Saturday, 1 August 2015

Perturabo complete. Painting guide too.

Hello Everyone.

It's been a little while now since Perturabo has been released. He is the second Primarch for my  second Legion, and he has been a long time coming. So just thought I would show him off and let you know how I did him. 

Firstly he is a very flat Primarch painting angles wise. So I glued him completely together first and under coated him chaos black. 

Then I basecoated his armour with a mix of 50:50 Leadbelcher to Ironbreaker (or alternatively Iron Hand Silver as is the same colour). Then a highlight drybrush of Runefang steel was added from top down over all silver plate. This was then Purity Sealed. 

Then I blobbed on small spots (millimetre square) of Burnt umber oil paint (for those of you who have a fit and decide this is too complicated at this point STOP, it is easier more forgiving and more manipulative than any Games Workshop glaze or ink - please trust me and continue) over his armour. I then let it set in slightly and flooded the model with white spirits being careful not to touch the oil paint at this point with the brush, just let the liquid spread to it (put white spirits in 2 egg cups, one for clean and one for dirty). Then after that with a standard brush with white spirits you drag it downwards to create a streak. The less defined tide line there is the better. 
Add more and repeat / remove until you are happy. Just try to do within an hour. Then here and there add slight bits of the dirty egg cup oil white spirits straight into the gaps. 

After that I painted the pterges brass Scorpion and drybrushed up with Runelord Brass, then lightly inked with Druchi Violet, followed by a patchy wash of Agrax Earthshade. 

The chevrons were painted with Averland Yellow base (2 x thinned coats), then over painted with Yriel yellow. This was then glazed with Casandora Yellow. Then a thin layer of Flash Gitz yellow was applied To highlight the yellow line. A further thin ultra fine line of 2:1 Screaming skull and Flash Gitz was added to the top of the screws and yellow line. 

Then I painted the armour trims and belt with Vallejo liquid gold - Old Gold (love this paint). Shake it for about 4 minutes (or longer if an old pot), then either pour a small bit out and use immediately over a trim at a time or straight from the pot. This paint dries really quickly so ideally you would do one limb, then wipe the paintbrush and stir the small paint in the pallet you have set up or close and shake the pot again. If you fail to do this it gets clumpy. You can add pure alcohol I believe to the pallet to thin it too. 
When that is all painted you need to glaze the gold with Agrax Earth shade once then leave to dry. Then glaze again with Agrax only when fully dry!!! Then a light highlight from above with Runefang steel adds some more definition. 
I then painted the armour joint ribbing codex grey and applied 2+ glazes of Nuln oil to turn black. 

The guns were painted 50:50 Leadbelcher and Iron breaker and then zenithal'd with Runefang Steel. 
The trims were Brass Scorpion. The guns were then washed with Nuln oil. The barrels were drybrushed with chaos black. 

The face was painted with Cadian flesh tone then a light wash around the eyes of Druchi Violet and Casandora yellow was applied before a light wash of Seraphim sepia. Then the skin was layered up with lighter flesh colours. 

The base Knight was painted as per the House raven painting guide in White Dwarf. 

Very happy with him. Though I'm sure I will be tweaking bits here and there for weeks. Looking forward to getting transfers on the rest of the Legion and onto some boards for finished photos. 

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Drake Seta

Friday, 31 July 2015

Forge World: White Scars arrive!!

Here the 5th Legion have finally received some love from Forge World. 

Great looking Mk2 helms. It makes sense for them to get mk2 upgrades in my opinion. A Legion which wars constantly and the Imperium at large does not really know or keep track of their location; would not be constantly refitted or upgraded. 

The ornamentation on their curiass' looks great too. 

Mk2,3 & 4 shoulder pads too!

Drake Seta

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What a 30k / 40k fan wants they get. Redux.

What a Warhammer 40k / 30k gamer wants? They get? Part 2 / Redux. 

Hi all out there. This is a follow on with the wish listing the community at large are wanting and my opinion of if we will get it from papa GW. 

GW have gotten lots and lots of stick in the past, ghastly models childish looking kits and them moving away from the Grim-Dark image of 40k most recently. They also got a lot of stick for price hiking, tearing down their Social media sites, not listening to fans etc etc. GW still make some mistakes (in my opinion Logan's sled, turning the Space Wolves Blue, Space Wolves on Wolves (FW will not be doing this thank god), the weird flying Land Speeder sermon machine of the Dark Angels, the Khorne Tonka train (thankfully retconned by FW) and Centurions) but their quality and design has got markedly better. The models look more dynamic than before and they appear to be listening to the fans more. 

I am still concerned with the amount of Computer games being released (it seems almost daily at the moment), I just hope they don't dilute the hobby too much. 

So the Question is: Are they being too good to us? Maybe the horrible monster has now become the good guy? It was Big Foot now it is Harry from Harry and the Hendersons?

Let's see. Please comment at the bottom too. 

