Saturday, 16 February 2019

Hector Cephas - Warhound Titan build progress

Hi all,

I've been a busy bunny over the past week or so since my last post. As you can see below I've built and magnetised all of my warhound titans. I used a similar approach to how I batch built my reavers and it really helped - I still maintain that the box I bought is possible one of my best hobby investments as it's cheap and really has revolutionised my building process so I build everything at the same time so I can plan different poses for the models at the same time and so on.

In terms of magnetising the models, I magnetised the elbow joints of the arms by cutting the ball joint off and gluing a 5x1mm magnet on the resulting flat end of the arm - there is a nice recess in arm immediately above the ball which you can use as a guide line for the cut which was incredibly handy. The weapons ball sockets have a nice little ledge inside where another 5x1mm magnet can sit so it makes it easy to glue in place despite the spherical socket.

I also magnetised the model at the waist. The waist can fit 2 5x1mm magnets inside so you can glue one in there and then a second on the torso - the trick here is to glue the magnet dead centre in the torso recess and it should slot into the gap in the waist to connect with the first magnet. Just don't forget your lolly pop st- I mean magnet guide!

I'm really looking forward to getting these painted up - I think as I've magnetised the waist and the weapons I should be able to get at all the details on these models.

Until next time!


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Primus Medicae Work in Progress

Hi all

It’s nice to get back to a 28mm model again, and a Horus Heresy one at that. 

I decided one evening this week to look at wrapping up my Death Guard Legion between AT and Titan projects. So I excitedly decided to start with a character, as it had been a while since I did any Legionnaires. 
This model I am a big fan of, and I believe the heavy armour and padded garment (what’s it called people?!) really screams Death Guard. 

The armour is nice and bespoke. I especially like the power cells on top.

Standard base colours down. 

White blended up with white scar and Lahmian medium. 

I put a lot of effort into the blood bags. The surrounds are meant to be clear and so with son careful shading I added the colour beneath to the surrounding edge to give that impression. 

Love a bit of Verdigris!!

All that’s left now is to ship the armour, add transfers (which I have misplaced!!), weather with some soiling and blood, then base the mini!

Drake Seta

Monday, 11 February 2019

Horus Heresy FAQ


The momentum continues to build back to 30k! After the Horus Heresy Weekender in which we saw loads of great new models released and preview. Today we have a huge update to the FAQ and Errata for the Age of Darkness.

At the time of writing the Community site didn't have the latest version up but a link was available via Forgeworld on FaceBook.

Click here to go to it! 

There are many small updates around wording and clarification. I have listed a quick breakdown on some of the bits that I felt stood out.

Malcador Tank - no longer a super heavy, this is an interesting change but not something seen around all that much. Doubt this will change that.

Augary scanners - back to 18" for infiltrators and for reserves. This is great, full range inceptor seemed a tad to harsh for certain armies.

World Eaters - Angron got a very minor update, now has standard Feel no Pain. Gahlan Surlak has a clarification as well.

Ultramarines - small wording change relating to playing with Guilliman. Looks like you could potentially lose another VP if he dies due to 'Rigid Chain or Command'. Though lets face it he is hardly easy to kill!

Raven Guard - Mor Deythan gained Implacable Advance (become scoring). Cool change though they not sure how usual it really is.

Alpha Legion - Headhunters, they didn't get the points reduction I felt they needed but they did gain Implacable Advance and Preferred Enemy (infantry). Dedicated transports also no longer remove infiltrate. Not quite as much as I had hoped for but making them scoring helps. Preferred Enemy is ok if you don't use Alpharius otherwise a bit pointless. Not losing infiltrate when in a rhino could be handy for keeping these guys alive.

Mechanicum - Graviton Hammers have a profile update, I'm not very familiar with them so not sure what has changed.

Space Wolves - Clarification regarding how apothecaries work with Warriors Mettle.

Magnus the Red - He has a whole new profile listed. This is fantastic all the changes that were needed have now all been made and he is now what I expected him to be in the first place. The new Age of Darkness rule book removed Invisibility. This FAQ changes his negative to hit to a max 6+, this is still pretty annoying but at least he can be hit now! His super psychic powers are now an upgrade to his base profile and cost you 175 points more!! And to go along with this he has lost the ability to make them Destroyer attacks, and they only increase by a D6 in strength rather than 2D6.

Acastus Knight Porphyrion - new profile. Not sure whats changed as I wasn't familiar with the last one.

Special/named Dreads - check the list some can now take a Dreadnaught drop pod.

We also have some new Playtest rules for several units.

Rapiers - Quad launcher changes.

Moritat - This looks good - 6 shots for each pistol type weapon. With Melta and plasma roll separately as soon as you roll a 1 the shots for that gun stop. The 'Chain Fire Overheat' rule has been removed. So plasma Moritat's look a bit stronger.

Herald - gained Fearless and Implacable Advance. Plus they can now take Terminator armour. These look great now!

Praevian - Legion Inductees rule has changed each legion now give one specific bonus as apposed to the whole of the Legion Astartes rule.

Destroyers - these guys have benefitted hugely! Base points reduction, increase base attacks and hardened armour. Point reduction for extra bodies and upgrades. Jump packs now per model and not unit.

Palatine Blades, Phalanx Warder, Medusan Immortals and Ashen circle all have new profiles. It looks like point reductions across the upgrade sections for these. I'm sure these will all be welcomed as they aren't seen all that much!

Overall a great set of updates to the game. Magnus and the Destroyers are the highlights for me. I've seen Magnus arrive in a drop pod and knock out nearly 2000 points of stuff in one power so this update is very welcome for the community. I've always liked the look of destroyers but they have always been over costed for the rules, now they look great.

