Friday, 23 August 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard Master of signal

Well this guy came out of the blue. I was sitting there thinking: Mk4's are easier to paint than the rest of the armour variants, when I remembered I had done a "planning ahead" eBay purchase and got one of these little fellows. I did it in 4 hours. 

He is a great looking sculpt, and was really fun to paint. Out of all of the Betrayal Legions, I think Master of Signals mostly fit in with Death Guard and Sons of Horus Legions. I needed a fast HQ choice and he fit the bill, and as with all armies; I start with the low level commanders and build up to Generals etc. 

I am also planning a Converted Primus Medicae and a Converted Captain. 

1. Undercoat with Skull White spray;
2. Wash with 50/50 mix of Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium;
3. Highlight with White Scar mixed with Lahmian Medium. Lots of Lahriman so you can build up the fade back to white. 
1. Basecoat with Castellan Green;
2. Highlight with 50/50 mix of
Castellan Green and Elysian Green;
3. Highlight with Elysian Green.
1. Basecoat with Warlock Bronze;
2. Highlight with Runelord Brass.

Pre-Heresy Death Guard Master of Signal

We are planning another Stand alone Battle Report on the 31st where this chap will be used as part of an allied contingent for Darko's World Eaters. We will be gaming another Bunny "Targel Vypus" and his Dark Eldar with a Legion list. 

Drake Seta. 

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