Friday, 11 April 2014

Battle Bunnies: The Legions gather strength!

So the Battle Bunnies are assembling their Legions. We have a total of 8 Legions started. 

Here is a brief summary of our current strength:

Dark Angels: Our Shadow Bunny has amassed a sizeable force and is making slow but steady progress. With the fact the First Legion is not on the horizon for a long time makes this a semi difficult enterprise but we will see. 

Emperor's Children: Khall has a sizeable force of around 3000 pts. He has paused them currently whilst he has turned his attention to another Legion "No more purple" we heard him mutter before he disappeared into the black. 

Iron Warriors: I have recently started them about a month or 2 ago and have made lots of progress. I only have 5 Tanks and 7 men to finish my first part of the Legion and move back to Death Guard. 

World Eaters: a force do around 2500 pts have been amassed, and there are plans for more troop choices to be added shortly. Darko has done a great job and his eyes keep straying to his Salamanders in their Bags ready to be scrubbed and assembled. 

Death Guard: I have completed around 3000 pts of my first Legion and I am actually looking forward to getting back to them. Typhon, the Grave Warden and the Death Shroud are calling!

Word Bearers: Targel is totally obsessed with his new Ashen Circle and I can't wait for him to wrap them up as they look fantastic. His Grey Great Crusade Word Bearers are coming along nicely. 

Iron Hands: Mega Knob has sprayed Ferrus Manus but whenever he gets it back out he shivers and shakes in the corner. He will get done soon!

Sons of Horus: Khall is totally bitten by the Sons of Horus Bug at the moment and has been really searching out the colour schemes he wants to do for them. His Horus is underway and looks great. His Lunar Wolves are being planned too. 

We are never too sure where to aim our focus but we fully intend to reenact every battle in the Horus Heresy Novel Series, but in the meantime - the Great Crusade is calling. 

Drake Seta


  1. Replies
    1. Where would you like to see us focus? The Heresy or Great Crusade?

      Anyone can answer this below :)

  2. I love reading about your crusade games! But I am really looking forward to the heresy ones! Hope to see you at the HH Weekender! I may actually have a small Raven Guard force by then

    1. Nice one dave! What paint scheme are you planning on using? We have the official Forge World scheme if you would like a copy?

      We will all be at the HH weekender. Look out for the Bunny logo ;)

    2. Cheers Dave. The Tagatha Campaign was meant as a prologue Campaign which would encourage the Bunnies to get more stuff painted and scenery done to several deadlines. With all of the terrain and painting we were doing the story took a backward step sadly. The next Great Crusade will be written by Khall and we plan to have Primarchs in for the first time.

  3. I was going for as 'black' as possible, to try and get the stealthy look! Would love to see the 'official' forge scheme though, as these are the first marines ill have painted in ages. Going for a zone mortalis force at first, so I can face my friends night lords! An all mk6 raptor force :-)

    Can't wait to see the primarchs getting in on the action!

    1. I can't wait to get to the Night Lords. They were my second choice Legion after the Rout. I think mine will be mk4 primarily as they are a newer Legion compared to the Iron Warriors or the Death Guard. When you get some done post some pics on our Facebook page.

    2. Heres the guide Dave:
      1. Spray the model black.
      2. Blend a very thinned coat of Stormvermin Fur into the black.
      3. Add some mechanicus standard grey to the Stormvermin Fur and blend this in as a highlight.
      4. Line highlight the very top of panels with straight Mechanicus Standard Grey.
      For the reds:
      1. Basecoat of pure khorne red.
      2. Highlight with Evil Sunz Scarlet
      3. Wash with Tamiya Clear Red.

      Then debrief and cocktails.

    3. Thanks khall, ill give it a go!