Monday, 9 September 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard; Legion Medusa part 3

Part 3 Focuses on tracks. Following the Forge World Masterclass books for the first time doing this technique. 

Ok so first we have our tracks painted Leadbelcher or Tamiya Gun metal. 

We then use a selection of various weathering powders in various earth shades. These are spotted haphazardly onto the tracks. 

You then soak it with white spirits without brushing it on. Just get a brush full of the stuff (large or standard citadel brush) and just put the tip onto the edge of the model and it will flood off into the recesses. Do this multiple times til the pigments and paint smooth out. 

Here it is when dry after 4 coatings of White Spirit. I have gone for a slightly clumpier look for my tracks as Death Guard get everywhere. I will seal the tracks with purity seal and then possibly attempt the graphite finger tip technique. 

Have to look into getting some better lighting. Tank at the end of the third session on it. 

Drake Seta

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