All this excitement around 30k has started to get Bunnies refocused on the Horus Heresy so look for more content coming up soon!

Whats your favourite change from this update?


Saturday, 9 February 2019

Hector Cephas - Adeptus Titanicus update

Hi everybody,

Looks like I've dropped out of range of the Bunnies auspex for a while again. I had a longer break away from the hobby than expected but I'm back!

Despite the break, I've made a few decisions about how I'm approaching Adeptus Titanicus - mainly, I'm not going to be doing Ignatum as my first legio, I'm going to do Defensor instead - when the Warhammer Community did some of the previews for Titandeath, I fell in love with the Nova Guard colour scheme, great contrasts so I decided to jump ship! My second legio on the other hand I'm no closer to deciding upon - I need it to be a traitor legio but I really can't make up mind, completely open to suggestions!

Over the next few weeks, I'll share my progress building and painting my titans. I built and primed my 5 Warlords, 6 Reavers and 18 Questoris Knights before my break and I have 2 Melta Reavers, 8 Warhounds, 6 Cerastus Lancers and 4 Warlord Plasma upgrade sprues to build and prime and then I can start painting it all in anger!

How's everyone progressing with their projects at the moment? Also, any suggestions on traitor legios?

Until next time!


Friday, 8 February 2019

Codex Genestealer Cult review


We have managed to get our mitts on the new Codex Genestealer Cults for review. 

Genestealer Cults are possibly what I consider the best looking army in its totality, in the Warhammer 40K Game System currently. The new releases have perfectly filled in and expanded the existing range to a fantastic level. 

The new Codex shares some new information on lesser Cults such as the black and yellow Sons of Jormungandr who are subverting the Thalassi sector and the Behemoid Undercult who ritually Scar their faces, in reverence of Old One Eye. 

Learning about new Chapters/Regiments and Cults are one of the best things about new Codex. 


This new unit acts as a bodyguard for Cult Characters. They are described quite impressively. They have the Quicksilver Dodge special rule (5+) and always fights first in the fight phase even if it did not charge. That’s pretty cool. 

Achilles Ridgerunners

This vehicle is my favourite item from the new range. It looks absolutely fantastic. I hope we see rules for it ported to Necromunda eventually as it is described as a vehicle employed by Geological Surveyors and Mining Guilds. The Heavy mining laser which it sports is especially nasty. 

It has a Flare Launcher too, which means it pretty much gets a 6+ invulnerable save against every wound that is lost. 

There are some great art pages which you expect to see in the Codex. I do love a cult tide. 

Once again, a great Codex from Games Workshop. The Genestealer Cults look amazing. 

Abbadon the Despoiler returns!

A great teaser video has just gone up. 

“I used to be a Custode” sword. 

Trampled into the ground. 

The Talon looks very good. 

Just as imposing as it once was. 

Armour detail looks great too. 

Monday, 4 February 2019

Kaelo’s first Warhound

Hi all. 

A fair old time ago, a reader gave the blog 3 Titans (2 Warhounds and an Eldar Phantom Titan). As you can imagine, that was one incredible gift. A Warhound went to me, another went to Kaelo and the Phantom went to Darien. 

I have finally finished Mortarion (which will appear in White Dwarf in a few months time, then at WarhammerFest), so I have started Kaelo’s Warhound for him (we make tons of deals over time, and one part was to assemble and paint his Warhound and Warbringer). 

So 6 hour is the Warhound is here:

As this is the 3rd Warhound I have assembled, it seemed to go together faster than the previous 2 I have painted for Mortis. 

There will be a fair bit of focus on Titans over the next few months, before I get back to some Pre-Heresy Death Guard and Vlka Fenryka. 


Thursday, 31 January 2019

Daemon Primarch Mortarion Progress 31/01/2019

So today is my last day on Morty. 

This is where he is at pre Robe-Fire, basing and weathering. I will be shipping him off to Warhammer World tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Community Focus - Battleground Gaming

Hello everyone

Something a bit different today as I wanted to share more of a community experience than progress of a project. First up - I spend too much of my income on the hobby. Far more than my better half believes lol. I have used many different brick and mortar, websites and visited a large amount of GWs own stores. Some of the web stores no longer exist, run into the ground by their owners. Some have had awful customer service and I have had no end of communication with their staff telling me delivery would be another month (surprisingly this is from one of the bigger and well known online shops) others have good discount but take ages to deliver. I am always happy to give new places a try.

Enter Battleground Gaming. This fairly new company popped onto my radar while I was on Facebook one day, so naturally I made a note to give them my next order. I made my order quite late on a Sunday evening. So late that I in fact made a mistake with my order (ordered Delaque instead of Van Saar - first world problems eh?). So, I immediately popped on to Facebook to see if I could drop them a message as I hate email. I received a message back within 5 minutes from the staff at Battleground, saying that it was no problem they would make sure the correct gang was sent out for me. 

The next morning, 8am, I get a message saying that my package is in read that right! The next day!! That is Amazon levels of speed! Not only did they send it next day but I received it the day after that!! It even came with a pack of Haribo that I could munch on while planning what to tackle first!!

So let me get this straight:
1. Solid discount!
2. Excellent customer service!!
3. Super fast delivery!!!

Not only that but a loyalty scheme too! I have messaged the owner a fair bit since I made the order - he is probably bored of me by now lol - and I just felt the need to support and promote this excellent business. I hope that you will all do the same as it is always amazing to help the community and hard working companies with it. 

Stay fluffy!


Monday, 28 January 2019

Sanguinius revealed

Hi all. 

Warhammer Community have just dropped Sanguinius. Let’s have a look!

A striking action pose. It is a detailed sculpt, so I am a big fan already.