Monday, 25 July 2016

Mastodon Progress Part 1

Hello all!

As you may have seen I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on the new Mastodon at the Forgeworld open day! I completed an Unboxing video for the kit as so as I got it home and this can be seen here if you missed it. I have spent most of my hobby time in the last week getting it assembled. It has been fun but not without its challenges. To help any of you along that may be purchasing one soon, I took photos as I went to help with any difficult bits.

For the most part the instructions Forgeworld have provided are great and I have basically followed them during my build. Usefully each resin piece is numbered so you can match up the parts in the instructions with the correct resin part. This is a great idea however it appears that none of the numbers match up!! I think I have only found 1 piece with correct number on it so far, so it was back to visually matching up. Thankfully the instructions are very clear and it hasn't caused any problems.

First up was getting the kit washed. I washed it twice and some parts still came up shiny. I will be purity sealing the model prior to base coating.

The gluing has to start some where and the Mastodon gives you a nice easy start! Attach the secondary meltas to the front doors! 8 pieces down!

The next step is to get the insides together. I had 2 issues with this part. The bottom hinge on both front doors didn't fit into the bracket as it was full of resin. I had to drill the excess resin and trim the hinge on the door down a bit. The second issue is with the push fit Pistons on the door. One of them won't stay in place, I have tried heating and bending the bracket. Each time I think I have it, it falls out again!! 

With the sides done, it was time to tackle the floor. It is split into 3 parts and you need to get each to them to fit together correctly or the the rest of the tank won't go together right. I spent a good few hours dry fitting/filing/cutting/heating bits to get them to the point I was happy. I found it really useful to turn the tank upside down to help wth the flooring. You also need to be checking the roof sections, bulk heads and rear door during all of this. The rear door is very useful as it will hold the sides to the correct width. Elastic bands also came in very handy! Keep checking the front doors as well, as you could end up with a large gap between them if you're not careful. 

To ensure that everything was ok in the dry fit, I made sure that I checked with the top two panels in place so that I didn't have a nasty surprise and end up with large gaps on top! I used elastic bands to hold it all together while checking fits and making adjustments to the various parts. 

During this I came across a problem with the rear of the Mastodon. The ramp doesn't sit very well with the top of the superstructure. With the ramp closed fully the top sits on top of the ramp and not on the sides as it should. 

The photo above shows the 'large' gap of several millimetres. The photo below shows the superstructure in place as it should be and that the ramp doesn't close correctly. I will need to remove some of the inside of the ramp to get it to fit correctly but I haven't done this yet. 

Once I had all the parts going together as I wanted it was time to glue! The instructions says to do each side to the floor separately but to ensure it all glued together correctly I decided to glue all the bits at the same time and then wrap it in elastic bands to hold it all together while it dried! I laid it out like this and applied the glue to all the parts required. It needed to be quick and I wanted everything ready and to hand. 

It went surprising well and everything went into place as planned! All glued: 

With this all done, life gets a lot easier! The tracked sides go on very easily and I made good use of elastic bands to hold them in place. Again I did both sides at once. 

Whilst this was setting I sorted out the top. Very straight forward, glue two large pieces of resin together and add another underneath. 

This is where I am up to now. Very happy with the progress so far and how it has gone together. All that is left is adding the weapons and finishing details. I will also be adding magnets to the front and rear doors to keep them shut. The front doors have a tendency to fall open at the moment! Usefully Forgeworld have added pre-drilled holes for magnets on both sets. 

Finally Commissar Ibram Gaunt asked for a size comparison with a rhino, so here it is!

I will be continuing work on the Mastodon this week when I can. I have Throne of Skulls at the weekend so hobby time is a bit limited this week as my days off will be spent battling the forces of the Imperium! 

Happy Hobbying!


FW Bulletin 25/07/2016

Here this morning we have been blessed with the close ups of the upcoming Knight upgrades. 

Cracking looking heads. We were shown them at the FW Openday which was great. We also saw a Cerastus Acheron with a New Mechanicum head and Mechanicum armour plates, which in my opinion is something FW should definitely release. 

Any way. Let's hope to see them soon. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Weekly progress report 24/07/2016

Hi all

Another week down and another week closer to finishing our armies :) 
Hope you all feel the same. 

Drake Seta has been working on his Death Guard and Vlka Fenryka. He has found it a bit of a grind to get the Death Guard done but has been enjoying his single mini at a time method that he has been employing with the Rout. 

Atia managed to finish her Brass Scorpion this week. Her next goal is to paint her 15 Tactical Word Bearers over the next days!

This week King Fluff has been painting a lot of red. With two squads of marines, a librarian and a Xiphon interceptor base coated along with half of the containers required for his scenery collection. He will be in warp transit for the next 10 days but will endeavour to muster the cataphractii clad sons of Dorn whilst travelling.

