Thursday, 18 September 2014

Codex: Eldar Exodite Research

Hey all

As some of you may know, I have been interested in doing Eldar Exodites for our Great Crusade for a while now, so I have been doing some research. I have listened to Promethean Sun twice in the last few weeks and made some notes. I have also looked at the Exodite section in the Eldar codex for information.

This is just the beginning though. I am planning on doing some snow units and some desert units too, but I,need to listen to Feat of Iron again to research it.

I want to go for a more primitive and tribal looking Exodite vibe, which is more of the waynI picture them. As such I will be basing most of the miniatures around Dark Elf, Lizardmen and Wood Elf bitz with a little bit of Eldar armour and tech thrown in. Here is my research so far:

Forest/Jungle Exodites

Mottled green cloaks
Verdant cloak

Army rules:
Stealth and Shrouded in nature
Not pitched battle fighters
Trees came alive
Swamps swallowed enemies
Bugs filled mouths and eyes
Arboreal empass - restrict movement in trees


Option to take carnosaur mount

Can take mount

Royal Guard:
Retinue for above

Is above Warlock
Runic symbols

Veridean robes with cerulean clasp
Rune sword
Runic iconography on his armour
Powers used - Kineshield, force push, force lightning

Wyche covens:
Bald female in middle
Riding eldrich energies - from the Menhir
Work as group to make powers stronger
Throw electricity - crack ceramite with ease
Psychic shields
Strangle vines
Attack and defend at same time


Blade Master Kindred:
Azure plated
More marshall in aspect
Ornate crested helms that conceal face
Vermillion capes
Long angular swords

Dragon Guards:
Sword and shields

Raptor Packs:
Raptors - rending


Bow caster Kindred:
Fierce repeating bow casters
1 in 5 upgraded to long rifles
1 heavy weapon team - all types

Close combat Kindred:
Leader with ornamental sword

Dragon Rangers:
Hooded riders
Long rifles
Conical helms

Rangers - see Eldar codex

Fast Attack:

Dragon Riders:

Terrasaur Kindred:
Riders with spears, swords etc

Heavy Support:

Heavy weapons

Carnosaur Riders:
Down dreadnoughts with ease

Vaul Batteries:
See codex eldar

Lord of War

Dread Saurian:

Causes fear
Membranous wings
Thorny hide
Horn from snout
Talons from toes
Umber scales
Axe headed tail
Seer rider with staff and rune blade - no hands to fly
2 Primarchs to fight it
Wings pulp innards and throw marines flying
Can only fight forwards
Poisonous vapour and fog
Roots pinning from seer 

So what do you think? Any modelling ideas? Anything you can add (provide references where possible)? 

I will be working on these and other Xenos projects every Thursday night. So stay tuned for updates :)

Khall Sithis

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Legion on Parade: Finn Peemüller's Alpha Legion

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies, for your enjoyment I present to you Finn's Alpha Legion. 

The XX Legion prepares for war

2 Legion Predators. 

A Contemptor crushes a Son of Dorn

Legion Outriders act as Vanguard

A Volkite Tactical Support squad on the high ground

A Legion Tactical Squad

The Heavy hitters. The Alpha Legion would ensure they get the best tech. 

Finn painted it to a pre-Forge World's vision of the Alpha Legion's scheme. He took a month to do 2000 pts. 

A very nice Legion. Thanks Finn. 

If you have a Legion to put on Parade follow the links on the left of the page. See you next Wednesday. 

Drake Seta

Monday, 15 September 2014

Warhammer 40,000 The End Times - Khall Sithis style

Reading some of the Warhammer: End Times fluff has really got the juices flowing for adventure. So this is my version of what I would like to see as the Warhammer 40,000: End Times. There may be some fluff discrepancies (I don't read much 40k anymore) so please be gentle. If you would like to add ideas, improve ideas or whatever put them below. If I like them I will happily review mine :) 

I want this to be the story I WANT TO HAPPEN. I did it quite quickly so please forgive the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes you are likely to find. Eventually I will edit it and explain what I see happening next! So here it is:

The Emperor sits on the Golden Throne, life ebbing as a bright light cuts the darkness. A huge, mutated and changed, yet recognisable figure steps through the portal, into the Great Hall and smiles at his decrepit father. His skin is golden and bristles with both decay and vitality, love and hate. Inscribed across his bare flesh are words and symbols that make the material world distort and bleed. His voice is hard and soft like biting into a lemon. He explains, to his once beloved and worshipped father, that he has spent long years being shown the future, growing in power and of his lust to manifest himself here and now to witness the last beats of the Imperiums heart. He leans in close and smiles vindictively at the husk of a God, who sheds a silent solemn tear. Paralysed for long years and in a constant unquenchable pain, the Emperor moves his hand and places it on his sons. The smile fades from the demi-gods face as an image of his father shows him of his folly and what his heretical actions and lack of true faith have destroyed. Knowing with the certainty of ones eyes opening into sunlight that he has been deceived, Lorgar falls to his knees and places his head in the Emperors lap begging for forgiveness. There is a book there. The last words he hears from his father are 'Here is a copy of your finest work. The Lecticio Divinatus. I have taken the honour of writing the final chapter for you,'. Lorgar remembers his original writings and recognises the truth in them. The Emperor vanishes.

