Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all.

It's time for weekly update to show you guys (and girls) what the bunnies have been up to this week and our plans for next week. 


Meganob has started doing 10 Wraithblades today. No pics available yet but they will be up soon which full details of army lists and painting guide.

Drake Seta & Khall Sithis

Drake Seta and Khall Sithis will be painting 9 Thallax this week to mark the start of their Mechanicum contingent. They are planning on adding about 4 Special weapon Thallax as 1 in 3 have special or Heavy Weapons. Just waiting for Forge World now. 
Khall Sithis has also started trimming 5000pts worth of Luna Wolves.

Targel Vypus 

I completed my Reaper for my Dark Eldar in time for the next battle in our Tagitha campaign.

Next week I plan to trim the rest of my Word Bearers so I can start painting :-) 

Darko Thane 

Darko Thane has nearly finished his rhino which he plans to finished next week. He then will start to prepare for his Salamanders

That concludes this weeks progress report, please comment below with any questions you have on what we have done so far as well as what you would like to see in the future. 

Take care :-) 

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  1. That Rhino mr Thane. . . Let's move it along a bit!!!