Friday, 18 April 2014

Deathshroud WIP

The Deathshroud are coming along nicely. Hopefully they will have a Primarch to escort round in a months' time. So far they have been a delight to paint, and it has been a pleasure getting back to the Death Guard. 

Drake Seta


  1. Hi

    How did you get that effect on the armour? I am currently halfway through the great death guard stick together and the painting starts soon.

    Any guidance appreciated


    1. Hi Silverback. If you click on Pre-Heresy Death Guard tag on the left you will see all my painting conquests. Short answer though:
      Get a test mini or spray a piece of leftover Resin block etc white. Skull white is good but make sure you get a nice smooth coat.
      Then get Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian. Mix together the two pots and label up as 2 Death Guard mix pots.
      Cover the white test piece with this wash. Try to do it quick and plate at a time or you may get tide marks as you do with all washes. Then on a pallet put some white scar paint and Lahmian medium next to each other. You want to thin it a lot and slowly bring it up to the highest point on each plate. It takes time but that is the official FW scheme too.
      Just practice getting a subtle transition from sepia to almost pure white.
      Vehicles are a different matter. Look at my Medusa painting guide for advice on them. Believe me it is lovely and easy.

  2. The shadow bunny approves. :)

  3. Thanks drake.

    As I have said before it is all your fault I have this to do. I was one of the guys at WHW at the last doubles weekend who saw your models and decided to enter 30k. I am looking forward to painting such a stand out army, I think I have near 4,000pts to do!

    Cheers and well done on a great blog I look at every day.

    1. Awesome. Loved chatting to you guys! Always nice to spend time with like minded hobbyists! Hopefully if Warhammer world do a massacre event this year you can try to make it. We were there at the Betrayal Weekender and it was awesome.

      You going to the Horus Heresy Weekender?

  4. I didn't get a ticket for the weekender so I will be monitoring your reports!