Thursday, 27 March 2014

New release prices available at the Forge World Openday.

Bank balance is expecting a nose dive this weekend, but hey fuck it; it's Heresy. 

The Isstvan Campaign Collectors edition is £145 and includes book 3

So the new Extermination book is £70

The Krios is £68

The Falchion is £165! That is more expensive than the other Super Heavies. 

New Complex tiles are £90 each. 

Collectors edition, Krios and maybe 3 Basilisks for me. Need to start getting the Iron warriors ready for artillery support. 

You going to be there? What are you getting?

Drake Seta. 


  1. hopefully this is better than the other super heavies :)

    1. You ever fought a Winblade?the other chaps almost refuse to play it now'

    2. no, unfortunately the heaviest I've meet / had in my army is land raiders :/ people at the club I'm on the do not play over 2000pts. Have not played any since the new regleboken came out. firm has for me it is "D weapons" on them.

    3. Super heavies are a different level to Land Raiders :)

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