Sunday, 14 July 2013

Stand Alone Battle Report. Legion vs Orks 14/07/2013

Welcome to our first Live Stand Alone Battle. It was going to be a Legion vs Daemons but due to a lack of Tzeentch Daemon Force we have decide to requisition Mega Nobs' Ork host. 

This is a Live game and this post will be updated as the game progresses.

Without further adieu. 2400 pt game. We have decided to eschew the Allies Chart for this Battle. 

Drake Seta:

Fa Krash'ka 225 (Ghazkull)
Big Mek: shokk attack gun. 95
Warboss: power klaw; twin-linked shoota. 90
Weirdboy: Warphead. 85

30 Ork Boyz 180
30 Ork Boyz 180
5 Big Boss's Nobz: Painboy; 5× big choppa; 5× slugga. 155
4 Big Boss's Meganobz: shoota/rokkit kombi-weapon; 3× shoota/skorcha kombi-weapon. 180
30 Ork Boyz 180

4 Deffkoptas 140
4 Deffkoptas 140
Dakkajet 110
5 Stormboyz: Nob. 70

1 Grot Bomb Launcher 35

3 Killa Kans: rokkit launcha; skorcha; grotzooka. 140
Battlewagon: zzap gun; killcannon; red paint job; reinforced ram. 175
Deff Dread: kustom mega-blasta; skorcha. 95
Looted Wagon: skorcha; rokkit launcha. 60

Khall Sithis and Carth Onasi

Legion Centurion Hektor Phaleron: bolt pistol; Charnabal sabre; Refractor field; Artificier Armour, Frag and krak grenades. 80

4 Legion Terminators: +1 Legion Terminator Sergeant (Cataphractii Terminator Armour; Combi-Plasma; Power Weapon; Grenade Harness); 4× Power Weapon; Combi-Flamer; Combi-meltagun; Combi-Plasma gun; (1:5) Plasma Blaster; Cataphractii Terminator Armour. 228

9 Assault Legionaire: +1 Legionaire Assault Sergeant (plasma pistol; Power Weapon); Plasma Pistol (1in5); Power Weapon (1in5). 300 Emperor's Children
9 Legionaire: +1 Legionaire Sergeant (Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades); Nuncio-Vox; Legion Vexilla. 180 Emperor's Children
19 Legionaire: +1 Legionaire Sergeant (Heavy chainsword); Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Combat Blade; Nuncio-Vox; Legion Vexilla. 315 World Eaters
9 Assault Legionaire: +1 Legionaire Assault Sergeant (2 Lightning Claws); 2× Power Weapon (1in5). 290 World Eaters
19 Legionaire: +1 Legionaire Sergeant. 250 Death Guard

3 Sky Hunter Legionaire: +1 Sky Hunter Legionaire Sergeant (Plasma pistol; Power Weapon); Jetbike Multi-melta (1in3). 185

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: +1 Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon; Augury Scanner); 4× Autocannon. 165

Primarch Fulgrim 380

Pre Game

Game Type : Big Guns Never Tire

Objectives : 3 - we always set these up evenly. One in the centre and one in each deployment zone

Set up : Vanguard Strike

Night Fight : No

First Turn : Legion

Turn 1: Legion

End of transmission. 


  1. A good game which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was good to see what the Legions are capable of. I think for it to have gone any different I would have needed to have got the first turn. The Grot bomb launcher was destroyed before it could fire, and if it did it would have killed 7-8 Legionnaires. Khall -1 to all my reserve rolls with a Warlord trait stopped a secondary squad of Orks coming in as well as the Dakka Jet. Going forward: need more Boyz.

  2. Great game, really enjoyed battling with Legion, especially using my new guys :D see my post for instructions too :D expect to see more battles soon :)

  3. Delightful! I love the comic pane style batrep! Though it looks like the battle may have been woefully one-sided? Did the legion feel quite over powered in comparison to a regular 40K army?

  4. Hi J

    Thank you for commenting. Forge World have always maintained that the Legion list was not created to play against 40k armies, however it is very beatable. I personally think that there were many reasons the result panned out the way it did. Here are the main ones:
    1. The Ork army owner was unable to attend the game and therefore the army was forced upon Drake at the last second. Whilst Drake is an exceptional commander, sometimes there is no replacement for really knowing the army!
    2. The Ork army was not all completed in time and was forced into being held in reserve until models were recycled from the dead - something that picked up pace when Fulgrim got into the fray lol - meaning almost a quarter of the army didn't see the light of day! More Orks would have made this a much harder game!
    3. The Legion list has been written with 6th Edition in mind, the Orks are a very dated codex!

    We are going to be fielding the weight of the Legions against Dark Eldar in a coming battle report, before a revisit to the Orks. I think we will analyse this and see where the balance is. If we feel that the balance is off, we will take steps to change it. I believe that simply cutting 5-10% of points off 40k units would be the maximum that is required.

    What army are you currently working on?

    Khall Sithis

    1. Thanks for the reply, Khall. I'm very interested in how Legions perform against non-HH codexes, as I'm very tempted to start upgrading my Space Wolves army with HH-specific units/equipment (especially a primarch!). However, there aren't many HH players in my area, so I'd mostly be playing against 40K armies, and I was a bit worried about general balance (don't want to make too many enemies, after all!). I'm really looking forward to that Legion vs. Dark Eldar batrep!

      My primary armies are Wolves and Dark Eldar, by the by, with some IG and Chaos Marines/Daemons allies for good measure.

    2. Hi J

      Sounds really good! Drake is a massive Space Wolf fan and has been since we were kids lol!

      Fielding a Primarch is a dream come true for us and they truly feel special (although very point heavy)! Leman Russ will have some exceptional rules I have no doubt; especially with his big shaggy dogs lol!

      The Legion list is very well written and contains many awesome options. I don't think the balance will be too far off though and I have seen reports where 40k dexes destroy Legion. I think it will all depend on fluffy vs tourney lists. The Legion list sits better on the fluffy build side in my opinion. Which suits us.

      We suffer from the same thing though, with so few gamers in Milton Keynes and even less Heresy players. The community is just too sparse here. We will be doing the DE batrep on 17/08/2013 I believe, so keep your eye out for that. Also, I am writing a Great Crusade compliance campaign, the stories and results will all be included here.

      Please keep us upto date with your armies and feel free to discuss any suggestions or ideas with us :) we love the community!

      Kind regards

      Khall Sithis

    3. Just a note, Master Swordsman only grants extra attacks in a challenge. So would not have given Fulgrim the 6 extra attacks against the Boyz, possibly meaning that combat would have turned out differently.

    4. We recognize our failings and will be sure to correct it.

    5. Cant believe we got that wrong lol sorry everyone!