Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Horus Heresy Weekender: Preview of Book 2 Massacre

The Battle Bunnies were in the front row for the Preview of the forthcoming Horus Heresy Book 2 Massacre

Each set of books in the Horus Heresy will be bunched into Trilogies. The first 3 books will be the Isstvan trilogy. Followed by Book 4 Prospero. Book 5 Calth. Book 6 Signus. 
The Fire Brands Titan Legio will face off against Mortis in book 2. 
Book 3 will follow quite swiftly after. 

There are plans to do a Storm Bird variant or two. 

There are plans to do other Titans. Not the Imperator but possibly a few lesser known ones. 

There will be new Legion specific squads. 

Iron Hands: Will have Gorgon Terminators and a Cybernetically enhanced Breacher Squad. 
Salamanders: Will have Firedrake Terminators and I think the Pyroclaste. 
Night Lords: Will have early Raptors and a squad "which use terror more than the Legion normally does" (no name as of yet). 
Word Bearers: Will have the Ashen circle Destroyer squad. 

Other Legions from Book 1 will also have new units and Special Characters too.
Emperor's Children: Will have the Karcophoni and Phoenix Guard. 

Hope you enjoy the preview. 

Have a look at our Legion Battle Report which features Fulgrim and our Legions taking on the Greenskins:

Drake Seta


  1. Wow will be a long time for Sanguinius... :(
    Looking forward to Prospero!! :D
    Magnus: Psycher Mastery Level 10! XD

    1. greetings. Yes it will be a long time away but the Forge World staff are working hard to get more things out. And I bet that Sanguinius will be one of the best looking sculpts. Simon Egan is sculpting Ferrus now but will not be Sculpting Lorgar. That is going to be sculpted by the chap who is sculpting Erebus and Kor Phaeron. So hopefully we will see more Primarchs quicker now.
      I can't wait for Prospero either. Really want to start my Velka Fenryka with the official colour schemes.
      Tartarus Armour is almost 30k. Get rid of the Crux Terminatus and it will be. That is the only reason I have not bought any yet.

  2. BTW Tartarus armour is 30K! :D

    1. Yup it is now :)
      The suits look absolutely gorgeous. Might favour them over Cataphractii in some faster Legions.

  3. Anyone have any idea when the book will be released? I really want Prospero to come out, cant wait for the Wolf King!

    1. It should be Games Day. I can't imagine it going past then. Lucky enough we have already bought our tickets so will be attending. Probably front of queue and sprinting to get hold of Massacre as soon as gate opens like before. It makes sense to release it then as they are still working on the Isstvan 5 board and are going to increase its size before Games Day. Ferris Manus will probably be there for purchase too with Kor Phaeron and Erebus.
      I can't wait for Prosperous either. It feels funny to think of my Death Guard and future Night Lords as Stop Gap Legions lol. Just really want to see Freki and Geri. Expect him to be £70-£80 though lol.

  4. was there any comment or mention of any new world eaters?


    1. I think there was mention of the Devourers. All Legions will have several Legion specific squads as the Heresy progresses. Emperor's Children have the Phoenix Guard, Palatine Blades and the Karcophoni so makes sense to support gamers' Legions as the Heresy Progresses. The Devourers would look amazing.

  5. i spoke with someone at gamesday and they said that a kharn model would be coming in the future so any world eater players have thta to look forward to

  6. That's good news. Can't imagine the Heresy without its main characters from the IP. I would hazard a guess he will be in book 3. Any later and you will be getting closer to getting a 40k Khärn. Looking forward to Sevatar too.