Friday, 27 November 2015

New Releases: 27/11/2015: Legion of One. Garro arrives.

Hi all

Here is one of the Heresy's most Iconic characters made flesh! A character I love so much that my son shares his name. Nathaniel Garro. 

Now we were the first to show this character off at the FW Seminar at the 40K open day, and it is great to see him out so soon. I can envisage this chap coming with a high demand stamp shortly. 

So here you can see his Bolt Pistol, Scabbard and modified armour to accept his "Pig Iron" Bionic leg. 

The detail and sculpt is a great success in my opinion. 

Libertas looks fantastic too. 

Not an AP2 Paragon blade that I was expecting, but the edge of truth rule at first glance means each wound it causes is two, but actually it is still one but counts as two for leadership tests and combat resolution. 

The Paragon Bolter is great. In Flight of the Eisenstein he did have a Gold emblazoned Bolter which he lost in his battle against the Warsinger. 

The Aquila Imperator makes it so the safest place for him to be is in close combat!

Not the feel no pain I was expecting but pretty good!

A pretty good Alpha strike, but without a solid bodyguard it could be a bit of an unused rule in bigger games. 

The Oath of moment is a real gamble but a great fluffy one. I can imagine Protector and Hand of the Sigilite being used the most. 

Now you should be able to get this model from the 4th. I for one will be picking one up on the 5th from Warhammer World and turning him into a Death Guard Legion Captain for the VII Company for our Great Crusade campaigns. He is now my priority over all others projects. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Ferrus Manus WIP

Hello everyone,

I'm back with another work in progress post for Ferrus Manus! I decided to squeeze this post in after a few of you asked about how I painted Ferrus's arms. It was actually the most enjoyable part of the model I have painted so far as it was a bit of a step into the unknown for me. Unfortunately I have been quite focused on getting this model right so I couldn't break concentration to do a step by step painting guide, but I will talk you through how I painted his arms.

To start with I will just list the paints I used below:

- Chaos Black Spray
- Runefang Steel
- Nuln Oil Wash
- Guilliman Blue Glaze
- Rhinox Hide
- Rakarth Flesh
- Reikland Fleshshade

So this is the first picture although due to how shiny his arms are I couldn't get a brilliant shot. I began by applying the Runefang Steel on to the base coat of Chaos Black in multiple thin layers so no black was remaining on the lower parts of the arms.

I then used Rakarth Flesh in multiple thin layers over the black on the upper parts of his arms. I wanted to paint most of the arms silver so it would be the most eye catching part of the model, although I did leave enough skin so it is possible to see where the change occurs. It is at this point I also painted the straps on his gauntlets with Rhinox Hide.

I should also mention that where the Runefang Steel and Rakarth Flesh meet on the arms, I did not make the edges uniform. I did this so it is possible to see where the metal and skin are almost blending together. Next I washed the silver parts of the arm and the straps with a light wash of Nuln Oil. There should still however be enough wash applied so you can make out the arms muscle definition. I also applied a light wash of Reikland Fleshshade over the Rakarth Flesh.

It was important to ensure the two washes were very light around where the silver and skin meet. Next I applied a layer of Rakarth Flesh over the muscles of the upper arm leaving the Reikland Fleshshade in the recesses. I then used the Guilliman Blue Glaze as a light wash over the silver parts of the arms. I made sure I only applied it lightly around where the silver and skin meet so it enhances the blending effect where the two colours meet, again try not to make it too uniform so it looks quite natural.

The final steps were to highlight the silver part of the arm, over the fingers, hands and muscles to keep the arms from looking too blue. I was worried about applying too much of the glaze, but I do really love how it has came out. It should still look predominantly bright silver but with a blueish hue to it. 

I particularly like the blue because I think it makes the metal look alien and like its almost fighting with Ferrus's body to gradually creep up his arms turning his skin blue and then to silver. Obviously if you would prefer his arms to be more silver then just apply less glaze :).

So I hope you all like it! please feel free to ask any questions below. 

Thanks again for reading!

Aveinus Kaane

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Word Bearers - The Chapter of the Graven Star

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Sadly, not that much progress from me this week - I worked a bit on my daemons, but nothing spectacular. The good news is that my Forgeworld order arrived - with upgrade parts for my BaC models!

Looking at Forgeworld's awesome Word Bearers transfer sheet, I had to decide which chapter to choose for my line troopers - no worries, I plan to paint all of FW's special characters, so this doesn't restrict my choice.

My favourites were:
- The Unspeaking:
Already pretty chaotic at Calth, an army made for their upcoming Gal Vorbak Rite of War. They also used alot of Ashen Circle and Destroyers, were prominent at Calth and managed to escape.
- The Serrated Sun:
Who couldn't love them? Argel Tal was awesome, and their icon is pretty cool too - sadly they got devastated at Istvaan, which makes them unusable for the later part of the Heresy .... *sighs* - Sorry ADB :<
- The Graven Star:
Void Battles, Boarding Specialists, lots of tanks - I love that! On top of that: It's the chapter of M'kar ... who doesn't want to field him (or better, who doesn't want to see him die - again, and again!).

With the help of my fellow Bunnies, fraters from B&C and my honey (thanks everyone who helped me with this!), I chose the Graven Star as my chapter - it really fits with what I want - Zone Mortalis and tanks! So, let's take a deeper look at them ...

Chapter of the Graven Star 

The Chapter of the Graven Star is recorded as operating in strength at the Betrayal at Calth, and it was noted that his chapter had made a speciality of boarding actions and gunship-carried assaults, which may have been a tactical expediency of Lorgar's battle plan. 

