Sunday, 19 February 2017

Weekly Progress Report 19/02/2017

It's been a quiet week this week with the hobby for us all (apart from a couple of the Bunnies). So let's have a look!

Hector has been a very busy bunny this week. He started and finished building all his World Eaters infantry units and dreadnoughts. He is now starting on painting Angron and hopefully move onto painting some of the infantry during the week.

Aveinus has continued working on his blood bowl team this week, completing another four players. He'll be switching back to some Eldar briefly before completing the other six players

Drake has been working most evenings, but managed to get his first CAD design made in 3D. He hopes to get it printed as soon as possible, so stay tuned. 

What have you been up to this week?

Drake Seta

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Inferno Overview: Talons of the Emperor


As a kind of a follow on from Atia's Thousand Sons post last week, I'm going to give you all a bit of a taster of the Talons of the Emperor army in Inferno which is due to be released soon. The Talons of the Emperor consists of the Legio Custodes, the Silent Sisterhood and the Ordo Sinister and they are all covered in a single army list (which means you can do a combined Talons force without needing to ally which is quite nice).

The Fluff

Much like the Thousand Sons, there are sections in the book dedicated to the Legio Custodes, Sisters of Silence and Ordo Sinister.

In the Legio Custodes' section you find out more about what really does differenciate a Custode from an Astartes, for example the process for creating a Custode is consists of alchemical genetic manipulation and as a result each Custode is effectively bespoke warrior whereas an Astarte's creation involves various implants to achieve a mass reproducable soldier. You also find out more about the organisation and structure of the Legio Custodes and their role within the Imperium which is a really interesting read.

In the Silent Sisterhood's section, it highlights how mysterious the Sisterhood really is - nobody really knows their origin, just that some time into the Great Crusade they became effectively the Chamber Militant of Diviso Investigates and you'll find out more about their role in the Great Tithe. They have access to a lot of relics from the Dark Age of Technology that nobody else can use to help them harvest psykers from planets within the Imperium - an good example of this are their transports which subdue psykers and lock them away in sarcophagi in their outer hull ready to be taken back to the Black Ships. They even talk about the pariah gene and how some of the Sisters have refined their soulless void into something that they can use as a weapon in addition to its passive effects.

The Ordo Sinister was a surprise to me. This is a special Titan Legio where the Emperor requested the Mechanicum to build him some Warlord titans which He then modified to be powered using psykers like batteries (does this sound familiar to anyone else?). For the most part they have similar armaments to a standard Warlord Titan but they also have access to esoteric weaponry. As these titans are powered by psykers, they project an unnatural aura and can use titan-scale psychic abilities.

These titans still have to be piloted just like any other titan and they are by psychic nulls (so people with the pariah gene - though not members of the Sisterhood) - if the pilot was not a blank, they would just die instantly.

The Army List

It should almost come as no surprise to anyone that the named characters in the army list are none other than Captain-General Constantin Valdor and Sister-Commander Jenetia Krole and that there is a template available for creating a generic captain-esque character for either the Legio Custodes or Silent Sisterhood.

With everything released so far, most of the Legio Custodes army list available and there are only a few more kits that need to be released to cover the remaining units within the army list. If you were keeping an eye on our coverage of the Weekender, you will have seen images of all of the missing units except for Valdor himself.

On the other hand, the Sisterhood just needs some characters, a few upgrade kits and the transport that was previewed at the weekend to be released to be complete also so despite the lack of Sisters of Silence releases you can most of the way make a purely Sisters detachment already which is cool.

The Ordo Sinister's Warlord titan rules are in short "very angry". It costs more to field one of these than a standard Warlord so you are unlikely to play/fight with one of these unless you play Apocolypse. Forge World just need to release the weapon arm kit required for the standard Warlord Titan into an Ordo Sinister one.

Looking at the wargear sections, there appears to be many varieties of guardian spears such as the paragon spear - the event/warhammer world exclusive Custodian Tribune model has one of these (axe head rather than a blade) and the other spear variants have different guns on them which is really cool.

I can't wait to get started on painting up my Custodian Guard detachment - I am planning on painting mine up as the members of the sub-faction of the Legio Custodes called the Warders of the Vaults of Rython. There is a little bit of fluff about them in the book which I really liked and I love the colour scheme.

Until next time,

Hector Cephas.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Blood in the Void: Plasma Drives. Pt1

Hi all. 

We are getting closer and closer to being able to run some great Campaigns. I would like to share with you the plans of my first 3D design which will be 3D printed. 

We are all getting prepared for different Campaigns that we will be playing within the Bunny camp. Battle of Phall will be played between Ikthelion and Hector using the Blood in the Void Campaign system from Extermination. 

