; rad, fag and krak grenades) 285
Terror Squad - 9 Executioners: 8× Boltgun; 1:U Flamer; + 1 Headsmen (Plasma Pistol; Boltgun; Nostraman Chainglaive; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta bombs (sgt)) 268
Terror Squad - 9 Executioners: 8× Boltgun; 1:U Flamer; + 1 Headsmen (Plasma Pistol; Boltgun; Power Fist; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta bombs (sgt)) 273
Terror Squad - 9 Executioners: 8× Volkite Charger; 1:U Rotor Cannon; + 1 Headsmen (Hand Flamer; Volkite Charger; Power Weapon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta bombs (sgt)) 290

9 Assault Legionaire: 2× Power Weapon (1in5); + 1 Legionaire Assault Sergeant (2 Lightning Claws; Artificier Armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta Bombs (sgt only)) 305

9 Night Raptors: 1:5 Plasma gun; 1:5 Flamer; 4× Power Weapon; + 1 Huntsmaster (plasma pistol; Nostraman Chainglaive; Artificier Armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta Bombs (sgt only)) 355

Primarch Konrad Curze 435

2,671 points

It is what I believe would constitute a good meat of this Legion (ignoring characters) before adding other things such as vehicles or Jetbikes etc. 
Destroyer Squads: the destroyers carry horrific payloads of weapons and are very common in a Night Lord force. I have decided to give them Jump Packs as it will be more terrifying. 
Terror Squads: 3x10 man executioner squads will enable me to use the right of war "Terror assault" where a Night Lord player must 2+1 Compulsory troop choices and they must be Night Lord Terror Squads. But also if I desire I can use them as a Legion Tactical squad where possible with options. 
Assault Squads: Goes without saying, death from above with lots of Chainswords. 
Night Raptors: Another Legion specific squad which make a regular appearance in Night Lord forces. 

Ok now the official Forge World scheme is:

Painted by Mat Kane. 

1. The models were undercoated with GW Black Spray
2. The models were dry brushed with Rub and Buff Pewter, bringing the black undercoat upto a silver colour.
3. Tamaiya Clear Blue and Clear Red were mixed together to make a clear purple which was applied over the whole model in 3-4 very thin coats.
4. Once the model had dried, the whole thing was airbrushed with a layer of Auto Air colour Transparent Blue.
5. The Lightning strikes were painted on with Administratum Grey as a base coat.  Then were the lightning strikes meet, it was highlighted with white.
6. Once the model had dried, it was protected with a coating of GW Purity Seal.

Now I really love this scheme that Mat Kane has done but I want to get mine done ultra quick:

My colour I want to try is a Flip paint by Auto Aircolours. It flips between a midnight blue and black. This will be brightened zenithally to have lighter shades at the top and darker shades underneath. Colour-wise I think I am pretty much on the money with the artwork below. 

Lightning strikes: The Lightning will be painted on with Administratum Grey as a base coat.  Then were the lightning strikes meet, it will be highlighted with white, as per FW's scheme.

Chipping: this will either be done with Leadbelcher or Storm vermin fur. I will see after one. 

Red gauntlets: A Nostraman gang land custom for those whose lives are forfeit and ready to be killed when they are no longer of use. I will do this red gore with highlights before dulling to a darker tone. 

Tactical Support squads: I have none as of yet but I will not forget to show their curiass as grey white (as per Massacre pics). 

Additional details: After just read "A safe and shadowed place" story in Death and defiance I have also decided to have a few horror / torture pics on shin guards etc of a few Legionnaires: "Skraivok watched Krukesh out of the corner of his eye. Looped Holographic images of the Captain's favourite victims played over some of his armour plates, Interspersed with the Legions's Customary Lightning bolts in an endless exhibition of his past atrocities." People often forget the Lightning bolts are projected images on the armour plates which flash on and off. For this I will trawl the Internet looking for horror film pics of grisly mutilation and get them printed and placed on my armour plates - nothing cheesy, no IT the clown or similar but skinnings etc. 

Trim: Warplock to Sycorax I think highlighted with Runelord Brass. 

Please any other suggestions write below. 

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Drake Seta. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Starting the Solar Auxilia - WIP

So tonight at the Bunny camp we have made a start on our lasrifle section of the Solar Auxilia. We wanted to go for a light ish colour scheme so we went for a silver base with red and yellow. You can see below for our methods.

Firstly we sprayed the models with Chaos Black spray for our undercoat. We then did a drybrush of Ironbreaker to the metals on the army.

Next for the fatigues we used Mephiston Red. We wanted to use a lighter coloured red but not too over the top bright and we are happy with these results.

Our next stage was the padding. For this we used a coat of Averland Sunset. We are happy with the contrast between the colours.

We have done this scheme to a few models so far and you can see below the fruits to our labour's after a couple of hours work. We still have a long way to go but we are enjoying our time so far

We can't wait to dig into these guys more and we will be showing a lot more off in the future don't you worry :D

For now it's a goodbye from us, but stayed peeled for new posts from us as we are very keen to fly through this.

Darko Thane

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Legions on Parade: Jens Rosemann's Word Bearers

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. Please find for your viewing pleasure; Jens' Heresy Word Bearers Legion. 

The first Heretics and a good base board too. 

A tactical despoiler squad. He has posed this squad extremely well.

A brutal squad of Cataphractii 

A nice mix of old and new Boltgun variants in this Tactical squad. 

A Freeblade advances along side. 

The open book on the Sparten is a great touch to the model. 

Jens' Praetor equipped with a Volkite and Paragon blade. 

A Legion Contemptor with Kheres Assault Cannon and Flamer. 

