Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 board (Istvaan 3) Day 2

Hi all

Just a quick update to show you how we are getting on.

Boards have been undercoated with Halfords Adhesive primer. This should make the chaos black and all other coats stick better to the tiles. It sprays matt and clear, has a similar look as Lahriman Medium and dries quickly, even though it says leave for 24 hours (which we will). It takes no detail away and is very thin which we are happy about. We made more buildings today and so we now have 4 tiles of completed ruins and we intend to buy some Aquila buildings to make 1 BIG Cathedral centrepiece as well as getting some Sanctum buildings for a long high rise building. Then we are done.

We base coated it black and used a Zenithal shading technique which can be seen in the new issue 400 white dwarf. Sprayed the buildings with a dusting of white from a high angle and then taking the colour we wanted the building to be; gave it a good coating. This gives the building a natural shade.

A Khorne red Mechanicum building. This will be soon be washed and given lots of dusting and powder effects too.

I made a small kinda looks like a tram. This was sprayed with a Zenithal technique and will be washed and weathered soon. The colour is a Vallejo model Air Dark Sea Grey.

I painted the Hero of the Imperium statue using the Colour guide in the 400th edition white dwarf too. You sponge on a hit and miss basecoat of Sotek Green to represent verdigris of the metal, then apply Warplock Bronze, Runelord Brass and Auric Armour Gold layers to build up the
layers of colour, leaving bits of Sotek Green in the recesses. This is a very good technique.

We did not want to have 2 of the same type of statues on the Forge World City board's Plinths so we constructed a Tomb out of leftover bits. A shrine to some long lost hero...

Please feel free to share ideas and comment. Our Isstvan 3 board is getting there!

Khall Sithis