As you may know, the Campaign is designed to be played on Zone Mortalis, with certain "Wrecker" Objectives. Unfortunately Forge World do not seem to want to release any of these objectives and so it falls to us to create them for use on our boards. 

To attack a Cruiser (mid size Campaign) you need to at least have terrain pieces for Drives (Warp or Plasma), then either Augur Arrays, Weapon Batteries or Life Sustainers, as well as a Bridge (or entrance to it at least). 

So I googled Plasma Drives 40k and found this;
A pretty damn good example of what Plasma Drives on a Starship should look like, and so I loaded up my AutoCAD and taught myself 3D oodelling. 

I planned the pieces together then separated them to be more suitable for the 3D printing aspect. 

This is the printing face for most parts. 

After this is complete I need to get onto a different objective (possibly weapon Batteries represented by some Titan Laster blasters that my Brother Kaelo gifted me). 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Aett Gaming room: Planning

Hello all. 

Well it's Valentine's Day and I'm lucky enough to be single. . . soooo I have spent the night planning a gift to me!!

So. As you all know I'm a massive wargamer and collector. Many of us have that moment in their life where they say "God I would love a awesome gaming room". Well I do too. 
So I recently purchased my first house and one of the kickers for the house I chose was the size of the garage. It is not a double garage, but in the United Kingdom garages are usually a "drive in and squeeze out of the car" style situation. The garage I have is just that little bit wider and a bit longer which is great. 
I immediately saw its potential and upon getting the house, I began planning it's destiny. It will be the perfect Fenrisian Gaming den. 

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies I give you the mountain that will become the Aett. 

The room is 5.22m long by 3.06 wide. It has one window and a side door (on right out of pic) and a garage door behind. Tree covering the window has been moved now. 

There are a few brick supports which will remain with the plasterboard and insulation coming up halfway out from the return. 

The ceiling will be covered with 5mm mdf boarding with additional insulation added above (which will also have a loft hatch to allow for extra storage ).  I am fortunate that the whole room is filled with plug sockets and lighting too (which will be updated in time to something better than strip lighting). 

The side door opens onto s patio currently but eventually I hope a rear extension will allow the room to be accessible without exiting the house. 

The garage door will be replaced with a door and window to the front of the property. 

So the first step on this route is to contact the local authority/Council as I am planning a change to the front of my property (it is a minor change to a building Annex so hopefully all should go through ok). 
It is a Shared Ownership property so I do need to get permission from the housing association to make any changes. So I contacted them and they have asked me to fill in a document with a list of the changes I want to make. It is only a 2 page document and looks very straightforward and to the point. 

I have also provided them with drawings of the proposed changes. 

When it is all constructed I hope to have two tall glass fronted units (possibly 600mm deep ceiling height kitchen cabinets) framing the window that you can see in the first picture. 3 600mm deep and 600mm wide cabinets which are kitchen worktop tall will then be constructed between the two tall cabinets (all glass fronted apart from the fridge unit which will be loaded with beer). 

Various hobby collectibles will adorn (but not clutter) the walls too. I hope to have a Large Wolf skull (replica), wolf tail totem as well as a few replica items such as weapons and a Helmet to adorn the place. A television mounted on the wall as well as a top down camera set up to enable us to record battle reports is also an aim. 

So have you made a gaming room? I asked this to the community a little while ago but did not get a great response. You can email pics of your hobby den in its prime to us at thebattlebunnies(at) (just replace the (at) with @), and we can look at putting a good Community post up soon of our gaming rooms. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weekly Progress Report 12/02/2017

Hi all

Another week. Let's see what we have been working on this week. 

Aveinus has been working on his blood bowl team this week. He's going to be getting the team to a gaming standard before potentially adding other layers and highlights if there is time before the league starts.

Hector has been a very busy bunny this week. He's built all of the drop pods for his World Eaters legion (including converting two into dreadnought drop pods) and has started building his infantry squads starting with 4 tactical sergeants and a Praetor.

Castiel has been trimming 30 tactical marines for his alpha legion project and has also done some more work on his dark angel predators.

Atia wasn't really seen this week, locked away in a prosperine vault studying Inferno. Yet it's said working on some of the Sons of Magnus has already started ....

Kaelo has been working on his Blood Bowl Team. He is disappointed with the progress he has made as the models don't lend themselves to his self-labelled 'lazy painting style' lol. He still has a good few weeks before the Bunnies season starts. Fingers crossed he can find some motivation!

Drake Seta thanks Inferno for a rocket up his arse, which has kicked off his Vlka Fenryka proper. He is happy that he now knows about the Legion's insignia, the wargear for the Grey Slayers, HQ choices etc. He purchased 3 Leviathans for the VI Legion at the Horus Heresy Weekender (because apparently to the other Bunnies "1 isn't enough"), but to warm himself up he has decided to bash out his Eddy, hopefully you will see him finished soon. 