The paint scheme is quite easy apparently according to Jens. 

1. Prime with chaos black
2. Paint the model with Khorne red
3. Paint the trim of the shoulders and some other areas (trim of knee pads, trim of gloves, ...) with Leadbealcher
4. Paint the details (eyes, weapon (mechanicum standard grey), ...). I like to exchange the colors for some of the details from time to time. The eyes vary from blue to purple.
5. Add a nice person layer of Nuln oil over the whole miniature. 
6. Paint the 'runes' with ceramite white here and there. Not to much. 

What is your best tip?
I guess my best tip for the 'evil' word bearers after istvaan / calth is: Go dark. They are the arch traitors and they should not be bright and shiny. So always tune them down with a layer of nuln oil when you are finished. 

I also have a Land Raider, a Predator Infernus, 10 Veterans, an Anvillus and a Fire Raptor on my todo list. But they are not finished yet so they are not in the pictures. 

If you have a Legion you want to show off to the Great Crusade / Heresy Community; follow links on the left to see how it could be your Legion next week. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this week. Unfortunately, we do not have much progress, however we will share what we have and also what purchases we made at warhammer fest. So without further a due, let's get started.

The group have invested a wedge of cash on the new Solar Auxilia. It has taken three and a half hours to get to this standard with all the trimming. The moulds were pretty good. 

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has been carrying on with his Death Guard and is very happy with how his Breacher shields are looking. 
He has just found out his favourite Evil Primarch and 1st Captain are to be released soon so will be pausing the XIV Legion for a while and getting a Night Lord base force completed. 

Targel Vypus

I am only a wash away from finishing of my first 40 word bearer shoulder pads, which is something that can not come soon enough :-).

At warhammer fest, I got 10 for each of the tech thralls, a pack of the new Vorax Class Battle-Automata and I finally got some if the Gal Vorbak. For a change if pace, I decided to start prepping the Vorax as I just loved how stunning the kit looked.

Darko Thane

Apologies for poor lighting but here is an update on Darkos world eater rampagers. They are nearly all completed, just finishing touches on jump packs and then gluing. Next after will be a character model which he shall reveal soon. He have also started piecing together the starting points to my next legion. He may post separately to share with you guys, or may keep it secret, who knows?!?! 

Khall brought:
10 Pyroclasts
5 Firedrakes
Salamander Torsos
Salamander heads
Death and Defiance

Mega nob bought:
Glave (he's very exited) 
Archmagos draykavac
Death and defiance 
Garro:shield of lies
Legacy of treachery 

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know if you attended warhammer fest and what purchases you made there

Take care :-) 

Mystery Grey Marine

Hey Bunnies

So, I approached Sir Alan Bligh today to ask about THAT mystery Grey Marine we saw at the European Open Day. You know the one right?


As always the answer was cryptic at best. However, they did show a page from the Conquest book which had the marine and the title 'Unnamed Black Shield Marine'. Now this is me just guessing but Black Shields are another name for Deathwatch - marines who have abandoned their chapters to follow personal missions! That could also explain the names engraved and crossed off on his arm! What do you think guys? Early Deathwatch or something else?


Saturday, 11 October 2014


The Battle Bunnies once again are front row at the FW Seminar to bring you the fans of Heresy and Forge World great minis. Hope you enjoy. If you want to share pics please just link to us. 

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First off;

Konrad Curze!

A small talk about IA 13

Rules for damned relics such as the Chaos Fellblade and Kharybdis. 

The exciting bit. 

Yay! We have been waiting a while for this now, and apparently FW told a little porky about it not being complete at the European Openday. It is finished and is being made in China now. 

A stunning front cover of Conquest. Shown for the first time. 

Contents. Fragments of the Imperial fists could be some lost in the storm after Phall or lone garrisons. The book will primarily focus on Sons of Horus and Death Guard and their campaigns after Isstvan. 

An updated Horus Heresy Timeline. FW have overtaken BL in places which is good. 

The Solar Auxilia are heavily involved in this book. 

Malcadors are guaranteed to be part of the Solar Auxilia. 

One Knight house of four included. 

Will have a sleeve and map and be limited to 2,000 copies. 

Oh yes. 

Alpha Legion Contemptor

Word Bearers Contemptor

Imperial Fist Contemptor

Templar Brethren UPGRADE KIT. 


We picked up 40!

In next month or so. 

Storm Section!!! A months time too. 

"Not much can't be improved with the addition of a Death Ray" - Tony Cottrell. 

Chainfist as it should look. Only thing FW did recently which I can't stand is that Contemptor Chainfist. 

I have been asking them to do this for a long time. So I am very happy. 

We have a name for book 5. Thought it would have been called Atrocity, but maybe it is referring to the battles in the Ultima Segmentums under the ruin storm. 

A Diabolist? "door to door salesman - have you heard about the book of Lorgar?"

The True messengers 

Legio Prasagius. 

Flyers could be more interceptor based. They had mentioned in the past that they wanted to do a smaller Stormbird (as there are apparently lots of Variants and classes of Stormbird). 
A new Dreadnought not as big as the Contemptor. 
Solar Auxilia Ogryns; enough said. There was a roar of approval. 
More Characters inc Primarchs. 

Sevatar - or who I believe to be. Now it looks like it is. No one has confirmed though. 

Konrad Curze - apparently he looks like a Knightmare from all angles. He is finished and will be out soon. 

That is it. Once again the Battle Bunnies were in the front row for the Seminar and got the info out to you guys who sadly couldn't make it. 

Please like and follow us on Facebook and follow our Battle Reports. 

Drake Seta