The Fall of the Purokar League.


Imperial Forces: Iron Hands, Death Guard, Dark Angels and Iron Warriors.
Opposing forces: The Purokar League (Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum and Imperial Knights).

In M30 940 - eight years after first making contact with the Purokar League - a melded empire of the Martial and disciplined Karskan Dynasty and the technically advanced Forge World Empire of the Puroti - Delegatus Kohler of the Iron Warriors was betrayed. The compliance that he had been promised by the Purokar people was shown as to what it truly was; stalling for time. This is the story about the fall of the Purokar League.

Prologue Part 1: Deceit of an Empire
Prologue Part 2: Battle for the Iron Hope
Prologue Part 3: Arriving at Winskrieg

Invasion of Luruta
Battle 1: Attack at Delier Canyon
Battle 2: Return to the Delier Canyon
Battle 3: Ambush of Steel Star Nineteen

Invasion of Qultar
Battle 1: Testing of Qultar

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