Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard. Captains of the Horus Heresy

Ladies Gentlemen Bunnies

Time to discuss the 7 Captains of the Death Guard during the Great Crusade.
For the Great Crusade I will endeavour to model all of the Captains of the Death Guard. I have spent an hour now going through the web searching for an official list of names. 
Typhon, Garro, Temeter and Grulgor are all referenced in Flight of the Eisenstein. 
Holgoarg and Ujioj were originally about in the Card Series. 
The 6th Captain (as currently unknown) will be my own personal Captain and will be happy to kill him off in our timeline if another Death Guard Captain raises his head. 

As all Death Guard are as hard as Coffin Nails I will assume they were part of the Great Crusade from our start point. 

1st Great Company - First Captain Calas Typhon - There will be a model for this guy. So at the moment I will wait until he is released. 

2nd Great Company - Commander Ignatius Grulgor. Safe to bet that he will not get a model after the Betrayal book did not include him. 

3rd Great Company - Captain Ujioj - (Can't confirm his Company but officially he is a Loyalist, the Mark of Nurgle says otherwise, but I will assume it is a Company marking and not sculpt it on, or that he was branded with it.

4th Great Company - Captain Ullis Temeter. No further information I don't think. Will listen to Flight of the Eisenstein again to confirm. 

5th Great Company - Captain Holgoarg. For some reason I am taken with this character. He will be one of my favourites I reckon. 

6th Great Company - Unknown. My Chance to shine. Not sure whether to have him as a Loyalist or a Traitor yet. As all Legions from Forge World are getting a Captain and Standard Bearer set made for them; I might wait and recruit that model as my Captain. 

7th Great Company - Battle Captain Nathaniel Garro. Enough said. 

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  1. Principal elements of the 2nd, 5th and 7th Great Companies were victims of the Betrayal at Isstvan III. 1/3 of Legion killed. Book 1 pg129.