Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard; Legion Medusa part 1

So. . . it should have been 10 more Legionnaires but I had blacked out for an hour at Warhammer World and I had this little beauty. 

Luckily it is in my 2000 pt list so don't feel too guilty. At least I can be taken as an ally :)

So how did I do it. Well I need to up my painting experience points so I decided to do a tank which I would follow one of the Forge World Masterclass book guides for advice. Soooooo. . . . 

Starting with assembling hull and keeping  the tracks, landing and other metal parts Separate I sprayed the hull skull white and tracks Tamiya Gun metal. 

At this point ignore the gun being silver. I have since redone as white. 

Then I did a green stripe with the help of masking tape. This was done from Castellan green to Elysian green with an air brush. I then sponged a touch of White at the green edges to represent green paint getting scratched off. 

I then did a spray of 2 part Tamiya flat earth and 1 part Tamiya flat flesh 5 part Tamiya thinner really lightly over the dusty areas. 

Then a light sponging of equal parts Rhinox hide, Warplock bronze and chaos black on the raised areas. 

Then we Purity seal coat the model to help with the next stage; the oil wash of Burnt umber. 
Bare in mind this is my first ever time using this technique or even oil paints. 
Medusa - Pre oil. 

Ok then. On your Palette put a small amount of burnt umber oil paint. Thin it with a bit of white spirits to a slightly thicker than wash consistency. 

Do one face of the tank at a time. Paint it on around rivets, vents and panels. Eww. That looks terrible at the moment! Once this face was done I moved straight onto the step below. 

Then after the paint has dried (10 mins). cover every surface on the side with white spirits using a clean brush. When all panels are wet you then blend the oil in. Using a hot hair drier helps too to heat the oil. You can manipulate it better when hot. Try to keep certain areas whiter where they will receive less grime. 

Then I bust out my AK streaking paints again after leaving the oil to dry for a day. I use "Rust streaks" and "streaking grime" for this vehicle and my Death Guard. 
Draw a vertical thin line with the enamel colour, wait 5 mins, then with a clean brush paint white spirits on downwards to blend the streaks in. 

I will continue this tank over the next few days. 

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  1. No comments!? Oh dear! well my two cents are: ffing amazing! this looks way more realistic and better then any wash method i have seen. Well executed, i have to try this at some point!