Of all the chapters of the Word Bearers Legion, the Graven Star was known to field the highest number of armoured units. Aggressive use of these had led the chapter to many victories in the Great Crusade, for which it also acquired a reputation for ruthless efficiency on the attack, and bloody-minded stubborness in defence.  

They were known to have largely retreated from the planet's surface during the final hours of the war, and would go on to further infamy in the Shadow Crusade ...

Things to come

Last but not least, I want to give you a little look at things to come - the Architects of the Heresy have arrived - and so has Samus ...

Lady Atia

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Sons of Horus Justaerin Painting Guide Part 2

Hello all!

Welcome to part 2 of the Justaerin painting guide. If you missed part one you can catch up here.

Step 8: Highlight the gold with Runelord Brass. I applied this to the top edges and rivets only. I also added some to the top of the 'ball' on the axe and the ammo hoppers under the gun.

Step 9: Highlight the silvers with Runefang Steel. Lightly added the top of all the silvers. I made sure to only get paint on the raised areas of the cables to keep the Leadbelcher and wash showing in the gaps. 

Step 10: Highlight the cutting edges on the axe with Runefang steel. Applied only to the front and back cutting edges in a striking manor to give it a used look. I also added thin highlights to edges of the axe. 

Step 11: Highlight the red with Mephiston Red. Added to the edges of the red leather and the thinly to the edge of the shoulder pad. I picked out the rivets on the red shoulder pad as well. The insides of the Eye of Horus on the belt and shoulder were repainted in Mephiston leaving the wash showing around the edges. 

Step 12: Add Evil Suns Scarlet to the Eye of Horus on the belt and shoulder. Make sure you leave the Mephiston showing around the edges, you want to build up small triangles of colour. 

Step 13: Add Troll Slayer Orange in the same manor as step 12.  You should leave the Mephiston and Evil Suns Scarlett showing. 

Step 14: The finishing step is to make the black shine! I applied a 50/50 mix of Lahmian Medium and 'Ardcoat to all armour areas. This included all the golds and silvers. I did not add it to the leather, gun or axe. I have not decided if I should apply it to the gun or axe, your thoughts on this would be appreciated! The picture below is just after I applied the mix. 

Step 15: Leave to dry overnight!
Step 16: Enjoy your finished model! 

I will be adding weathering once I have all 30 Justaerin painted up to this point and I will complete the base at the same time. I haven't decided what style base to do yet and this will affect some of the weather that I will do. Originally I had planned to do a city fight style but not sure if this will be to dark. Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions on what they think will compliment the paint scheme? Once I have completed these bits I will add a further guide for weathering and basing!


Monday, 23 November 2015

Thinking Outside the Box

So for my return post I decided to do something a little different. 
When we talk about 'thinking outside of the box' as gamers a lot of the time this relates to either tactics or army lists. 
Today I'm looking at the modelling side of this phrase. 
So rather than just being 'outside of the box' sub in for box, clam shell, or packet. 

What is Tylar rattling on about....simply put conversions, re-poses, and kit bashing. 
Today I decided to get over my Warp Fatigue by taking the new plastic Contemptor and showing you all what can be done. 
I have heard so many people moaning about the plastic Contemptor. 
It's not posable, why isn't it a kit....wah wah wah....
I'm pretty sick of it to be fair. 
3 years ago most would have fallen over themselves for a plastic Contemptor. 
Now we have one, it's not good enough.  
I beg to differ..
And I'm going to show you why. 

Now in fairness I have been doing this for the best part of 27 years and I've had plenty of failures along the way. Confidence in your own abilities and the will to take your modelling up a notch maybe the difference in an OK model and one that people go, 'Wow how did he do that?'

Here I'll show you a step by of how I re-posed, added to, and 'converted' my plastic Contemptor by 'Thinking Outside of The Box'. 
Rather than a full commentary I'll post up the pics and if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

So he we go...

The first cut is the deepest....
The kit broken down and the tools I used. 

Kheres cut ready for repose. 

The multi-melta in the same phase. Now at this point I decided to go with this as the main weapon. 

Built ready for repose. 

Legs cut away from the main body. 

From above. 

Body prepped. Now at this point I must say fit and glue to two side parts first this makes the body sturdy and allows the front to fit easier. 

 Now at this point you can stop. You're all good. However if you're like me that's just not enough. So.....

Before I glued the front with his head!

You'll need to carve out the back of the head section to allow some rotation. 

Normally I would have spent the extra time with some green stuff but I wanted to prove anyone can do this so I glued in a piece of sprue I cut off. This will help hide the extra gap when the main body piece is on. 

Like so. 

To secure the torso and legs I used a small piece of plastic tubing. 

This helped secure the torso and allowed the right rotation for the pose I was after. 

Starting to look good :)

The bits that make it stand out from the rest. Admittedly not everyone will have access to these kinds of extra parts. But what you can't necessarily achieve with these you can make up for with transfers or painting skills. 

The parts I chose are from a variety of places. I have a push mold green stuff unification eagle, a flattened banner from the Imperial Fist Templar brethren, this tie with the story of he Contemptor being a former member of the brethren, and some parts from the Black Templars plastic upgrade kit. I also have used etched brass and one of the Cataphractii shields. 

Assembled at the end. The arms are just pinned for now ready for paint. 

And finally two shots with banner. 

Now as I said I've had some practice over the years. But I did all this today in 6 hours. 
If you have an hour or two free a night think what you can do with your plastic Contemptor. 
Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions below. 

- Tylar.

Edit/Adition - One thing I forgot to say is have an idea and if you can, have a story. That way it will add to the dynamic of your miniature. Like this Contemptor he represents a previous member of the Templar Brethren. The next will be a previous member of the Phallanx Wardens and an assault Veteran.
It will aid you when thinking of parts to add or symbols to incorporate. 

- Tylar.