Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pre-Heresy Word Bearers

ŁHi all

It is finally time for me to make a start on my Pre-Heresy Word Bearers, the greatest legion and the main instigators of the Horus Heresy. 

I have been looking forward to this project ever since I was introduced to my favourite character in the Horus Heresy novels, First Chaplain Erebus.

Firstly I would like to share with you an army list that I came up with, with a little bit of assistance from Khall, that I believe will be a good starting point to what will hopefully be a quite sizeable force.  So here is my 2000 point list. 
High Chaplain Erebus 195

4 Incendiaries: Iconclast (Inferno pistol; Power Axe; Artificier Armour; frag grenades; krak grenades, Jump Pack). 200

1 Legion Contemptor Deadnought: Twin-linked Autocannon; DCCW Heavy Flamers; Havoc Launcher. 205

1 Rapier Carrier: Laser Destroyer Array. 55

19 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (combi-flamer); Legion Vexilla. 270

19 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (power weapon); Legion Vexilla. 270

1 Legion Predator: Executioner Plasma Destroyer; 2x Sponsoon Lascannons; Machine Spirit; Pintle Combi-bolter. 190

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Lascannon; Augury Scanner); 4× Lascannon. 240

Primarch Lorgar Aurellian 375

So firstly I really wanted Erebus in my starting force just for the simple fact that he is my favourite :-) 

For the troops, I went for two 20 man tactical squads. The reason for this is because in the second Horus Heresy book by Forge World,  Massacre, it stated under for Word Bearers section, that typically their squads were no smaller than 20 men and I wanted to keep to the fluff as much as possible

I really wanted to add the Ashen Circle as they are the only legion specific unit available for the Word Bearers at the moment and I wanted my force to have something that makes it stand out from other legions. Plus I think they look amazing :-)

All the other units I selected are there it give the force a bit of fire power with the ability to take out both armour and non-armour units.

And last but no least the Primarch, Lorgar. I am fortunate enough to have this model so who better to lead my army? 

So, I would like to know your thoughts on my list so please leave a comment.  Once I have completed my squads, I will give you guys/girls some pictures with full painting guides.

Take care :-) 


  1. Been lucky to see one of your WIP Greys, so far they look awesome. Really looking forward to getting Pauldron to Pauldron with the Bearers of the word.
    I love the book burning heavy list. Goes really well with their background all those Flamers. The Ashen circle is a must have, and their models look amazing. I understand the holding back from having him and Kor in the same list, be worth saving him for the second batch.

  2. When I first looked at the rules for the Ashen Circle and their hand flamers I was slightly underwhelmed, however now I believe that if they are positioned well, they could cause a lot of wounds on even other space marines which in turn would then force your opponent to have to make quite a few amour saves which is always a good thing. And then once you have weakened them a bit, you can then charge and and cause even more damage. So overall I quite like them, just want to see them in action :-)

    1. I take it you are adding a true assault squad to this force at a later date then?

  3. Thanks for the reference :)

    I like your list alot. Very fluffy. I remember one of the contested subjects we had was having 570 pts worth of HQs (Primarchs counting as HQ in house rules). I would personally drop one or the other and grab another squad, tank or both. I am loving your grey scheme though. Simple, effective and time-light. Cant wait to get a campaign started with you.

    1. I think it could stand ok. Not every battle will have a Primarch in attendance. Looking forward to seeing what he wants to add to this list within the bounds of Fluff.