The Emperor, fully cut off from the material world, feels a hand on his shoulder and turns. He is greeted by a smile he never thought he would see again. Horus.

Across the known Imperium a darkness spreads, one of physical and mental origin. The Astronomican has gone out, the Emperor is dead and the galaxy shall fall. Dark ships that have been waiting in the unreality of the Warp, like predators beneath the darkest oceans, erupt from the Eye of Terror and other warp storms, scatterering across the galaxy. Some follow strange trajectories and are hounded by others, seeking to destroy them. 

Moments later the Astronomican flickers into life and shines brighter than it has in years. But the damage is done. The realm of Gods has manifested numerous gates to the material realm.

The first ship, adorned with brass skulls and trailing blood, lands on a war scarred planet. A giant charges out immediately and into the Imperial defenders. Every movement kills soldiers in droves. Angron has come to take Armageddon once and for all!

A strike force of Raven Guard, White Scars, Iron Hands and Blood Angels, including numerous successor chapters, all make haste to fortify the worlds around Terra. Bracing for the inevitable attack, their morale is boasted as a hero from the Great Crusade makes contact. Launching vicious and daring strikes at major traitor a daemonic vessels. One word reinforces the defenders hearts more than any other. 'Nevermore'. The Raven Guard and other equally capable chapters rush to their ships at the behest of Corvus Corax, who co-ordinates counterstrike after counterstrike effortlessly, buying the Imperium further time to fortify.

The Vengeful Spirit breaks through the blockade and rushes towards Terra, chased by an Astartes ship with the Blood Angels livery. A smile creeps across the Warmasters face. 

Against such overwhelming odds the defence begins to crack and the defenders prepare for a last stand. Reality distorts and a combined fleet of Eldar breathes into Imperial space and slams like a fist into the back of the Chaos extermination force. Many torturous vessels, daubed in anquished shadow, launch precision board and assault strikes, inflicting as much pain and death as possible before their forays are extinguished, leaving ships undermanned and deciding between fight or flight. The enemy fleet, still many times outnumbering the Eldar and Imperium, divides and seeks a defensive foothold against the new attack. A combined alliance of the remaining Eldar race has come to the End Times, desperate for their own pain to finish and a rebirth to begin.

Magnus the Red descends on Fenris, determined to destroy the Sons of Russ. Marching towards the Fang with Ahrimman, Logan Grimnar brandishes his axe and strides to meet with the Daemon Primarch and his sons, with the whole chapter of Space Wolves, their armour painted a dark grey in honour of Russ. The skies part and numerous ancient strike vessels descend upon the snow covered ground. A being who was renowned for his fury 10,000 years ago walks clear. Every Space Wolf drops to their knee, including Bjorn who Leman Russ gives a proud nod. 'Brother?' He starts. 'What have I done to you?' there is raw power and aggression in his voice, but it is tempered. He falls to his knees, hands turned towards the snow-birthing sky. He explains of the treachery, of the changed orders. He implores his brother 'It is not too late! Come back from this. You have been used as I was. Our enemies are the same! Forgive me.' He stares at his brother. 'Please...'
Pain, the likes of which the galaxy has never known flashes across Magnus' lone eye. Russ' heart breaks at what he has done, what he was used to do. The pain fades and Russ see's the truth of the facade. He growls 'My brother is a warm and powerful being, of rationality and love. You are not him. You are a mockery, a puppet. I will save your soul, brother' He rises to his feet, his battered armour shunking into place. He loostens the muscles in his shoulders with a shrug and slides a spear and giant chainsword from a harness round his back. Like liquid lightning he darts at the shadow of his brother.

On the Planet of Sorcerers Magnus watches the fight and feels his broken body mend as his power returns. Betrayal had crippled him, only the love of his brother could fix him and his soul. 'Our enemies are the same...'

The Tau, temporarily, settles back into its Empire and prepares for inevitable invasion. 

