Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Scouring and scuffing

Just an update of where I am up to. 

I have almost finished my first 20 Legionnaires. The Sergeant with a Power Scythe still has some work to do though as I have to convert him to hold a Deathshroud Terminator Weapon. 

I have decided to create scuff marks for my Legion using Storm Vermin fur very lightly sponged at the raised edges. This represents a surface (in this case Ceramite white) being scuffed and scored, therefore allowing dirt / grime / dust etc to settle in those parts. It is not paint chipping off. 

My Sergeant poorly blutac'd for shot. 

Also I have trialled the AK Interactive streaking paints. Below are the results of my first few attempts. Very easy to use. Just draw a vertical line or several next to each other. Give it 5 mins then with a relatively white spirit free brush just go vertically over and it takes the sharpness off the edges. 

Another few posts and the squad should be done. 

Drake Seta

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