Thursday, 26 September 2013

Forge World Legion Accessories

Hi Bunnies

So with the new Sons of Horus Upgrade sets; what does it mean for our Legions going forward. 

There is only so much Space Marine unit types in the world, and without creating 3 new squads / specialist Generic squads for every Horus Heresy book that is going to come out, the designers would be quickly getting on top of the designs. 

We know they eventually need to do the whole Mk5/6 - Breachers / Heavy Support / Recon thing, and that will start being dripped through possibly book 3 or later. 

Now any fan of the Card game or card game artwork will be familiar with the Armour variants that we have desired for a long time. 

Most of these armoured variants have names and history can even be found about the Forge World that the Ultramarines variant is raised from. 

So what should be expected:
The meat and Gravy of a Crusade Legion army has been done. So now all forthcoming releases / books should see a massive swell in these accessory packs prior to or on the release point of those Legions that will appear in the book. So when book 4 (Prospero) comes around, expect to see some amazing Vlka Fenryka knotted masks, Huge Thousand son head ornamentation etc. this will also mean Death helms and grisly trophies for the Night Lords, Mechanical augmentation etc - for Iron Hands, bare heads with Butchers Nails for World Eaters, engraved segments for Word Bearers, piped Respirators for Death Guard (which I will add to my ranks to swell them) and Drake Skins and flame totems for Salamanders. 

I for one have just realised how happy I am to have started my Death Guard first and don't need to do a cut and shunt Legion wide replacement for my Vlka. 

Cheers Forge World. Listening to what the fans want again. 

Drake Seta

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