Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy 2.0 Night Lords - Terror Squad 3

Hello Bunnies! 

I’ve ended up taking a few weeks off playing with the Night Lords, due to playing a series of larger games which I could resist taking the Sons of Horus First Company too. I’m feeling the pull back to Night Lords though and have a new potential list running through my mind! More on that in the coming weeks. This week I bring to you my final Terror Squad unit (well at least for now!). This squad is very similar to the others, my next batch will add some variety into the mix! 

Happy gaming! 


Sunday, 25 September 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 25/09/2022

Hi all,

A bit of a quieter week than normal but still got some cool stuff to show today so let’s get cracking!

Eyecon74 has completed a Fellblade/Glaive, 10 Tartaros Terminators and  shooty Leviathan.   He also built 2 Sicarans, a heavy lascannon squad and started work on a Phantom titan.

Honey the Destroyer has been working on Warlord #0002 this week. It is now standing and level!

Hector has made a start on a couple of his Legio Ignatum warhounds (AT-scale) and is hoping to get some good work done on them this week.

What have you all been working on this week?

Battle Bunnies

Friday, 23 September 2022

Legio Custodes: Aquilon Terminators with Adrathic Destructors

Hi all 

Just finished a unit of Legio Custodes terminators. 

I followed our painting guide to get them looking all lush!

Have 6x more Terminators to do soon and then vehicles and a host more. 

Battle Bunnies

Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel. We have a great unboxing video and painting guide of the new Goliath Maulers. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Battle Report: Leagues of Votann vs Space Marines

Hi all 

We have another Battle Report for you today! We have the Leagues of Votann taking on a Space Marine Heavy list. 

Thanks to Games Workshop for the review copy of the new Squats!

Battle Bunnies. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy 2.0 Night Lords - Sevatar

Hello Bunnies! 

He is finished, The Prince of Crows, Lord of the Atramentar, 1st Captain of the Night Lords, Jago Sevatarion or simply Sevatar. My favourite character in the Heresy! I really enjoyed painting this model and I am really pleased with how he has come out! 

He is the basis of my army lists, and for me even owning Night Lords! Although perhaps not as easy to work with for list building, I play for the story and a huge part of that for me will be always be fitting him in my lists! I am really pleased to finally have him painted at the head of my legion!

Happy gaming! 


Monday, 19 September 2022

Necromunda: Goliath Maulers unboxing and painting guide

Hi all

We were sent the new Goliath Mauler models by Games Workshop for review! So we decided to unbox and paint them on film. 

Enginephil took the task on as he has been collecting Goliath since Necromunda’s first incarnation. So who better for us to choose. 

Look at those dials!

Battle Bunnies

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 18/09/2022

Hi all. Been a mental week for all as you have seen!

So let’s see what the Bunnies have been up to. 

Drake has been working on his Ryâkan combine Squat army! He managed to get them to a battle ready standard so he could enjoy a game with Honey the Destroyer. 

You can watch the game here! See if the Aeldari managed to put up a good fight. 

KiralRed is still working on his sicaran tanks from the last update but their scheme is starting to come together and transfers should happen today. He's also decided to get some base colours onto a pair of Leviathans which have been guarding the workbench.

The Gory Crow:
Varnishing the armour panels of Warlord Titan “Vulture of Ruin”.
Prepping for the weathering phase to get this looking like an ancient engine of war.
I will be raiding my Bitz Box for mechadendrites, pipes and cables to represent Techpreists making modifications to help the engine sustain itself.
not sure how much barbed wire i’m going to put on this, time will tell

Andy met Ikthelion and a few other friends at Warhammer World for a big 10k battle! SoH and IW vs BA and IF 7 hours of gaming later the result was a 10-10 draw!

Luke has finished the dark metal underside for the legs and is now adding chains/ motifs to the leg armour panels.

Eyecon74 has been hard at work on a number of projects!  Almost done, just need to do oil washes on everything (actually remembered to apply transfers first this time!)
I have 10 Tartaros Terminators with some conversions (power halberds, counts as spears, combi Volkites and a custom Vexilla), also a Shooty Leviathan in a shooty pose, and last but not least, a mighty Fellblade/Glaive.  I had a Glaive and was very lucky to pickup a Fellblade turret from eBay.   I custom build a hull demolisher cannon so I can field either option, came out pretty nice and should be a nice addition to my Alpha Legion!

