Monday, 10 March 2014

Mechanicum Thallax Painting guide


Hello everyone. Today I bring you Thallaxii!!!

Khall and I have been working on these little scamps for about a week and a half now. Work has been busy as has Khall with his Sons of Horus he is getting ready to start so they were not done as fast as we were intending. 

How did we do them? Well. . . 

Undercoat black. 
Paint the structure of the Thallaxi a drybrush of Leadbelcher. 
Paint the armour plates Warplock bronze. 

Layer on Runelord Brass. 
Wash armour plates seraphim Sepia. 
Layer on a 50:50 mix of Runelord Brass and Runefang Steel towards the higher sections of the armour plate. 
Wash the structure with 50:50 Nuln oil and Lahmian. 

Dry brush the higher lines of armour plate and the structure Runefang steel. 
Sponge on chipping on the black shoulder pads with Leadbelcher. Then taking a ultra fine paintbrush make lines of chipping in a couple of random spots on each model. 
Paint the mask Ard'coat and let natural lighting give a transparent effect. 

With the release of more heavy Thallaxii from FW (sadly not separately) I think I will be getting another 4 models at least (and selling the additional Lightning guns on eBay or Diorama them). 

I used them for the first time in a friendly game this weekend. They performed amazingly, and almost took Angron down. Looking forward to a pair of House Raven Knights to march around with them now. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. These really do look amazing. You guys done a really good job on them. Can not wait to see them on the battlefield :-)

    1. . . . Maybe with a certain Grey Legion. . .