The 500 worlds are beset by multiple Hive Fleets, bred for destruction they attack across the length of Ultramar. Marneus Calgar calls in the successor chapters to create a united front under the Ultramarine banner. Against insurmountable odds, even Calgars tactical genius struggles. Hope arrives in the shape of a lone ship, origins unknown, which manages to sneak inside the planetary defences of Macragge and it's commander makes for the shrine of the Avenging Son. The figure steps out of darkness and attaches an ancient data crystal to the controls of the stasis field which blooms and then collapses. A brotherly hand reaches down and touches Guilliman. 'Well done brother. You killed the right head of the hydra.' Minutes later fingers, that haven't moved in millennia, reach to staunch the bloody flow of a woundless neck. Eyes light up with purpose and Roboute Guilliman finds the nearest vox. Though Calgar has never heard his fathers voice, his hands tremble as a fathomless mind directs and co-ordinates the defence before making haste to his sons side.

Orks, unsettled by the increased warp activity, create even larger warbands, the likes of which have not been seen since Ullanor and spread through out the galaxy and craft a new empire of worlds. They let out deep and beastial roars that form in concert with each other. The voices of Gods, of Gork and Mork. What the Orks believe shall come true, and 2 giants are birthed into existence as the fabric of reality is completely rewritten. 

The Salamanders find the final relic of Vulkan and establish the location of their father.

A fleet of Iron Warrior vessels break from the chaos invasion and head to Mars as Perturabo envisages launching the Bane of Toll on another, more significant Forge World. As he breaks into orbit he unleashes a devastating attack on the planets defence forces. Crippling much of Mars' might. A Despoiler class battleship with a massive regal fist emblazoned on it leads a counter-assault from the depths of the Sol System. The Daemon Primarch smiles as Boarding torpedoes hurl across space, into the Iron Warrior vessels. A reckoning will be had for ancient pains. A vile treacherous beast will meet Imperial and righteous fury. The Sword of Sacrifice has returned with the Praetor of Terra.

The Vengeful Spirit anchors above Terra, lowers it's shields and waits for the Blood Angels. Commander Dante fights like an angel through the ever-changing corridors of the once beautiful ship. He comes at length to the bridge. He feels the soul trapped there. His father. 'This is where it happened. Isn't it?' He screams at the face of a traitor, before launching a furious assault on the Warmaster. Though a veteran of the Great Crusade, Heresy, Scouring and the Millennia of battles in between The Despoiler is eventually beaten by a mortally wounded son of Baal. As the final blow is landed the bridge is overrun by Black Legionnaires and Blood Angels, both retrieving their commanders. The Gods intervene and the whole ship is sucked back into the Warp.

Daemon Primarch Mortarion finds Kaldor Draigo in the Warp and defeats the Grey Knight in combat. He engraves his name over every inch of Kaldors flesh, muscle and hearts. The pain itself being enough cause his life to give out. 

The Necron dynasties unify into the Empire of old and begin taking planet after planet of the Imperium back for their old Gods. With the Emperor gone something stirs beneath Mars. The C'tan shards start reforming and gaining power rebirthing the Gods of Stars one by one.

On Armageddon lightning fires across the blackened skies illuminating the planet in mocking daylight. Angron pauses to look at the sky. A lone fork of energy batters the ground and a Golden Armoured hero walks out. Since ascending none, not even one of his brothers, could consider being the better of a transfigured Angron. He roars at the new interloper who just walks towards him. Raw and powerful energy flickers off of the hero. None could best Angron, except a father, a God who knows his real name. The Emperor effortlessly bests his son and condemns him back to the warp, not bringing himself to destroy the pitiful soul. 

The forces of the Imperium rally and staunch the flow from the warp rifts. The Eldar, even fewer in number launch into the Eye of terror, minds set on rebirth. 

On Terra, Lorgar sits on the Golden Throne, a purpose at last in his tortured soul. The Gods still whisper, but now they fall on deafened ears. 

Tell me what you think below :)

Khall Sithis

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this week. 

Drake Seta

Drake has been continuing with his Triaros Transport. He is gutted he won't be the first person to finish it as he hoped (that FW Matt Kane!!!), but is pleased with how it is going. 

Little Bunny is earning some extra pocket money making some Ork buildings for the Karrus Campaign. Drake is paying her £10 per building and so far they look worth it. 

Khall Sithis

Khall has been working on a Thanatar. It has been a fun diversion for him. He will be back on his ECs from tomorrow.

Targel Vypus

I have been working on too many shoulder pads that I've lost count. The Word Bearers shoulder pads are pretty amazing in my opinion, but they do take quite a while to get through. I have also purchased 20 assault marines to help give me more options for my Word Bearers, so I'll be starting on these very soon.

Darko Thane

Darko has been putting work into his rampagers, he has only a short amount of work to do, just some trim and the jump packs to go. He will then commence on a new character or some jet bikes, he hasnt decided yet. See a post when this is all complete.

