Friday, 2 December 2016

Hector Cephas - Non-legion projects

Hi everyone,

Much like Castiel, I'm going to write about some projects that are in progress and what is to come in 2017.  For this post, I will cover some of my non-legion projects for Horus Heresy - my Imperial Fists deserve their own post!

Legio Custodes (Talons of the Emperor)

As you are probably all aware, I have got my hands on a few Custodes sprues and have built 20 of them all in all. My plan for this army is pretty simple - build an allied detachment of Custodes to play alongside my Imperial Fists for the Siege of Terra (hence needing about 20 as opposed to just a one sprue of 5 for a small warband attached to the legion for whatever reason).

I plan to have these painted up by the end of January so this will be the first project I'll be taking on next year. I do not intend to expand any further on this army as it is only really intended to be a small force.

Questoris Knights

Ever since the plastic knights were released for 40k, I've wanted a knight household army - I just love the different backgrounds behind the different houses. I have some already, just haven't done anything with them yet - I even have a Knight Castigator! I hope to at the very least make a start on these mid to late 2017.


This is very much an on-going project - I have plenty of buildings and fortifications that are unfinished, a realm of battle board that is base coated and plenty of spares and cool ideas for more stuff for my board. I've got most of the chassis of a Baneblade, I wonder what I could do with that... and a land speeder, it would look cool if I had a crashed one on the board... etc etc.

All in all, plenty to work with and a lot for you all to look forward to during 2017.

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Castiel Druas; Review of 2016 and 2017 preview the Dark Angels

Good evening all

This a quick look at my Dark Angels progress so far and what i hope to achieve in 2017.

2016 started really well for me hobby wise as over the first few months i managed to complete most of my current force. Since the spring real life has made a big dent in my hobby time and progress has been somewhat on the slow side.

Having only got back into the hobby towards the end of 2015 I am really happy with where I am at with the 1st legion. My force is basic and a good start until they release some legion specific units to make up the rest of my army.

Castiels Dark Angels so far.

Chapter master Castiel Druas
Legion Praetor Elegeir Calcus
5 x cataphractii terminators
1 x contemptor dreadnought
20 x tactical marines
15 x tactical support marines
10 x heavy support marines
10 x despoilers

Looking ahead to next year I have 3 predator tanks to finish which i have been working on for far too long and a storm eagle waiting to be painted. After these are complete I will be putting the Dark Angels on the shelf until they get some unique units and the lion as I have another project to get started on but more on that later this month.

I have really enjoyed my first full year as a Battle Bunny and sharing my progress with you all and I hope 2017 will be even better.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Aveinus Kaane's 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm back to share a post which is admittedly similar to dariens idea on a look back at what I've achieved over 2016. I was originally going to have a look ahead into 2017 as well, however, I think the group will each be sharing their plans for 2017 with you in December!

So lets crack on!

Now it has been a slightly mixed bag of a year for me in the world of 30K I do think I have still managed to achieve a fair amount of completed units for the Iron Hands which really was my main objective from the start of the year. Although work and other life commitments have hampered a lot of progress, I have to say GW beginning bloody brilliant this year has also enticed me into other areas of the hobby like Age of Sigmar and Bloodbowl.

So without further ado, the first unit i'd like to start with is the contemptor dreadnought. it is probably my favourite 30K model i've completed this year because I actually managed to go a step further than my other models and apply a coat of the dreaded purity seal!

Next is the Plasma Gun Support Squad another really enjoyable unit to paint and really the first time I got to play with painting plasma. They've also been a fairly effective unit on the battlefield too! Taking down some nasty looking Ogryns in the last game I played!


Onto my most recently completed unit the Cataphractii Terminators. I must admit, they did feel like a chore at the time but now they are completed I'm really glad I persevered. The pteruges were the bane of my life but again one of my favourite parts of the hobby is seeing the model coming together in its final stages. Just some purity seal to apply in some better weather!


