Saturday, 18 May 2013

Third Primarch is: Fulgrim again.

Simon has almost finished his third Primarch. And it is another Fulgrim. Below you can see this beautiful sculpt. It has a more serene face. This model is a tweak Primarch. We will find out more when we chat to him later about why he has done a second Fulgrim sculpt so quickly after he has finished the first. This will not be released until he has finished Ferrus and a few others. But the plan still is to do 3 of each Primarch.

Got to go now. We are sitting in front row of Seminar for new models and Preview of a Massacre. Closest person to Tony C by his computer lol.

Drake Seta


  1. How did you find out that they were doing three models of each primarch?

    1. It is a well known thing now. I even heard it from Several of Forge World's own mouths. 1 Fulgrim has been released, second is being mocked up giving the cocky Fulgrim vibe. And the last will be Fulgrim Ascendant.