We wanted Chaos Cultists: We waited years and years, and finally we got them. Our Narrative battles are better and more detailed than ever, and with another box of the models rumoured with multiposable Cultists in the next year or so: Great. 

We wanted Primarchs and the Horus Heresy: We got them! Forge World have done such an amazing job for the last 3 years with the Hobby, breathing a breath of fresh air onto our table tops. 

We asked for Knights: Got them. Two lovely choices from GW. In my last post on this subject I stated that I wanted a fist for my Errant, got it now with 3 more options :) we also have five variants from Forge World. I would love to see GW do another Combi box of Crusader/Castellan instead of Forge World (and on a different chassis) who can tackle the Warden etc. adding the 3 different / variants and riding over existing fluff did upset me a bit. 

We asked for Skitarii: they have arrived. We weren't sure if these choices were around in 30k, and thankfully they answered this with the Cybernetica cover :) As FW did with the Knights, I can envision a good few sets of weapon / head swaps at least for their versions. 

We asked for Adeptus Mechanicus: we got it, and hopefully GW realise how much money they can make listening to the community who have been asking for it for years. 

Now attention. My thoughts why GW released the Skitarii seperately from the Adeptus Mechanicus Codex are; Skitarii were around in 30k but Adeptus Mechanicus was not (Mechanicum became Adeptus Mechanicus). Maybe this format will help GW release small mini-dex that are available or not available in the rumoured age of Darkness expansion. Could we see mini-dex of other armies which are fully 30k-able? The Astra Militarum were not around, but Storm troopers (as mentioned in places inc Mark of Calth) were, now I know the Storm troopers will vary in design through time and across the Galaxy, but this set May be GW's plan. 

We wanted a Warlord Titan: we got the flipping thing (as did I). Thankfully they are fully supporting the options for this kit too with additional heads weapons etc. score another one for GW/FW. 

We wanted plastic Horus Heresy core options: We are getting this now, with MKIV seen already and a whole range rumoured including Cataphractii and Contemptor, this is fantastic news for anyone who likes 30k but can't afford it. I do believe FW creating the Deredeo was them future proofing themselves against losing the Contemptor to plastic and I think the same with the Sokar . . .

We want Plastic Thunderhawk: I think this is getting closer. FW have just made a Sokar Stormbird (which is almost the exact size of the Thunderhawk) and I really don't think there is room for both, especially as the the Lucius Warhound has been retired. With the Sokar and Thunderhawk Landing pad approaching, I can see the Thunderhawk getting shifted to plastic in a year. 


We want Plastic Warhound Titan: With the Lucius being possibly discontinued, could it be a good time to see this Chassis be re wrought in Plastic? With FW also talking about doing lesser Titan Chassis it could be a possibility. The Lucius armoured back / shoulders are not bigger than the Shrine of the Aquila, so a £170-£200 is not unfeasible. 

We want Squats back: This will happen. I don't care what anyone says now, we are getting Squats back (possibly as Demiurg). This is based on the fact the Skitarii and Adeptus Mechanicus mini ranges doing so well. Now this could also be another mini-Dex like the aforementioned Harlequins, Adeptus Mechanicus and Skitarii? It could be. That way a base plastic force of them could be used in 30k as a force and also in 40k as a lesser race. We know they have written the Squats back in after a comment like "The Squat home worlds are thriving" in the last edition Rulebook. Forge World could easily pad them out in Campaigns to suit. 

We want More Xenos: Humanity may own the stars in 30 and 40k but we really need some more races to fight!

We want Mini-Dex Genestealer Cult: Rumoured to be on its way :)

We want Mini-Dex Tarellians: This is a species that was very prevalent in 30k throughout the Galaxy, and the Tarellian Dog Soldier imagery has been in many a Rulebook now. The great thing about this race is: they are still round in 40k as a Tau ally / Mercenary force (go mini-Dex!). If this Age of Darkness expansion arrives then a force / army like this will be extremely successful (especially as the Lizardmen in Fantasy have taken to the stars now - maybe it is a prelude?). All we would need is a Troop multi-pack, a few elite multi-packs and a few vehicle multi-packs and we are away!! The packs could come with basic options and Tau allied options. Go on Games Workshop!! Then FW could go mad with additional upgrades and options (back to its roots again). 

We want Mini-Dex Hrud: Same reasons as above really. In 40k and 30k, spread across the galaxy, very few choices required to make them a force and another army is born. I personally would merge both Hrud designs into one army (bendys and rat guys). 

We want plastic Sisters of Battle: It's going to happen, it has too. 

We want Rogue Traders: We know it is being planned, we have seen it in book 2 Massacre with notifications regarding a Rogue Trader list. Awesome. Bring these Characters in. 

We want Custodes: With the recent End times from GW, it could be that GW is going to plan a story shift for 40k soon. I fully believe this is going to happen. Now if this is the case, GW might be releasing a plastic Custodes range for the inevitable war on Terra, which could be another reason why FW postponed Inferno (now called Retaliation I think)? We know they were told they were not allowed to do Knights as GW were planning on them in plastics. 