The first model I completed in 2016 was a chap called Castrman Orth and I have to say I think he is my favourite Iron Hands model (bar Ferrus) to use in battle. He has made a decisive impact in every game i've played, especially if he is in a predator tank that isn't the HCB predator! lol. The increased ballistic skill he brings and tank hunter are a boon to the Iron Hands and I really enjoyed painting him to boot!

One of the main things I regret this year is not completing the transfers on the predator tanks, I think I was a little intimidated by applying transfers to the turrets which made me move on to my next project! I'm also not sure if I have painted my second predator this year either without looking that far back in my posts, but I was really happy with how the HCB predator turned out.

I also completed Aveinus Kaane this year too! another Iron Hands character and my avatar on the battlefield. I am not usually one for enjoying converting or kit basing models but this one was an exception. A unique and dynamic pose was what I was going for and I think I managed to find the right bits to pull it off. Although I may rebase him at some point!

Finally I have also managed to take a big step forwards personally with managing to start applying transfers to my models. Particularly my tactical squads and characters, this seemed to take quite a large portion of time to learn and then implement but I was really happy with the results, again just some purity seal to finish them off!

Overall not a bad year for the Iron Hands, I think I have them at a point now where I can comfortably game with them and add to them gradually, I do also feel my painting has improved a lot since I started the legion and further still since I started with the blog, so I'll be looking to keep improving in my new endeavors!

So there we have it, unfortunately I am writing this quite late at night so not great pictures, but I am hoping to get a new phone in the new year for some improvement at least. I am still working on models and have completed others for other game systems which have also taken up a lot of painting time particularly over the last few months. However, I am looking to continue with and start with some new projects for 2017 but i'll reveal those in december!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Blog Update and Weekly Progress Report

Hello everybody

I hope that you are well and that the God of projects is smiling on your table.

Today I wanted to give you all a Battle Bunny update before the WPR. There have been a lot of discussions behind the scenes regarding the future direction of the blog recently and I thought it would be cool to have a look at it here. 

Unfortunately we have been unable to adhere to our Christmas project this year. Last year we brought you legion baubles and a Thunderhawk made from gingerbread. We had an epic idea for this year and we are all sad we won't be able to complete year though eh? So over the Xmas period I will be asking the Bunnies to do a post about a review of the year and also of what they would like to achieve next year. 

We are all looking at different internal group projects that will cover main conflicts (and some made up) from the Great Crusade AND Heresy.

One thing that we promised over the last year, which never materialised, was Xenos projects. This is mainly down to real life issues and a lack of any one direction. Next year will be very different as the blog is looking at funding a 3D designer to help us hopefully flesh out a range of models that can be used in Great Crusade, while we create fan Codexs that we can use for our campaigns. We will be looking into this more in the next few months. Drake has had a superb idea around a Murder campaign that I think you are all going to love.

Tylar and King Fluff have left the group this week and we would like to thank them for their contribution over the last year. This leaves the Battle Bunnies with 8 authors and we have a potential couple more joining so we will be continuing our spread of hobby goodness for you all and will continue to bring you all the news and gossips from future events. Expect to see more videos and previews over the next 12 months too as we improve our quality and methods of delivery.

I am tremendously excited to see what will come over the next year and the direction I now see us taking. We are fundamentally a Great Crusade and Heresy gaming blog and we are all now driven to deliver on that promise. 

So here is this week's WPR:

Atia used this week to paint the Changeling of Tzeentch. Next on the painting table are some cultists!

Hector just about got his Custodes primed but unfortunately he wasn't able to follow up with basing it with GWs retributor spray due to the weather. He is hoping to get this done before moving onto a non-Horus Heresy related project.

Aveinus has been taking a break from 30k, but has still been spending a lot of time painting some Ironjawz for an upcoming Aos event. Once finished he'll be back to 30k but keep an eye out for his next post where he will be showing you what new 30k project he'll be working on next!

Darien has been working on his Sylvaneth recently. He has completed a treelord and is putting the finishing touches on 20 Dryads and a branchwych.

Drake, Spectre and Castiel have had real life commitments and been unable to complete any projects. I have just moved home and I now have my own space to work through projects unmolested lol. 

