Friday, 29 March 2013

Current Projects

Hi all

As you can see, our Heresy projects are starting to move on quite nicely. I have had a few weeks off painting as life is a little hectic at the moment. I will be posting an Emperors Children update this week however I have shelved them for the moment for 2 reasons.

1. As you can see from Drakes most recent post, I have bought 6 cityfight boards from Forge World with my annual bonus. They are spectacular. With such amazing scenery comes days of laboring to ensure we can paint them to the standard deserved. I will be working on these, with Drake, most of easter weekend. (Happy Easter BTW)

I will do a photo diary to post up here so that you can see the evolution from start to finish. Anyone out there considering getting these boards? Do! I mean it!

2. Again, relating to previous posts, our 40k campaign system 'The Karrus Sector' is starting soon and I need a force. I suffer from a nasty case of 'OOOOO SHINY!' which ensures that none of my projects ever get finished (however I dont feel this way with the ECs which I looooove!)

Well this ends today! I am going back to finish off the last bits to an Imperial Guard force I started a year ago. So expect updates on:
Heavy Weapon teams
Sanctioned Psyker Squad - some nice conversions coming!
Command Squads
Ratling Sniper Squad
Special Weapon Teams
Ogryn Squad - may use Warhammer Ogres and convert!

Drake will be providing tank and air support as it is a joint project.

As I have mentioned before, I am a fluffy player so do not expect trough-filled sardine can lists or plasma deepstrike spam! Expect a varied and well rounded list that will play the way I see Imperial Guard and humanity in the 40k millenium, as a victim.

Once these are complete I will finish off the rest of my EC. Cant wait! So here is my short term, upto date project list:
Imperial Guard - end of April
Cityboard - end of April
Emperors Children - end of June - to gaming standard (no weathering/chipping)
Eldar - rumour has it that these are being updated next after Tau. If its a good release I will be all over the Space Elves like a hobo on chicken!

After these it will only be Heresy era projects as I have more faith and love for them than the current GW 40k standard.

I am hoping to see more time on here, with many more posts, in the coming months. Please keep checking back and feel free to comment! We like long as its not faceless internet bullying...then we collectively cry! ;)


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  1. Lol. I am looking forward to our Karrus campaign, the sooner we get the Imperial guard done the sooner we can get back to 30k.

    The Cityboard will look amazing. Can't wait to start.