Saturday, 22 March 2014

Forge World Open day. Bligh / Cottrell question time.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. 

With Forge World open day (my Xmas) a week tomorrow I thought we would get prepped with questions that we would like the figureheads of Forge World to answer. 

We know the Rout and the Thousand Sons will be in book 4. What other Legions will be in this book?

Will book 4 deal with The Sisters of Silence and Custodes in the same manner that Books 1-3 dealt with Mechanicum (drip fed)?

Will book 4 have any other conflicts aswell as the Razing of Prospero?

Book 5 was either Signus or Calth have you settled on which yet?

Are you planning on subterranean cave tiles (Mortalis style) for Calth?

Knights and Skitarii were possibly one of the most requested units ever desired from Forge World. You were in the loop for the Knights (as their presence in Extermination indicates), are Skitarii another product that will arrive soon from the plastic Manufactorum that is Games Workshop? Will this coincide with the rumour of having FW products in store? And could we see a Mechanicum codex with all FW options to add credence / cement to this union?

Any plans for book 7 yet? We are hungry!

Which was the most interesting Legion you helped flesh out in Extermination?

Russ is the second toughest Primarch next to Horus. . . Not a question. 

With the Knight love at the moment; we know there will be variants made by Forge World. Any Pure resin ones (different chassis) like the Warden class?

Any plans to do internal detail for Knights as an upgrade pack?

Could we see an Imperial Knight chassis with lifting gear etc as a thematic piece as what Tony sculpted for the Sentinel?

Could we see an Imperial Knight for Warhammer? Not 40k. Be good to see the old worlders wound up again. There was talk of steam powered ones where tech was forgotten, loading crews loading shells from a platform behind the Battlecannon etc. could look fantastic.

Any other sculpters getting involved in the character series?

Any other questions to be added to this pile? To be confirmed by Forge World, not hearsay or conjecture. 

Drake Seta


  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could ask about the Primarch lineup? Like we know that either Mortarion or Corvus is next but what about after? Any word on Vulkan or the Nigh Haunter or even Sault Travitz (I know not a Primarch)? Also, for prospero, Will we be getting new Ahriman or Bjorn's (not in dreadnought)? Any of those would be cool to know if you have the time!

    1. They seem to want to keep all Primarch release schedules and book releases under their collective hat now. They only preview to add a bit of excitement prior to a big release (aka Horus at Gamesday). Will ask Tony at Weekender if they are meant to be keeping it so secretive recently.

    2. After chatting to Sir Alan of Bligh he did give me something really interesting:
      "Alan, Where is Forrix?" Thought we would have seen him in Extermination?"
      "We only write characters in to the books where their story is relevant or they are a central character to the story being told. Forrix's story in Extermination was not a big one or is even documented"
      This is a great basis for the Characters we will see in all forthcoming books in my opinion. Bjorn will be in Inferno. I just pray / going to buy Alan enough drinks that Lord Gunn will be in it too. He sounds absolutely epic.
      Ahriman would be in Inferno too in my opinion.

  2. The Prmarch schedule does seem to be a question that is asked at all events but one we shall be covering :)

  3. any chance we will see legion specific units or contemptor dreads in the next month or so?

    1. They will all be addressed in time apparently. Not a great answer though.

  4. Any chance of a definite answer to 'Will you do the Great Crusade, because we really really want it?'

    Some of us are a bit tired of kaos, and would like an upbeat, man takes to the stars, thrashing xenos, 29.8k.

    1. I second this. We are doing our own GC but its no substitute for the real thing. I have asked this question before and the answer was 'who knows, maybe after the Heresy.' The same reply as I got from Black Library. It would be a massive undertaking though.

    2. Would there be enough interest for the xenos side though? Obviously there is some, but I think most would just want to be on the side doing the trashing.

      As for questions, when will we get some Salamanders stuff?

    3. Hadn't teally thought about that. However, there were always tough battles, reinforcements called etc that would lead to some awesome campaigns. As long as the battles are epic, who cares who wins?

  5. I'd quite like to know if there are any plans to include an imperial army faction in the series.

    1. They will be doing an Imperial Army force and I would be shocked if it wasn't in Conquest.