Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rule Changes and game Mechanics

Hiya all

I haven't got anything to show this week as I am in the process of moving and I have been working away, so I thought I would share more of a 'theoretical' post with you today, based around my meandering thoughts. I spend so much of my hobby time painting that its often only once a month I manage to fit a game in, a fact which absolutely depresses me. Still, when I get round to playing, they are usually an enjoyable affair. Of course there is moaning to the cruel dice-gods and often under-whelming game mechanics, but as a whole I enjoy gaming. 

I have read a lot of articles recently around gaming and rules, as well as seeing rumours on other sites about a possible Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition release coming soon, so I thought I would discuss my opinions of the game with you all. There are so many games out there with interesting mechanics and its often suggested that, although Warhammer is the biggest, maybe it requires a shake-up. What I really want to do is look at what rules you, the community, would change to make things more balanced, more fun and more realistic. Jervis Johnson has always been a massive advocate of homebrew/house rules and I love reading some of his ideas, this weeks White Dwarf has had him looking at more narrative mission objectives. Warhammer is where my gaming heart is, but I do feel improvements to the core rules can be made. How do you feel about homebrew rules that are play tested and improve the game?

First of all I want to discuss rules that I think need to be revised if a new edition is coming.

1) Turn sequences - there are many different ways that this could be improved upon but here is how I feel it should be done:
Phase 1 Morale - for standard leadership tests etc
Phase 2 Psychic - anyone who intends to use a psychic power, this turn, takes the test now and has time to plan how best to use the power in the following turns.
Phase 3 Movement - fairly standard really.
Phase 4 Shooting - again fairly standard.
Phase 5 Assault - standard again.
Fairly standard across the board really, except I feel both players operate in each phase. No more Move, Shoot, Assault then your opponent retaliates. Each phase should alternate between the players, becoming more tactical, allowing for a very fluid act and react game - much like real warfare. It also stops players from using pathetic, power-builds to Alpha Strike and cripple armies before you can move a model. Also, fast attack units like jetbikes and javelins will not be counted as static in the first turn - makes sense really...

2) Blast weapons - Drake has touched on this before. They are just too inaccurate. It doesn't make sense. See here for his version:

3) Units that overwatch should have to pass an initiative test to shoot at full BS. If they fail it should be 6s to hit. However, if you attempt to shoot overwatch then you become initiative 1 for the first round of combat and your opponent gains +1 to their to hit score in combat. It makes sense because the defending model would technically be fumbling around with their gun and pulling out combat knives etc against a foe who has planned a charge, picked targets and has momentum behind them. 

4) Units in cover should have a cover save AND armour save or their should be a penalty to the attackers BS roll. It may slow the game slightly, but it makes more sense.

5) Challenges are just so...boring. Lets have a full revamp please? How about both challengers have combat dice to the equal of their WS. Each player must select how many dice they use for attack and how many they use for defence. For example:
- A Space Marine Praetor (WS6) is fighting a Squad Sergeant (WS4). The Praetor chooses to use his superior ability to have a balanced round of 3 attack dice (chances to hit) and 3 defence (chances to save). The Sergeant chooses to go defensive and chooses 3 attack and 1 defence. The Praetor hits and wounds with 2, the sergeant can only attempt to save once so dies before he can strike back. If he had gone defensive he could have maybe saved both and had one attack. It would be a really tactical minigame, that can really conjure up some cool combats. I thought about this in 5 minutes last night. Special rules may need tweaking but I think it would be more fun.

6) I would like to see Corax's WS increase too, or Sigismund's go down. These are the only rules I dont really agree with from the Heresy books. Sigismund should not have the combat skill of one of the Primarch's. 

These are just a few that, in my opinion, would make the game more interesting. What rules would you like to see improve or change? Comment below :)

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  1. Hi there great blog love the enthusiasm of all the writers.

    I haven't played much since about the release of grey knights in fifth still love the background and the models but the game sometimes feels like a bit of a chore the turn sequence means that you spend a lot of time standing around and popping out for a fag seems a bit rude. The other problem I think is that the game has started to creak around the edges the games are too big for the d6 system rolling buckets of dice is silly.

    I've been playing a lot of infinity recently and this has a very different turns system you get a numbervof orders equal to your models which can be used for any unit but where it gets interesting is that if you activate a model in los or the area around an enemy model they get an aro reactive order so whilst it's not your go your still involved it makes for really. Fast paced involving games.

    1. My personal favourite Game system is Necromunda. Not too divergent from 40k but love the post skirmish stitch up.
      Haven't had a chance to play Infinity yet but would like to get round to it.

    2. I used to enjoy joy necromunda too although I preferred space hulk but that might just be a nostalgia thing space hulk being my first intro to the 40kverse.

      Can't recommend infinity enough the models are gorgeous but if you want to get a taste on the cheap proxy some 40k models the rules are free to download of the website start with the quick start rules


      Then you just needs some d20's and some terrain use lots and mostly los blocking infinity can be a really lethal game if you can see it you can probably kill it

    3. There are 4 games I would like to have a go at:
      Warhammer Fantasy
      Dropship Commander.
      Heresy/Great Crusade is the most important for me at the moment, but I will get round to the others eventually. Be nice to have a 'pick up and play' game that doesn't require too much effort lol :)

      30k is a way of life.

    4. I'd love to give 30 k a go at some point I'm actually building a world eaters force at the moment but with an eye to playing it in 40k (no 30k players round here yet) so have a list built from the BA dex using Seth as kharn and death company as troops the betrayer novel left quite an impression. Wish I lived a bit closer to Milton Keynes I'm near Ipswich.

    5. Drop ship commander also intrigues me as does the xwing board game

    6. Pop some of your pictures on our facebook page. Would be great to see them :)

  2. Blast Markers are a need to be fixed in my opinion. Torrent needs to scatter too, I mean come on spraying a jet of liquid or a solid shot missile . . Which is more accurate?!
    Psychic powers should stay where they are and should be recognised as an Overwatch power. I'm not a tourney player but my Daemons of Tzeentch got beaten with a stick this ed.
    Like the sound of Bikes striking as they pass.
    Challenges are good at the moment but could do with tweaks.
    A percentage army list would be perfect as a massive fan of troops.
    D-Weapons: if they stay the same we will just use the alternative ones in the FW books which are not army crushing.
    A Disengage from CC option would be good. Hate being "trapped" by Contemptors cos' there is a small chance to win.
    Tanks should be able to shoot or snap fire at different targets instead of at the main vehicles target.

  3. rules for: fps shoot every thing, rules for: rts BE the general, rules for: tbs ..... ionknow