Thanks for reading, see you all soon 🙂 stay fluffy.


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Horus Heresy Word Bearers: The Architect and the Beast

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I want to share two of my recently finished models for my Word Bearers - Erebus and the Mhara Gal Dreadnought, in case you haven't seen them yet, aswell as my almost finished changeling!

First Chaplain Erebus

Architect of the Heresy

It is unknown when exactly Erebus turned to the worship of the Dark Gods, though it may have happened when the Word Bearers joined with the Luna Wolves to pacify the world of Davin mid-way through the Great Crusade. In any event, when his Primarch Lorgar grew angry with his father the Emperor after he was chastised on the world of Khur for trying to spread worship of the Emperor of Mankind as a divinity across the galaxy, Erebus explained to his master that there were other entities in the universe that were more than willing to accept his worship and the worship of other humans. Several years before the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, Lorgar and Erebus had fully corrupted the Word Bearers to the service of Chaos, even going so far as to erect temples to the Dark Gods on every world they brought into Imperial Compliance. Before long, the Ruinous Powers sought to act through Erebus to set their plan in motion to destroy the Imperium of Man and the greatest champion of Order in the galaxy--the Emperor of Mankind.

Note: Mastercrafted artificer armour, based upon Maximus pattern, freshly repainted with the red of betrayal.

Garavax, the Beast

Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought

First encountered during the Battle of Ithraca amidst the catastrophe on Calth, the twisted form of the Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought is terrifying in both its aspect and its unearthly power. The first Mhara Gal is believed to have been created from the barely living remains of a Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren and a battle-shattered Contemptor Dreadnought chassis, both recovered from the blood-soaked ground of Isstvan V. Fused together by unholy practices, they were then corrupted by a warp-borne power, giving birth to a new monstrosity – a living engine of war and hatred.

The Word Bearers Mhara Gal Tainted Dreadnought is a fearsome opponent in battle. Wielding a warpfire plasma cannon and tainted power claw, it is formidable both at range and in close combat, its blows slicing through armour and energy fields alike. Its warp-twisted reactor and the daemonic powers gifted to it by dark forces make it all the more deadly, even breaking the bonds of reality around the Mhara Gal to allow it to walk through obstacles as if they were not there at all.

Last but not least, The Changeling - he should be finished tomorrow (only the base to do) - hope you like him so far:

That's enough from me for now - thanks for reading, and stay fluffy :)

Lady Atia

Friday, 25 November 2016

Forge World new releases: Custodes Grav Tank

Hi guys, lets see what goodies Forge World are releasing this week!

The headline item this week is the Caladius Grav Tank for the Legiones Custodes:
This is retailing at £85 and is a beautiful kit. You can also get this new kit with a squad of Legiones Custodes for £120 - a surprising move considering that you can't get the Prospero squads as separate kits yet but it also tells us that they will retail for £35 per squad of 5, not bad at all compared to the Calth plastics!
In addition to the grav tank, we also have the following legion upgrade kits:
All of the kits (apart from the plastic Custodes) were available at the 40k open day at the start of the month so are a welcome release for anyone who missed out then.

What do you guys think of this weeks releases?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Weekly Progress Report

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Another week is over! This one was quite slow for us due to real life issues, let's take a look:

Hector has assembled his Custodes and will hopefully get them primed and based this coming week (weather permitting).

No progress from King Fluff this week as he was placed under the care of the Medicae following an attempt to sacrifice his finger to Khorne. (For your own sake, no picture here!)

Aveinus has had little 30k hobby time this week but he did spend a day off on Monday completing the cataphractii terminators which you can see more in detail in a post earlier on in the week! Aos is currently the main hobby focus with a tournament coming up but his next post will be stealing Darius' idea for a look at What I've achieved over the course of this year and what I'm planning for 2017!

No 30k progress from Kaelo and Darien this week - I heard they engaged in battles deep within a part of the warp called "Mortal Realms", and will be back soon.

