Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard Sergeant with Power scythe

He has been a long time coming and finally my first 20 Legionnaires are complete. 

Scythe was done with Boltgun metal (still going strong even compared to my 2 Dead an lumpy Leadbelchers), followed by a patchy Chainmail / Lahriman layer on the upper surface to give it a battered and worn look similar to Forge Worlds' Deathshroud Terminators look. The Scythe itself was the No 4 scythe from the Deathshroud kit. I had to reposition and green stuff the arms, as well as slightly shave down the fingers and thumbs to get the correct size. 
The brass sections of the Scythe were done with Warplock as a base, onto a layer of Runelord Brass, a thin wash of Agrax, then a further highlight layer of Runelord Brass mixed with Chainmail, then a light glint highlight of Runefang steel. 
I then lightly sponged Runefang to get a light chipping effect on the brass and blade. 

Otherwise here I am with my Legion. I will finish 5 Flamer Legionnaires before I start my next 20 Tactical Legionnaires. Then I will finish my Heavy support Autocannons. 

Autocannon Heavy Support Pre-Heresy Death Guard Legionnaires. Work in progress. 

Pre-Heresy Tactical Support Legionnaires with Forge World Flamers. Work in progress.  

Having seen below images from recent Games Days around the world; I really can't wait for these kits. 
Forge World Space Marine Legion Sicaran Battle Tank (I can see the rust now). 

Forge World Space Marine Legion Vindicator. I want 3. . . 

I have purchased a Rhino and a Scorpius now. Would be good to see a Pre-Heresy Death Guard Scorpius I think :)

Drake Seta

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