What have you been working on?

Battle Bunnies

Community Question: Craftworld Iybraesil

Hello everyone,

So i'm back with a question for the community on Craftworld Iybraesil. I won't lie I did choose the Craftworld for its colour scheme, as i've always liked the turquoise they use, however their fluff is actually quite interesting too!

Now from my research around the internet I have found limited information on them. I haven't really found anything about them and what they got up to during the great crusade and heresy, so on the positive side of things this is good as it gives me a relatively clean slate for them to be used in our 30K settings. However, it is always good for your faction to have a rich history to tap into, which for this craftworld seems to be solely in 40K.

There are few very interesting points about them that stand out to me, the first being that they are a highly matriarchal society and they have a large number of howling banshees and female autarchs within their ranks!

They also have a fierce desire to seek out old eldar artefacts from before the fall which still lie upon the croneworlds inside the eye of terror. This may explain why they have been relatively rare in imperial records as they mostly concern themselves with recovering this tech. They hope to secure the tears of Isha which are spirit stones that contain the spirits of the most gifted and powerful Eldar seers of ages past! I had to add this picture, even with the text its a very cool illustration of what these worlds may actually look like.

Lastly they worship Morai-Heg who is the Eldar Goddess of souls and fate, she is also referred to as the crone. Below is a paragraph from the Eldar codex before the current one (which I haven't managed to get hold of yet!)

Morai-Heg was the consort of Kaela Mensha Khaine and she had daughthers from the union between the two. At some point, the Crone Godess sought to learn the wisdom that was contained within her divine blood. Knowing that Khaine had only power to harm a god, she sent her daughters to haunt their father with their piercing screams. To end this torment, she asked that khaine cut off her hand so that she could drink from her own blood. Khaine complied and severed the limb, which allowed Morai-Heg to gain the knowledge contained within her blood whilst the aspect of the banshee was granted to the war god in return.

So this explains the craftworlds symbol the Hand of Heg! Pretty creepy and cannibalistic but... I like the paint schmeme!

Another piece of information I found which links into current 40K lore is about the five Croneswords. These swords were made from the four fingers and thumb of the Godess Morai-Heg when her hand was cut off. These swords made by the god Vaul are immensley powerful and if placed into the right hands, they will give the wielders dominion over life and death. Yvraine the Emmissary of Ynnead, belives that possessing all five of the Croneswords will give her enough power to fully awaken her god.

So I am looking to mainly field quite a mobile force for the craftworld, mainly featuring jetbikes, wave serpents, vypers, flyers and banshees. This will be to represent the need to have the banshees in combat. I know the banshees are not particularly good in the game but they are fluffy for the craftworld! I will also add more powerful eldar units into the force to make sure it can compete with the legions!

Below is one of the jetbike squadron I'm currently working on alongside my Orc Bloodbowl team for our league starting in april!

I will have more on this when I start to nail down an army list! However with the release of Yvraine, I think she would make an excellent model for the leader of my Iybraesil Craftworld (she can just be her twin sister or something like that)

So my question to the community is, do you know anymore about the craftworld? maybe something in an old or new codex or one of the forgeworld black books. Just to try and round out the craftworlds fluff, if you do just comment below :).

So thanks again everyone,

Aveinus Kaane.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Forge World New Releases 10/02/2017

Hi all

This week sees the release of a second general release Star Player Varag Ghoul-Chewer!

Stay tuned for more information on our Blood Bowl blog that we will be putting up in the near future to follow our Leagues :)

Also this week sees a new Khorne Daemon Prince by the name of Mazarall the Butcher. It is a fantastic paint job on this great model. Would be great if it appeared in 30k one day too :)

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Inferno Overview: The Thousand Sons

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

With Inferno in hands I would like to do an overview of it's contents regarding the Thousand Sons Legion - from fluff to artworks, rules and upcoming models.

The Fluff

As with the other legions featured in the Black Books - you get the full history of the Legion, from it's founding 'till the Burning of Prospero.

The XVth Legion was born quite late - Terra was already unified, Luna was taken and the first-born Legions had started to bring the rest of the Sol System to heel. Storms marked the creation of the Legion and the start of the Great Crusade, later known as The First Tempest.

It's said that the Emperor himself has selected many of the first recruits, an honour done to almost no other Legion. Although the implantation rates were high, only a thousand warriors - a fully operable initial pattern Legion induction - knelt before the Emperor and made their Oaths of Eternity. The Master of Mankind bade his "Thousand Sons" to rise, and at that exact moment the storms surrounding Terra broke.

