Monday, 3 March 2014

Review of Black Library Live!

Yesterday was the first Black Library event of the year and let me say - it was a cracker! Lots of cool previews teased and sold, giveaways, signings, seminars, plot teases etc etc! It was a fantastic day. I made notes during the seminar of anything I found interesting from a plot point of view in the Heresy. I have compiled this and you are about to read the fruits of my labour. It is in a rough form so please forgive me. There may be minor spoilers in this post.

Seminar 1 - Q&A with Graham McNeill
Graham is currently working on a heresy novel called Crimson King. This is set immediately following Thousand sons. 
He would like to work on Dark Angels however Dan Abnett has a 'great Idea for them which is too cool for words. I had nothing'. Very interesting.
Unit similar to Gal Vorbak in Vengeful Spirit for Sons of Horus. They are the first in a long list of 'subtle temptations for Horus.' The book is about the start of his road where he finally starts accepting the Gods favours.
When asked about what the primarchs would think about the 41st Millenium he said that he believed they would head straight to Terra, tear the place down and start again. He then teased that this was touching on a sub-plot from one of his upcoming 40k novels. Appetite officially whetted. More on this later.
Graham believes that we are about five years until Siege of terra.

Seminar 2 - Q&A with Chris Wraight - Great Wolf 
A lot of the discussion was diverted to White Scars and Heresy.
There are plans for 'Scars 2' - I am excited about this as Scars was probably my favourite book so far.
Chris has a short story immediately after Scars which is finished. 
Chris would like to do more for thousand sons.
He talked about the family ties between primarchs which was brilliant. He mentioned a quote from Scars which, funnily enough has stuck with me too regarding The Khan's thought process for his actions.
The full battle between AL and SWs will be revisited. Either as a short story or own book.
Chris would like to write more about the Sigilite. He mainly wants to touch on Nikea and how the Imperium were on the cusp of 'becoming a psychic race' - between the Emperor and Malcador they had learnt from Eldar's mistakes and would master the warp.
When asked who would win, Leman Russ or the Khan? He replied: 
'As with all primarch fights, it would depend on the circumstance. However, the Khan would win'

Seminar 3 - Q&A with Nick Kyme - Forgefather
When asked what the Kabal are upto in the 40k, Nick said that Eldrad Ulthran outlives the Kabal. He also hinted that they are probably done with Vulkan.
He accidentally revealed the name of this years limited edition anthology 'seditions Gate' it will feature an explanation of Vulkans Artefacts from a 30k perspective in a short called Artefact. 
He would do like to do a Death Guard book as they are relatively unsung. 

Seminar 4 - Q&A with Nick Lyme, Gav Thorpe, Graham McNeill and Chris Wraight
GT: Working on a novella called Corax Ravenlord - Corax becomes a pain in the arse. Raven guard become a symbol of hope and unite a world. 
He says that Horus wasn't sidelined during the Heresy. He was waiting. In Vengeful Spirit he unleashes the Sons of Horus. 
GT: Will be more Dark Angels vs Death Guard. More Typhon and Corswain.
We are gunna see DAs get hurt.
Nick Kyme: Alpha Legion fight as a legion in the future. Will be good to be reminded they are a Legion.
GT: More stuff between DAs and SWs. More fundamental stuff for the Heresy for DAs.
GM: some of the Forge World Dark Millenium stuff is incredible.
More stuff from Istvaan 3, Ancient Rylanors story may yet have more to it.
The story of the Perpetuals will be fulfilled.
After the Heresy, Black Library will tackle the scouring, age of unity or great crusade or just continue with heresy.

Seminar 5 - Q&A with John French 
Zharost is chief librarian of night lords and stood with the other Chief Librarians at Nikea. Child of night is a future short story featuring Zharost and Sevatar. 

Seminar 6 - Q&A with Graham McNeill and Nick Kyme - about Ultramarines
Not really a lot here. There are rumours that we may be seeing Guilliman return. Nothing was given away. I really want to see this. It is the only thing that could get me back into 40k. 

See if you can spot Gav Thorpe in the pic too

All in all it was a great day. I now look forward to the Forge World Openday. If you have any questions please put them below :)

Khall Sithis


  1. What do you make of the Rylanor under Isstvan 3 thread? Do you think they will escape or do you think BL should keep some characters actually dead? Also baring in mind the open end of I think it was Galaxy in flames (where Tarvitz and the others are standing in the open waiting for the bombardment to hit) do you think, short of a popular perpetual turning up with a very sharp blade, do you think there is anyway they could have possibly survived?

  2. I believe Tarvitz is dead. They have left it too long for a resurection now in my opinion. Rylanor too. I would love to see them return. I just highly doubt it lol

    1. As with Doom rider: I don't think they can actually kill off characters as they may make the company money in the future.

  3. Well I hope that they do a short story at least to explain what happened to him.

    1. I expect to see Sejanus again eventually lol.

    2. I'm pretty sure he is dead lol he died on 63 19 and then Loken took his place in the mournival