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. We will also have a new poll soon, so don't forget to cast your vote.

Take care

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mechanicum Triaros WIP

Another day another project started. 

Khall has recently got a Thanatar and has found it difficult to get motivated to do it; "sigh. If you trim it and undercoat it I will finish it for Saturday's battle."

So I set to it and got it done. So he has been working on that big beauty. 
I however loved the Triaros since the first moment I saw it. Great model; very steampunk and quirky. It weighs a ton,
so having had the opportunity to get one pre-release at the European Openday (the only thing I bought apart from an Iron

Warrior T-shirt) I have decided to knock it out before my other projects. 

I to this day have not seen one painted so am hitting it with fresh eyes. 

I have decided to start on the tracks as I only had 3 hours tonight. 

I have only got to early stages and pre-washes so far, but I am happy how it is turning out. The door is screaming for Mechanicum transfers!

Next to my Krios. 

Not sure about the top yet but I am leaning towards full brass. 

Stay tuned. 

Drake Seta

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Legion on Parade: Leroy's Iron Hands

For your viewing pleasure I present Leroy "the Sonic"'s Pre Heresy Iron Hands. 

The Legion

An Iron Father, and very nice conversion. 
Breacher Siege squad

Mortis Contemptor. Great chipping on the armour plates. 

Master of the Forge. Very well painted conversion Beamer. 

Legion Tactical Squad. 

A very well painted Sicaran. Really effective mud effect. How was this achieved?

If you want your Legion featured: follow the link on the left of the screen. 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Follow Up Post - Great Crusade, What Can We Use?

Hello Bunnies!

Khall here, back from an awesome weekend in Amsterdam! Last week I asked the question 'What can be used in the Great Crusade?' We had a flattering amount of responses, all with different opinions and understandings! Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and contribute. I spoke to Alan Bligh about this and he gave me a very thorough explanation. I have provided some of this information below. 

First of all let's look at the GC briefly:
It lasted 200 years.
It started with the uniting of Segmentum Solar and then expanded outward - HOWEVER - this didn't happen evenly. Many different worlds were ignored when originally discovered, to be returned to at a later date. Some of the reasons for this were - not a priority target, not enough resources and also not having the technology!
The Great Crusade - as with all wars - funded the advancement of technology and as such, the reason why we have now got phenomenal gear in the closing phases of the Great Crusade.

So I asked Alan Bligh about this and he said to picture the Last third of the Great Crusade having all of the new technologies as they came into fruition for 'tough-to-crack nuts'. Also that Primarchs who commissioned individual machines, would have access to them before other legions. I asked him for a date and he said that in limited numbers it would all be available from M30 950 onwards. Great news! Anyone who has met Alan Bligh will know that he is very passionate about his work and I find myself grinning vacantly towards him at times. He is incredibly intelligent. I would like to thank Alan Bligh for taking the time to discuss it all with me :)

So, here is our updated list of availability, items we will allow the use of in our Great Crusade campaigns (which we will now start in 950):

Terminator Armour
Storm Eagle
Fire Raptor
Land Raider Achilles/Achilles Alpha
Scorpius Whirlwind

The only one we will not allow is the Venator as it clearly states the first battles of the Horus Heresy. 

So what do you all think about that?

Khall Sithis

Saturday, 6 September 2014

In the mood for Knights

I love Knights, and luckily it looks like there are still a lot to come from Forge World. 

Horus Heresy Conquest Preview unveils a new Legion / force.

Alan Bligh smiles and says nothing. 

What do you think. It clearly is a Loyalist with its lightning bolts for the Great Crusade. He is hunting or Avenging people as per the names on his right gauntlet. 

My immediate theory is, they are black because they are in mourning. We know the Emperor possibly came to some agreement with the Chaos gods to help his Primarch project. He must have tried it before he gave up and got the Chaos gods to help. 
Maybe the first Primarch died / could not be awoken. He would have tested the Gene templates before he decided to start building the Legions. Maybe these are first-ed Astartes? Could this be the first image we have of Legion 0?

Black with Blue eyes is Iron Hands. But there is no other motifs that back this up. Nor is there a silver gauntlet. I would also by the same reasoning say it might not be Raven Guard as they have red eyes. 
It could be the paint was stripped off the suit and it was a Iron Hand. The armour is battered and damaged so could be a Legionnaire from Isstvan. The Iron Hands lost their Primarch, but I don't think it would turn a whole host to change their iconography etc. 

Drake Seta

VORAX Battle Automata!!!

We are here at the Openday and the Mechanicum have once again got a sexy new unit! To be released soon and from Extermination the Vorax battle Automata

Getting 3!!