Monday, 25 March 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Squad 1 Work In Progress

It's been a while and so I thought I would show my Work In Progress 1st Squad of Death Guard.

I am now totally in love with Lahriman Medium. I can't get enough of the stuff. Just by adding 40-50 % of this stuff to a mix increases your painting skill to a new level.

Once again these models have been painted using the Official Forge World Painting guide.

For this first batch I washed and scrubbed the Resin thoroughly with a Toothbrush and Fairy washing up liquid in warm water (don't be lazy always do this hobbyists).

Then I decided to actually keep the models on the resin sprues for the next bit. I sprayed all 30 Legionnaires after trimming them thoroughly. Because of the location of the sprue pour in tag (top of the waist on leg and arm socket on torso) you can easily do this on the models. This way I can spray them easily and methodically before gluing them onto the bases. Some hobbyists may have realised already that spraying a black base white and then having to back over them with blacks is an absolute nightmare.

After gluing the legs on to the base I gave them a wash of 50/50 mix of Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium. I actually just mixed the two pots together and divided them back. Ate east this way I have no inconsistencies in colour later. Now here is the important bit: do not go mad or thick with this colour! It is a once over wash which is intended to be thin! Think about it why would you put Lahriman in otherwise.

When this was done I Highlighted with White Scar mixed with Lahmian Medium onto the armour plates. Add more Lahriman to blend in the white to the wash. Also try to have it so the bottom of every armour plate is grimier.

After doing this I painted the ribbing with a Abaddon black mixed with a little Lahriman, before gluing the Torso on and painting them fully.

At this stage I attacked the Rivets on the Mk4 legs and the trims on the Mk3 and collar of the Mk2 plates. This was done by Basecoating straight over white with Warlock Bronze, trust me it is a very dark colour, no need for Abaddon Black. I then highlighted with Runelord Brass mixed with a tiny bit of Lahriman medium to smooth the transition. All in all I am very happy how this turns out.

Next on to the arms. As the Death Guard had such a high mortality and Casualty rate in the Great Crusade I decided to get some Bionic arms in there to add a touch of character to the squad.
The other observation I will make right now is; they really didn't plan mk3 arms and hands very well in my opinion. Boltguns just do not fit comfortably at all because of the brass banding. You can see this even on Some of Blessed Forge World's models on their online store (Autocannon Heavy weapons squad having had the lower part stripped off). But once again; Forge World make my world go round. A few minor points like this really does not put me off them.

Getting the pose just right with the guns is essential. When holding them together keep wiggling and adjusting your view of the model so you can see where he is aiming etc. there is nothing more rubbish looking than a model aiming his gun too high. This first squad is Space Marine Mk3 heavy (not the more dynamic Legion Mk3). So I have 3 Mk3 models just running forward, and this is where you can add subtle differences to make them their own model. I have given one a red gun (some Forge World Death Guard have red and some have plain black so this is fine IMOP), each has a different barrel attachment and every head is facing in a different direction.

Which brings me onto the next bit; Head location and facing. Weirdly you may need to put a small dab of Greenstuff into the neck hole as otherwise they look a bit too hunched. When ready do the wiggle and set technique til you are happy. I personally strike a pose with feet and arms in the same position as the model, roar a battle cry and get my head comfortable before replicating the pose on the model.

Then we go onto shoulder pads. I Undercoated Chaos Black before airbrushing on the Basecoat of Castellan Green. I then did all the Brass trim before Bluetacking the shoulder pads onto the model. Then I liberally coated with a Highlight of 50/50 mix of Castellan Green and Elysian Green, before a final Highlight with Elysian Green. At first I was not sure how bright it should be, I then found this and realised I was right on the money. At this point my WIP Legionaires only have one model with shoulder pads done but the rest will be finished shortly.

So still left to do is; weathering the legs and armour joints, painting the eyes, chipping effects with a sponge, Transfers, Bases (which as a gaming group we will communally decide how to have every Base later) and Matt Varnishing.

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