Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Forge World Strongpoint tile day 1

Ok. Fluffy gamers need fluffy terrain. 
This is the opening to underground networks which could contain Labs, Chemical Weaponary, a prison complex etc. the possibilities are endless. 

So I started by PVA gluing a lot of sand to it and then spraying Chaos Black. 

. . . Short but sweet. It took me a long time to do it!! I'm in Hobby turmoil at the moment. Finding it hard to keep my eyes on one project at a time!

Next; I paint the bastard. 

Drake Seta


  1. Brother if it's set on istvaan underground bunker complex.

    But I personally like the idea of a gene lab that's been established or an underground weapon cache.

    I'd then use zone mortallis tiles to move from one board to another

    1. Lol. Would barely need to paint it if on Isstvan v :)
      I have a whole 6x4 Zone Mortalis network which I will be turning my attention back to shortly. Started it last Xmas and it is 60% done. Just need to start 1 tile and do a "how I painted it guide". Hopefully will find time to do it this Xmas.

      You seen Typhon yet?

  2. Ohh yeah I saw him.
    I'm already planning on using him in a squad of 10 Grave Wardens.

    I think for dramatic sakes if throw some dead marines at the entrance and on the walls, like they fell defending the entrance.

    1. Really would like to get my hands on a box full of the marines that decorate Primarch bases. Then I could do Isstvan v justice.

  3. & I gotta ask how are the mortallis tiles? I want to order a dozen or so eventually

    1. Combat on them is something else. It is tactical and very who charges first. I really recommend them though.