Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Phosphex fire templates for the Horus Heresy

Hi guys. 

So with the Flickering fire templates done I decided to set my sight on Phosphex Markers. 

So; Phosphex fires are a blue and white. Below is a sample from Distant Echoes of old Night:

The walls and ceiling of the passage had ignited as the phosphorescent fires spread. The chemical blaze danced horribly over the metal, burning with an eerie white-blue flame – it seemed hungry, as though eager to claim new territory. As the squad made its cautious way down the steep corridor, Murnau felt the liquid mist of the toxic compound against his skin. It smothered him like a lingering miasma, and almost immediately he felt the poison seep and scald its way into his flesh.
Murnau could now hear the howling agony of the Imperial Fists rising up from the lower deck. Across his vox-link the Chaplain detected the faintest murmur of agony from the lead Graven as they stomped through the hanging phosphex. The matte ceramite and green trim of their plate visibly smouldered in the glow, but Murnau didn’t fully appreciate the torture to which he had exposed them until he too pushed on into the concentrated cloud of chemical death. The glowing flames flaring from the metal of his cables, chestplate and studded pauldrons was disconcerting enough, but they set light to his long, black hair and licked at his face.”

Excerpt From: Sanders, Rob. “Distant Echoes of Old Night.” Black Library, 2013-07. iBooks. 
This material may be protected by copyright.

So I purchased Blue LED candles and set to it. 

Blue candle. 

Add superglue to surfaces and add pillow stuffing to the surfaces. 

Airbrush Macragge blue and Sotek with a Zenithal Chaos black spray. 

Turn on. 

So far not too sure if I am happy with it. It is not really Meant to be smokey I would say, but don't know how to make it more fiery. 

Any ideas?

Drake Seta


  1. Quote from Lexicanum:
    Phosphex Bombs are deadly weapons used during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. These bombs contain phosphex, a rare corrosive toxin and incendiary compound. It expands on contact with the air into a seething, liquid mist which burns with an eerie white-green flame that is attracted to movement. This flame ignites metal and eats into living tissue, and more ominously can not be extinguished by any means short of exposure to a vacuum. But as effective as this horrific weapon is, its use is not widespread as it has a tainting effect on planets beyond even radiation or nuclear weapons. Thus they were only sparsely deployed by Destroyer Space Marines or in Imperial Army Medusa's, where they were known as Phosphex Shells.[1]

  2. Have you thought of using static flock?

    Maybe add some to give it more texture then smoke?

  3. Either leave more white showing or use a white led set with blue smoke. Also you should be using Tamiya clear blue.

  4. With these kind of objective markers the cotton represents smoke, not flame. Perhaps that is where the issue is.

    Phosphex in particular, I would go for a standard white/yellow LED then spray the foam blue. It will function as your colour filter, with hot white flame at the center.

  5. Cheers for the comments guys. I'm going to try the Tamiya clear blue next and one with more white too. Failing that sweety wrapper plastic and clear white candles.