Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Bare Ceramite.

I have hit a snag. It has stopped me in my tracks. I was really looking forward to doing paint chipping and minor battle damage on my Legion. Issue is; the Death Guard have bare Ceramite and no paint and therefore no paint chipping.
As Pre-Heresy Death Guard do not paint their armour, I am going to have to find another way to make them look like they have been in battle in toxic / hazardous battlefield environments.

So as of now I am actually happy how the models I have painted have turned out, and that they are the ivory white of Ceramite. I am also happy that I chose to do them in the scheme set out in the Horus Heresy Painting guide by Forge World. The models that they have painted in their scheme do have some ware and tear going on, with not paint chipping but what I can see as scour marks. See below.

So as above I think I will be doing both a mixture of scouring as well as blobs of rust, as well as stains of dirty moisture / chemical streaks which have run down their armour.

Having spoken to the painting chap from Forge World for a while I have decided how I am going to do this. He informed me the best way to get the running rust effect is to use a really watered down Gryphone Sepia, and literally do thin coat after thin coat til you are happy. The rust mix that you can see on the power fist is 1 part Rhinox hide and 2 parts Warplock bronze.
Sponged very very very very sparingly on to the raised or regularly worn and scratched parts of the armour.

I have become so so obsessed with this that as I followed a truck the other day for 15 minutes I had to take this photo when we stopped. If I do a unit of veterans they will look like this.

Khall and I will be in Las Vegas from Thursday for a week and a bit (coming back just in time for the Horus Heresy Weekender). So I will leave you with where my Pre-Heresy Death Guard are at right now. They are about to get a lot filthier.

Drake Seta

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