Saturday, 23 November 2013

Flickering Flame markers for the Horus Heresy (and 40k)


I have spent 15 mins doing this. Let's make our wrecked vehicles look better than simply tipped over or turret-less. Let us blow the fortresses of the imperium to pieces and see flames below out from within! Let us see battlefields not just as static gaming boards but unfolding stories of greatness!

Let there be fire! Let the galaxy burn!!!

Take 1 flickering Tea light and cover top with superglue or hot glue gun glue. Available at Tescos. 

Get a bag of pillow stuffing (250g bag of pillow stuffing from eBay delivered in 2 days for £2.50 - 250g is about the size of my head and tightly packed), take out any unsitely bits and keep it clumped together. Then stick it down on top of the candle. Then add some more glue and fluff to the candle sides (otherwise looks poop). 

Spray from several angles nice and sparingly. This firms them up too!

Switch on. 


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Drake Seta


  1. That is freaking genius I will steal this idea ;)

    1. Lol. I encourage all readers to do it! It's so easy. You were only up to 2 posts on your blog two days ago last time I looked. Going to get any more done soon. Loving the writing style.

  2. I've been busy so I'll update it today ;)