Saturday, 20 July 2013

Forge World Cityscape: Isstvan 3 (Istvaan 3) day 8. Cityscape finished.

Forge World Cityscape Finished. That is right. Khall and I have finally completed our Cityfight / Isstvan 3 board. 

The final board sections were finished today. Using the AK streaking kit I streaked the Generatorum sector to give it a dirt and grime running look on its earthy grey foundations. 

The weathering powder has been done subtlety and just finishes off the model. We used: MIG gulf war sand, Rubble dust, industrial city dirt (lots) and of the FW range Dark earth and light earth. 

Below are each of our completed sectors:

And below are some landscape pics. 

Might Scorch damage this one day soon. Was greyed up with Fortress grey to soften the white. 

It has been a pleasure to work on this board. As soon as Blake Spence gets some more done we will double its size I think. So now on to the buildings which will sit on top. 

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Drake Seta


  1. Looks amazing! How thematically compatible are the Cityscape tiles with the Realm of Battle Board tiles?

    1. Cheers J. Will be adding a lot more to them too. Want it to be a huge battlefield eventually.

      The boards are exceptional and they do fit up to the Desert boards we have got nicely (with the kerb being slightly higher). The two boards next to each other do defy city planning though as roads would not just suddenly end at the edge of the city. So I can only hope that Forge World give us 3 Transition tiles with some form of Titanic gate entrance and 2 wall sections.

      If they don't I will have to make some. Big enough to represent the walls of Terra too. I would buy 2 Tiles (Concourse and Generatorum) again, cut them along their centre lines (12" and not through the foundations of the buildings but between the joint lines). Then create four tiles with walls out of the 4 halves.
      Each wall would be 12" wide and so that the hill tiles on the Realm of battle can butt against it before the wall leans back. This way we could easily set any realm of battle board up against the outside wall (snow boards, desert, grass etc) and it would look correct.
      This is what I would have done for the Necron board that was created by Forge World, but as it stands once it is painted (be it barren earth or snow) you can't transition it to another battlefield.

      Lets hope Forge World can bring some more of these out soon.

      Drake Seta

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    3. Thanks for the reply, Drake. Very interesting ideas for transition tiles; I may try something similar. It would be nice to represent a thematic variance of terrain between urban and rural on a single board (in part because buying an entire FW Cityscape is so expensive, but I can stomach a couple of tiles).