Kaelo has started working on a 10 man Veteran squad for his Raven Guard. Due to the nature of the legion, these will be a ranged unit with some heavy hitting guns. Used in conjunction with the Legion's special rules they should bring some much needed strength to his infantry-heavy list.

Tylar washed and prepped his Mastodon after a great day out at the Open Day. 
He's been taking his time working through the build process during his hobby time this week. He'll be building in stages as he's going with a full Internal paint job. And will be documenting as he goes for a future post.

Darien has had a lot of hobby time over the last week and has managed to complete the 11 Justaerin he had been working on! He has also been building his Mastodon which is now mostly complete!

Drake Seta

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Tactical Squad 2

Hey bunnies

So I am back today to show you some more of my Raven Guard. I am feverishly painting away to get the rest of the force ready for next weeks Throne of Skulls and it is going pretty well. So here we have it, my latest tactical squad in MKVI armour. 

The sergeant has a combi weapon...

Working through some ruins!

Striking from the shadows!

Who is that in the background? :o

The new, updated MKVI marines from FW are fantastic quality and fit fantastically with the Raven Guard bits and pieces. 

I hope that you like my squad. Stay tuned for my next unit and I hope to see some of you next week at Throne of Skulls. Hit me up below if you want to challenge me to a game there!

Stay fluffy


Friday, 22 July 2016

What's in the box? Pt1

Well on this occasion NOT Gwenyth Platrow's head...

Sorry - spoiler alert.

Good evening all - news of my death has been greatly exaggerated and I'm back tonight with something non marine (or robot) related.

Tonight I'm following Tylar's lead and bringing you a post that is more scenery related.

The reason I'm doing this is that I've tried salt weathering for the first time and thought you may benefit from my trials and errors.

So we've all seen the rather awesome containers from Games Workshop...

Well my plan was to use them in lieu of building on my gaming table so they will offer valuable cover to most sized units (including Questoris Knights) and as such I needed a lot of them and a paint scheme that was both quick and painless.

I decided that the majority (if not all) my containers would be based in a Mechanicum shipping facility and so would be red ala the scheme on the GW website but I did want them to be heavily used and be applicable to my city table and my zone mortalis board.

So once the containers were built I gave them a liberal spraying with a can of Leadbelcher.

Once this had dried I added some weathering to break up the uniformity - this was done with a 1:1:1 mix of warplock bronze, rhinox hide, leadbelcher and applied with a natural sponge (bought from an arts and craft store). Once this had dried I applied patches of Agrax Earth Shade to tint the metals. I focussed the weathering to the underside of the container and the bottom of the doors with patches dotted around other areas like the edging of the doors.

So with the under painting done it was time to apply the salt - which would act as a mask for the sprayed layers which would act as the containers colour.

With the salt more is more - I found that there seems to be too much salt applied when it's actually the right amount. Simply paint water on to areas you want the base metal to show through the sprinkle salt on the areas. I used a mix of sea salt and table salt and once applied I left the containers outside to allow the water to dry and once dry I rubbed the areas slightly to make the areas less uniform. I again focussed my efforts around the bottoms of doors and side panels and the underside of the containers.

Once the salt layer was dry I laid them all out and began spraying. Now I've seen this technique used before with airbrushes but my intention was to use spray paint - so I prayed that the technique would work out for me.

My first coat was with a red primer from Halfords here in the UK but I guess any matte primer spray would also work. I made sure I had a good even coat all over (I did notice some salt falling off at this point but didn't worry too much).

As you can see the salt sits on the Duracell as texture. Once dried I did a zenith highlight with a can of Mephiston Red.

Now for the moment of truth - the removal of the salt.

My weapon of choice - a cheap/firm toothbrush (bought in bulk from a local supermarket - do not use YOUR toothbrush for this step)

In circular motions I rubbed (hard) at the textured salt to aid its removal. I found some areas I had to use my fingers and some areas the salt was stuck fast so I scraped with the toothbrush handle. I was pretty pleased with the results...

Now they will need a coat of varnish, transfers and then a pin wash to finish them off - so please join me for part 2 to see the finished article.

For now here's how they currently look on my table...

Keep young and beautiful.


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Contemptor

Hi all. 

Here we have the second of my two recently finished Contemptors. 

Once again they are whiter in the pics than in real life! Damn bright sun!

The Death Guard advance towards the blazing sun. 

Decided for a Plasma Cannon and Power Fist with Plasma. 

Chipped and streaked. This chap wears his battle damage with pride. 

Extra sooty exhausts. 

A very bright and battered Plasma Cannon. 

They leave to help Garro and Mortarion take down the Purokar League. 

Drake Seta