Sunday, 21 April 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 board (Istvaan 3) Day 4

Ok. Now as Khall and I have don't the meat of the Forge World Cityscape boards, it is going to seem like we have not got much extra done, but believe me our Isstvan 3 board is coming together beautifully. So below is yesterday's work we undertook. Please don't forget to follow us on Twitter for on the fly comments, news and pictures. @Battle_Bunnies

Khall firstly went around every board and base coated the Ironwork kerbs with Warplock bronze. He did this with a large citadel brush and slightly thinned it with Lahriman Medium.

He did this for the entire board before sponging Leadbelcher quite liberally (favouring the areas that would get scuffed and worn more) on top of the Warplock bronze. As you can imagine this was very time consuming. It will also be washed near to the end of the project.

Whilst doing this I continued to do the Airbrushing of the tiles. The large Octagon shape building base on the Primus Sector tile was done with a 1:3 mix of Steel Legion Drab, Abaddon black and Mechanicum standard grey for the shadowed recesses (obviously thinning it with AX-20 as in my previous posts), Up to a 50:50 mix of Steel Legion Drab and Mechanicum standard grey for the centre of the tiles.

Khall then encouraged me to do a red base for our Red Mechanicum building. I was really against this but went with it. "You should also do chevrons in the centre too" he said, my response was more than a little explicit. But convinced me with shouts of "think about your painting experience points! You may even level up."

So I agreed. Firstly I sprayed the section with thinned Khorne red after masking off the tiles I wanted to keep black.

This left the base looking like this.

Using strips of masking tape I proceeded to set up chevron lines across the area I wished to spray. It was then coated numerous times with thinned Golden yellow (Yriel yellow), and allowed to dry before the strips were removed.

I then sponged on some thinned Khorne red around the worn bits of the foundation and areas of battle damage to show the chevrons having worn back to the red layer of paint.

This was then accented with further very very sparse chipped areas of 50:50 Mephiston and Khorne red which were lightly sponged onto a few areas of foundation join lines to break up the red.
Then we needed to show battle damage / wear and tear going through all the layers of paint to the true building foundation colours. To get this look, various blacks to grey shades were used. Firstly we did Abaddon black mixed with Mechanicum standard grey at 50:50, through more and more Mechanicum standard grey. All sponged strategically with thought to where it would receive most damage and foot fall wear.

We then sprayed Catachan green (Castellan green) on to the tiled area in front of the red foundation. We are already planning to represent this as a storage yard for barrels and crates surrounded by a wire mesh fence (can't wait to do that).
We ran out of time to carry on with the chipping on the edges of the green tile and the ironwork hatch in the centre. This will be done next time.

We also sprayed up the little Generatorum tank Khorne Red and the surrounding Wall with a Vallejo model air Dark Sea Grey.

The World Eaters arrived moments later, the colour of Blood calling to them.

All in all I am pleased with this building foundation so far. Still lots to do though.

The boards current state. Time elapsed 26 hours.

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Drake Seta and Khall Sithis.

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