This week, Hector finished building his Divisio Aeronautica kits - now he just needs a spray day to get them primed. In the meanwhile, he will now be focusing on his Titanicus stuff ready for the end of October

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Leagues of Votann: Battle Report and founding the Ryâkan Combine Homebrew League

Hi all

So we received a copy of the new Leagues of Votann army box for review from Games Workshop!

So many of you may know how much I just love Squats and have been screaming for them to come back for years, so understandably I was over Lunar to receive them (An unboxing video is a day or two away). 

I immediately set to it and decided my Squats were going to be a primarily ranged force. I opened the book to see the fantastic yellow fatigues and black armoured Squats of the Kronos Hegemony. But after reading about them they were more of a let’s get toe to toe army with a lot of beating your foe in close quarters about them. 

Thus the Ryâkan Combine was created. I will write some background about them in time, but let’s just say they are a Combine between the Ryâdak and Kannâk mini Leagues. 
They have fantastic access to ballistic grade materials to improve their weapons, and spend much time honing their techniques. 

These are the Customs I have assigned to them :)

Leagues Customs: 
UNWAVERING DISCIPLINE: [Ancestral Judgement]. These Kin warriors are renowned for being stiff-necked and particularly disciplined. When their heroes mark a foe for destruction, they brook no distraction from their appointed task. Each time a model (excluding a COG model) with this custom makes an attack against a target that has 1 or more Judgement tokens, you can ignore any or all hit roll, Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill modifiers.
WEAPONSMITHS: Whether through the skill of their Kindreds' Brökhyr, or access to sources of rare and highly perilous ballistic materials, the Kindreds of this League are able to deploy exceptionally potent firearms throughout their Oathbands. Add 4" to the Range characteristic of all ranged weapons (excluding Relics) models with this custom are equipped with.
WARRIOR PRIDE: The warriors of this League of Votann pride themselves on their martial skills and their proficiency in combat. Each time a unit with this custom is selected to shoot or fight, you can re-roll one hit roll or one wound roll when resolving that unit's attacks.

My Warlord runs with the Warlord Trait: 6. GRIM DEMEANOUR (AURA)
This warlord's grim countenance is legendary, and they are rumoured to have never smiled. Such a demeanour is, of course, an outward sign of how seriously this warlord undertakes their solemn tasks, and under their stern gaze no Kin will be found wanting.
While a friendly Ryâkan Combine core unit is within 6" of this Warlord:
That unit can ignore any or all modifiers to it’s Leadership characteristic.
Each time a Combat Attrition test is taken for that unit, you can ignore any or all modifiers.

So then the colour!

Issue was, I like the black plate and yellow fatigues of the Kronos Hegemony, buuuut when it gets translated to the Void armoured units and vehicles, they are 95% black at least. So I decide to flip it. 

Ryâkan Combine Painting Guide!

I wanted to make them very nice and easy and I think I achieved this. 

1) Undercoat with Wraithbone
2) apply Imperial Fist Contrast to all armour panels 
3) pin wash Fuegan orange or do a Lahmian/Fuegan orange mix glaze the model. 
4) apply Wyldwood Contrast to knee pads and belts
5) apply Black Templar Contrast paint to the fatigues
6) paint faces either Wyldwood or Guilliman flesh
7) paint details
8) seal with Pledge floor polish (formerly known as Klear, a quick Google will point you which you need). Let Dry
9) cover armour in AK interactive streaking grime and let dry until slightly tacky. 
10) use cotton wool buds to bring back to yellow, whilst leaving grime in recesses. 


Introducing my champion Kylû Fyrgrite. 

A Hernkyn Pioneer

And Hearthkyn Warrior

So I am very pleased with how they have turned out, quick and simple yet effective. 

Honey the Destroyer and I also had a battle with them (when at Battle Ready Standard) Aeldari of Craftworld Mymeara vs Ryâkan Combine. Have a watch and subscribe 

Battle Bunnies.