Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spartan ready for glory!

Hey guys, really happy to show off my new finished product, a Legion Spartan tank for my World Eaters. I have been looking forward to having my first tank folr some time and here it is! I thought it was going to be quite an arduous task to get this beast completed but was quite a simple build and paint.

Hope you all like how I've done, and I would appreciate any feedback so I can better future vehicles (I am looking to get a Whirlwind soon). Currently I am working on the Bloody one (aka Kharn) and also a squad of Red Butchers. These look to be really good to do. Will post updates in regular stages :)

As always we Battle Bunnies appreciate all comments so check out all our posts and see what takes your fancy! Why not check out our Forge World Open Day review? See you soon guys :)

Darko Thane


  1. Looking good Darko. Makes me want to do my Typhon.

  2. Brilliant I'll have to paint up my fellblade as heresy BA just to destroy that traitorous piece of mechanised beauty