Something that's quite obvious once you read through the background section - the XVth Legion always were some kind of outcasts. As soon as it was clear that they had more psykers than other Legions some wanted to disband them. On Ostrastis, the first Millenial of the IIIrd Legion withdrew when a company of the Thousand Sons joined the mustering. During the Colgren Campaign, the Dusk Raiders refused to look at, listen to or speak to any of the Thousand Sons, and even Horus voiced concerns.

Once the Flesh Change started to manifest and kill more and more legionaries the same voices called out again, calling for them to be disbanded. While some saw it as mercy, given to a great Legion dying in decay and shame; others wanted them to be obliterated, purged - cut from the Imperium like cancer - yet the Emperor refused.

It was Magnus who saved his sons, but again they numbered just 1.000 warriors.

Even reunited with their Primarch, a few of the other Primarchs - especially Mortarion and Corax, wanted to see them censured. The Librarian Project was the only spark of hope for them, and even that was ended by the Edict of Nikaea.

Legion Organisation

Once reunited with Magnus, the Legion was re-organised into a pattern of his own design named as "The Pesedjet".

The full panoply of the Legiones Astartes was represented, from Heavy Support Squads, to Destroyers and Jetbikes. Yes, they were a Legion of psykers - but they also were still Space Marines. Their line companies were called Circle, and all Circles were part of one of the nine Fellowships.

They favoured the mechanised tactical squad, with mobile speeder and flyer reconnaissance units. Frontline units prefered the Land Raider Proteus, with the Rhino beeing used for second line and support duties. Instead of wasting their basic troops in attrition-based warfare they adopted the use battle-automata (some of their own design) as shields and vanguards.

In addition to the core structure of the Legion, there were also five cults - Pavoni, Raptora, Corvidae, Athanean and Pyrae, aswell as three Red Orders - Order of Ruin (basically the siege makers, logistical specialists and planners), Order fo the Jackal (temple guard and Apothecaries) and the Order of Blindness - Scouts and Destroyers.

The book has some great colour arts again - I'll give you a few examples:

The Rules

Just a little overview - it's probably the best to get the book for the full rules (it's awesome - order it as soon as it's available!).

As you would expect with the XVth Legion, you are able to upgrade all your HQ's, veteran units and Terminators to psykers or brotherhoods of psykers. They have access to all the psychic disciplines except Malefic Daemonology.

You have to select a Cult Arcana for each of your units - based upon the five big cults. This buffs them when they use fitting psychic abilities (for example Raptora with Telekinesis), and also gives them a new special rule (for example Pyrae get Hammer of Wrath.). I think this is very fluffy and awesome, but may end up as "cookie cutter builds" that are the "best" for specific units.

Now some of you may think what the downsides of the XVth legion are? Well, one of it is an immediately Pinning test for every unit in your force if you suffer wounds from a Perils of the Warp test. Ouch!

Special units are the Osiron Dreadnought - a psychic HQ contemptor with mastery level one and access to a force blade; Castellax-Achea Battle Automata Maniples as heavy support (they need no techmarine, they are more like puppets instead of classic robots); Sekhmet Terminators who can have either Tartaros or Catpahractii armour; Khenetai Occult Blade Cabals - temple guardians with two force swords with an inbuild buff mechanic (the more the better); and last but not least the Ammitara Occult Intercession Cabals - the "hidden one" scouts.

Special Characters are Ahzek Ahriman (who can get a command squad with brotherhood of psykers), Magister Amon aswell as Magnus himself (who is a psychic beast, as you would expect!).

Upcoming Models

As you may have seen on our weekender coverage - there's actually a lot of upcoming Thousand Sons stuff for the next weeks and months. For completion's sake I will add all the stuff that got previewed so far:

An upgrade kit for Cataphractii Sekhmet Terminators. The guy in the middle wears actually Tartaros pattern and may be released seperately. I love the idea of a simple upgrade kit and these guys should look great next to some plastic Scarab Occult Terminators. Also - their hats rock!

Another cool upgrade kit. The Khenetai Occult Blade Squads are part of the Ordor of the Jackal. They are basically the guardians of the great temple pyramids on Tizca. I will need 10 of these guys atleast!

The Osiron Contemptor-Dreadnought will be a full kit including the force blade. We may also see an Æther-fire Cannon upgrade for him and heavy support squads.

My favourites - the Castellax-Achea Battle-Automata. Love the design - sadly Forgeworld said they have currently no plans for more achea sub-pattern robots - looks like I'll have to get some plasticard!

The big guy himself - Magnus should be released at Warhammer Fest in May.

That's all from me for now - I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments below. I will now start to work on my first Thousand Sons model - a Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought!

Lady Atia