Monday, 24 July 2017

Open War deck for 40k

Hey all,

I managed to get my hands on an Open War deck this week and I thought I'd do a bit of a review as while it's designed for 40k you could feasibly use this for 30k too which I will get to later.

The box is of the same quality as the tactical objectives deck: sturdy, resealable and matches up with the astetics of the rest of the new releases.

The box itself contains 5 decks and a small instruction sheet that covers how to make use of the decks. In short, there's a deployment deck, an objective deck and a twist deck that determine the core rules. In addition, there is a ruse deck and a sudden death deck that provide additional bonuses for underpowered armies.

There's 12 deployment maps all in all. Some you may be familiar with from the core rules, others from expansions like Stronghold Assault or Sentinels of Terra. I can see some being a pain to set up like the old diagonal deployments but ultimately worth it for a more varied experience of the game.

Objectives are like the eternal war objectives but more options are available (12 rather than 6). Most depend on objective markers being placed on the board, others are kill point based, and there are a couple others that are a bit different. It's worth noting that tactical objectives aren't really directly compatible with these as they are - I'd be tempted to house rule some of the objectives victory conditions to make them compatible.

Twist cards add an additional element to the core mission - for instance, global modifiers to shooting, units taking damage from debris falling on the battlefield or even additional objectives for the mission.

Sudden death bonuses are very much like the ones in 7th edition and only come into play if a player is using an army that has half the power rating of their opponent - complete one of these objectives to instantly win the game (grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat).

Ruse cards give you minor bonuses such as redeployment options - for example, ambush allows you to redeploy some of your units nearer to your opponent like as though they have the old infiltrate special rule. These are used in the more common event where one players power rating is slightly lower than their opponent.

For 30k, I'd definitely make use of the first three decks - ultimately the other two don't really work with points balanced armies in the Age of Darkness rule set. These could easily be used for a random pick-up game or could be used to develop a set of scenarios for a campaign.

What do you guys think? I'm looking forward to putting these to use in the future in both 40k and 30k.

Until next time.

Hector Cephas

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 23/07/2017

Hi all

This week I have painted my Webway base board (see a few days ago), and have also started work on our Group's Sagittarum Guard. 

Ikthelion carried on with his Havocs this week; the finished pictures will be up on Tuesday!

Darien has completed a couple of tests for the purple for his EC. He is going for a metallic purple, the wash needs work but he is pleased with the purple!

Ahmose almost succeeded in getting everything finished this week. He just needs to tidy up the silver highlights, glue them to the bases and get the transfers, weathering pigments and leaves on.  He's hoping to get them done tonight.

What have you been up to?

Drake Seta

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Forge World New Releases: 21/07/2017

That was a lovely quick turn around from preview to release. 

Look at that. It looks awesome. Even better when painted. So grim Dark. 

Stuart has done an awesome job and can't wait to see more Sisters of Silence models or vehicles from him. 

Also Holly has released the BA transfers. I love the gold trim ones (wishing she had done similar for the Vlka Fenryka too). 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Throne of Skulls - Assault on Angelus Minor

Hi all,

I thought I would take a break from talking about my Death Guard this week and focus my attention on the upcoming Throne of Skulls.

This will be the second gaming event I have attended, the first being earlier this year with Ikthelion at the Heresy Doubles.

I'm planning on taking my budding Thousand Sons force if it can get 2000 points assembled, painted and made ready for war in time.  Historically, my normal gaming opponents are Ikthelion and Darien, with very much an emphasis on fun, narrative gaming.

My force was originally focussed on an escalation style Zone Mortals campaign, so my available models are somewhat skewed towards this.  I've poured over the event pack and it's clear Warhammer World want the games to be fun and friendly as opposed to ultra competitive/win at all costs.  The realist in me though is a bit worried I'm going to get kerb stomped in every game by super competitive lists/titans - bringing back rather horrible memories of Prospero for my legionaries!

At the minute I am planning on taking the following 2k list running Pride of the Legion:


Arcane litanies, Artificer Armour, ML1, Plasma Pistol, Force Weapon, Refractor Field,


Veteran Squad
Veterans x 9
Asphyx Shells, ML 1, 2 x Heavy Bolters with suspensor web, Vexilla
Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Legion Tactical Support Squad
Troops x 4
Volkie Calivers, Extra close combat weapon
Volkite Caliver, Artificer Armour

Legion Tactical Support Squad
Troops x 4
Volkite Caliver, Extra close combat weapon
Volkite Caliver, Artificer Armour

Legion Terminator Squad
Troops x 4
ML1, Tartaros Armour,
2x Chain Fist
1 x Autocannon
2 x Lightning Claw
2 x Combi plasma
1x Combi plasma and power fist

Legion Terminator Squad
Troops x 4
ML 1, Tartaros Armour
2 x Chain Fist
1 x Plasma Blaster
1 x Combi Melta
2 x dual Lightning Claw.
1 x Combi Melta, 1 x Chain Fist.


Contemptor Dreadnought
2 x Volkite Culverin

Khenetai Blade Occult Cabal 
1 x Blademaster
9 x Blades

Heavy Support 

Whirlwind Scorpius

I know I'm severely lacking in anti-armour, so I could swap to my Death Guard if the general consensus is that I am going to be owned.  Having said that, I'm more interested in having a good laugh and meeting some like-minded fellow hobbyists.