I for one am happier with the Company than ever before (RTB01 era I first started) and just hope they continue the way they are. Just no more terrible looking childish kits please. 

Drake Seta

Monday, 27 July 2015


Here we have the proverbial Holy grail of Horus Heresy Awesome just gone up on the Internet. Mk4 plastic kits are on their way as well as an Iron Warrior looking Praetor and regal Mk4 Praetor. 

Tigris Boltguns, power fist and Combi weapon too!

2 bare heads a sergeant crest and plasma Pistol. Melta Bomb too. 

Missile launcher, heavy Bolter plasma gun chainsword, power sword, Lightning Claw are present. 

Praetor in Cataphractii plate sporting a Combi Bolter and Chainfist. The other character on the Sprue is a Praetor in mk4 with Power mace and Plasma Pistol. Both could be construed as totally generic though. This goes with previous rumours.

Looking forward to more news on these soon!
What do you think this will coincide with?

Drake Seta

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Weekly Progress Report 26/7

So here is the recent progress report from the bunny camp. We have had a bit of a shakeup recently but things are still on track and it is business as usual!!

Drake Seta has been on holiday in France and so did not get any painting done this week. He has however helped start a new project that he will be sharing this coming week to the community.
He is excited for this coming week as he should finish Perturabo.
The week after he will be starting work on his Warlord Titan; Seething Released.

Khall has renamed himself this week and is now Kaelo Rylanus going forward. He has made a massive start on his Ultramarines and here is a few WIP pictures.
The dual-wielded is Kaelo Rylanus, Captain of the 9th Company.

Here is a WIP picture of his Relic Contemptor!

This is the sergeant of his Cataphractii.

Finally is a picture of Guilliman.

You can find a link to his paint scheme here:

He intends to get a lot more done this week.

Darko has been back to the painting table for the first time in a while! He has been getting back to progressing his Emperors Children. He will soon be getting along nicely and has prepared to get his models progressed at the same time.

So far he has got a metal standard to 10 phoenix guard terminators, 10 palatine blades and 2 javelins. Soon he will be able to improve to the signature purple soon. He has also been making some good headway into a sicaran battle tank. This was inherited by Kaelo and is not too far from completion. For now, see the progression pictures to check out how it all looks so far:

Hope you enjoy our works. Let us know what you think :) keep tuned for more posts and progress from us!!

Darko Thane

Friday, 24 July 2015

New Forge World releases; Blood Slaves and Suzerain

Here we have an epic set of models released today. 
We have Zardu Layak:

Once a devout believer in all that the Imperium stood for, at the Battle of Calth it was clear to those who witnessed the atrocities he masterminded that Zardu Layak, the Crimson Apostle, had fallen completely into darkness along with the rest of the Word Bearers Legion. 

Suffused in dark powers which he used freely to destroy minds and bodies, Zardu Layak walked his bloody path accompanied by a pair of bodyguards, each unnaturally warped and contorted and possessed of great strength. Wielding the Anakatis blades, gifts bestowed upon them by Layak and weapons of unholy xenos influence and malevolent power, they cut a swathe through their master’s foes in a barely controlled hunger for slaughter. 

Zardu Layak & the Anakatis Kul Blade-slaves are part of Forge World’s Horus Heresy Character Series. These three models are all exceptionally sculpted, and the set includes two twisted and warp- infused Blade-slaves wielding plasma pistols and their tainted xenos weapons, and their master, Zardu Layak, in highly detailed armour and wielding a force stave hung with trophies of his dark arts. 

Rules for using Zardu Layak & the Anakatis Kul Blade-slaves can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest.

The Rules for his Blood Slaves are incredible. He is not too fantastic but his Bodyguard are. 

Held up as paragons of honour and duty amongst their fellow Legiones Astartes, Invictarus Suzerains are warriors of great renown, elevated above the line units to serve their Primarch, Roboute Guilliman, and the Tetrarchs of Ultramar directly. They can be found at the most critical points on any battlefield or where the fighting is thickest, leading their brothers to victory through their own acts of valour and bravery. 

Chosen to be the living embodiments of their Primarch’s rule, Invictarus Suzerains are equipped with some of the finest weapons and wargear their Legion possesses. Their ornate armour shines with the light of Guilliman’s wisdom and authority; their exquisitely wrought boarding shields hold anarchy and disorder at bay and the Legatine power axes they wield with deadly effect dispense instant judgement upon any who would dare to defy their Primarch’s will. 

The detail on these warriors is amazing. I believe they (or at least their shields) were 3d sculpted. Great dynamic poses. 

Etched brass for Word Bearers has been a long time coming. 

Cor'Bax has had a lick of paint and he looks incredible. Really grim Dark. Trish is a fantastic Sculpter, hopefully she does all Daemon Primarchs eventually

Drake Seta