Drake has been incredibly busy with work and has spent all waking hours bar 7 on his work this week. He desperately wants to finish Russ now.

I used this week to paint the Architect of the Heresy himself - Erebus, first Chaplain of the Word Bearers, also known as "The Archpig":

I also want to say - I really need to get my hands on some of the upcoming Thousand Sons stuff - Tzaangors will work great as allied Leevy units for the Siege of Terra, and these Scarab Occult Terminators will look ace in red and gold ....

Spectre and Castiel were also busy this week.

That's all from us for now - hope you like what we achieved, and feel free to share your weekly progress with us in the comments below :)

Lady Atia

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Fliers in 30k

Good evening to you all!

I trust everyone is having a fruitful and hobby filled weekend?

Personally, I have been thinking a lot about fliers and how well they work in 30k games. I have personally yet to use one in a game and have only faces Lightning strike fighters and Xiphon interceptors. Having an infantry heavy Raven Guard army, I have been able to simply ignore them as pests, as I don't really use tanks and they have seemed to have little effect against my troops in the games so far.

I do however, think that they look really cool and so have decided to pick myself up a Fire Raptor and a Xiphon. I'd like to think that the Xiphon would come in handy for.... well... intercepting enemy aircraft (shock horror), but they are also hopefully good against enemy armour too. Whereas I'm hoping my Fire Raptor will prove useful against light armour and infantry.

I may have got a little bit keen and started work on my Fire Raptor and I am pleased to say, it is almost done.

Here it is, zooming over the battlefield in search of some traitor scum!

What are your thoughts on fliers, guys? Please comment with how useful you think they are and how you use them. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Strike from the shadows.


Black Library Live - Horus Heresy news

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today was the Black Library Live event - and Kaelo was there. He got some cool informations regarding the Horus Heresy to share with us:

David Annandale is writing a book called Ruin Storm. This follows Angels of Caliban and it's about the three Primarchs trying to get back to Terra.

Nick Kyme is writing a book called
Old Earth. This is the next part of Vulkan's story where he is going to Terra because he has to do something very important that only he can do because of his unique skills. Old earth will also close a door on an Iron Hands story.

John French is doing one called
Dark Compliance. This follows the audio Warmaster where Horus conquers a world so he is able to conquer more in the future. It's goes into detail in how he wants to rebuild the Imperium and his thought process. However something happens which means that even if Horus won, he wouldn't be able to rule.

Guy Hayley is doing the Perturabo origin story which will include some bits of him during the Great Crusade against Hrud getting their arse kicked (Editors Note: HRUD?! HRUD! Awesome!). Also, apparently Horus had to deceive him so he would join him as well ...

Gav Thorpe is doing one called
Lorgar Bearer of the Word. This is an origin story of Lorgar about Kor Phaeron finding him. Apparently he was like an abusive father but it shows how that changed when Lorgar grew up.

Apparently the guy who dies in the Dorn book is definitively dead.

Also, we will know early next year how many books in total they are doing!

They said they know exactly what are the remaining books, and there are only 3 more that need to be done before we reach Terra.

Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. What book are you anticipating the most? What stories do you want to get told before we reach Terra? Write us in the comments below!

Kaelo Rylanus and Lady Atia

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Community question: Replica Heresy Bolter and Helmets

Hi to the community

As many of you may know; I just recently moved into my new home. I am fortunate enough to have a large garage which will slowly be turned into a large gaming room over the next year. 
I want this room to feel like the perfect 30k gaming room, decorations, art and all. 

One thing that I am keen to have mounted on the walls are Astartes scale replica Bolters and Bolt pistols, as well as a replica true scale Legionaire helmet of the MKIII and MKIV designs. So what I am asking is; does anyone out there know of any decent 3D renders etc of accurately designed helmets or bolters. Even shared plans on how to construct one of these items. 

I am keen on accuracy and how detailed the items can be made (to the true aesthetics of the FW/GW designs not poor imitations of them. 

If you could drop some links or recommendations below it would be appreciated. 

Drake Seta