As this is my first solo event what tips would you give me?

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Webway War: Painting the board

Hi all

In the near future myself and Darien will be slowly showing pics of our Legio Custodes group army. Before we do this I wanted a suitable board to show them on. I decided that as one of the first conflicts to start in the Horus Heresy was the Webway War, that I would try to create a board which represented the collected Visions version of the Webway.

 The exact shape and form of the Webway is not fully understood by the Eldar of the present day. Known by some as the Labyrinth Dimension, the Webway has been envisioned by mortal minds in myriad ways. Some describe it as a galactic tapestry of shimmering strands, others a maze of glowing tunnels, or the veins of some vast living entity. All such accounts fall short of the truth, for the Webway defies neat categorisation. It is an elegantly crafted realm located between realspace and the Warp, analogous to the surface of a still, dark pool, or a fine silk veil drawn across something foul.

And here is what I have done tonight;

Start with a piece of 2ft by 4ft white sided mdf. Cut some random shapes from card. 

Spray the curved edges with bursts of chaos Black. Then stagger the card in places to create connections and winding areas. Also when removed, spray along the line you have just created again to soften the edges. 

Ending up with something like this. 

Then spray pyroclast orange over areas like so. 

Then a green ink (I used coat d' arms ink wash green). Then a few areas of Eidolon purple. 

Then another quick burst of Chaos black over the entire board again. 

Then the fun part. Painting white lines:
Uni paint pen was best for speed, but sharpie was the best. 

I did a few spurts of white spray to soften certain areas. 

I then covered the board with Sigismund Yellow

And here is a Legio Custode on the board. 

And this is what I based it on. 

Not too disappointed with the results to be honest :)

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sisters of Silence: Acquisitor painted

Hi all

Many people have said they would like to see a painted pic of the Acquisitor craft that the Sisters of Silence will soon be sporting. Luckily I took a few pics of one painted at WarhammerFest recently. 

The front can be fitted with a Magnet enabling you to easily swap between the front vent being open or closed :)

I for one can't wait for this thing! It looks like a fun challenge to paint too. All Black but with shading, weathering and heat damage at the rear!

Drake Seta

Monday, 17 July 2017

Forge World Preview: The Sisters of Silence Kharon Pattern Acquisitor

Hi all

The Acquisitor is getting closer to release now!

I do like how different this vehicle looks. Sisters of Silence are not meant to be a "take on all comers" or "death to the Legions!" Style army. So this construct fits in very nicely and brings a fresh aesthetic to 30k

Psykers have nowhere to hide – the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is here in today’s sneak peek at an upcoming Forge World release. You won’t have to wait long now to add this sinister assault transport to the arsenal of your own Talons of the Emperor army.

Like the vehicles of the Adeptus Custodes, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a skimmer, albeit one of a more ominous and covert provenance. Aquiline motifs like the winged tailfin and the beak-like front of the vehicle tie the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor to the rest of the Talons of the Emperor, but it has a distinctively brutal silhouette, complemented by the iron-maiden style hatches on the sides of the vehicle. These are not for the Sisters of Silencebut for their unfortunate psychic quarry; the Sisters themselves disembark from the irising hatch at the skimmer’s fore, embellished with the icon of their shadowed order. It’s easy to imagine just how terrifying seeing one of these in the 31st Millennium would be, psyker or no!

In-game, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a versatile and powerful transport for Horus Heresy armies, either laying down a hail of fire with its weapons (you can see these at the front of the vehicle) or disrupting incoming fire with an array of cloaking technology (like the sensor pod running along the vehicle’s spine). Sisters of Silence units equipped with short ranged weaponry (like the flamer-wielding Seeker Cadre) or power weapons (like the Vigilators) are going to be harder than ever to escape when attacking out of one of these.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor soon – in the meantime, why not pick up a few Sisters of Silence for your Talons of the Emperor army, or check out their rules in The Horus Heresy Book VII: Inferno?

Love it or hate it, this craft will look awesome with a nice paint job and some weathering. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 16/07/2017

Hi all

Let's see what has been going on this week. 

Ikthelion has been working on his last Rhino and his Iron Havocs this week; only a few outstanding bits before all is Iron Warriors are painted!

Ahmose has realised he needs to get a wiggle on to get his army ready for the Throne of Skulls in August.  He's managed to sculpt some bases, assemble, prime and start work on four more Blade Cabal and a second terminator squad. He's hoping to get them all finished by next weekend. He's also started work on diversifying his HQ choices.

Darien has finished off the 15 custodes that he has been working on for the group. He also built 2 bloodbowl teams.

Aveinus has been painting his trukk for his bad moon orks. He'll start to add battle damage and other details soon

I have been getting the Webway terrain started so that we can start looking at a Campaign. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Zone Mortalis: Life Sustainers - Part 4

Hi all

More Life Sustainer objective pieces done now! 

These Haemotrope Reactors can be used as Plasma pump units whereby sabotaging the piece would create chaos on nearby decks etc. 

It was very fun to paint, but once again I don't like the thought of there being blood or martyrs going round and round. There is grim dark and there is silly. 

It is pretty cool to see the units being connected to each other too. 

So that I think is a total of 7 possible objectives. So I could almost count the Life Sustainer part as complete. 

Drake Seta