Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: First formation (target)

Hi all

Thought I would share the list I am working towards right now. As many of you might know from reading our blog; I fell into Death Guard. We divided the Forces from Betrayal and I was lumbered with them (not a problem - cos' they looked fun and epic). 
So as we are a gaming club, we strive to do games and great Campaigns. So Juggling between painting a Legion and doing Scenery for our games has been very very hard. So I excluded myself mostly from the first Campaign so that I could do a decent spread of scenery and arrive later. 

My current Death Guard (finished). 

My WIP Pre-Heresy Death Guard Rapier. 

So here is my list. Completed is in Italics. 
I really wanted to stick to the relentless feel of the Death Guard, so have no fast attack or Rhinos currently. I am aiming to get this all done by April so I can start my second Legion.

Legion Centurion - Master Of Signal: bolt pistol; Power Weapon; Melta-bombs; Refractor field. 115

5 Destroyer Legionnaires: Legionaire Destroyer Sergeant (Artificier armour; rad, fag and krak grenades; 2× Phosphex Bomb); 3× 2x Bolt Pistol; (1:5) Missile Launcher with Suspensor web and Rad missiles & Bolt Pistol ; 4× Chainsword. 205
2 Legion Contemptor Deadnoughts: Multi-melta; Plasma cannon; DCCW Heavy Flamers; DCCW Graviton gun. 385
1 Rapier Carrier: Graviton cannon. 75
1 Legion Apothecary: Augury scanner; Artificier Armour; Frag and Krak grenades. 60

20 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (DG - Power Scythe; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades). 275
10 Breacher Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (Power Weapon; combi-melta; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; One Breaching Charge; Melta Bombs (sgt only)); Melta gun (1in5); Graviton Gun (1in5). 300
5 Support Legionaires: Legionaire Sergeant (Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta-bombs (Sgt)). 115

1 Legion Medusa: extra armour. 165
7 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner); 6× Autocannon. 225
Legion Vindicator: Combi-Bolter; dozer blade; extra armour. 145
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank: Sponson Lascannons. 175
7 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Missile Launcher (F and K); Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner); 6× Missile Launcher. 225

Legion Fellblade Super-Heavy Tank: Space Marine Legion crew (BS4). 540

3,005 points
I will be adding to this in my second Death Guard phase, obviously Mortarion and his Death Shroud, Vindicator and a host of other troops will be joining the force, for another total of around 1500.

Now. . . To go to Nottingham or not . . . Maybe wait for my Typhon first . . .  

Drake Seta

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  1. Great wear and tear on the rapier, and that's a very impressive mud effect. I'm not a fan of the GW or FW board sections, but you've definitely managed to make them look more real, properly rain-soaked and squelchy.

    1. Thanks buddy. We get them cos of the lack of space at my place at the moment. Easy to pack away and store. Love the Castellum tile, it is so playable.