Thursday, 8 May 2014

If I ruled Forge World . . . Wishful thinking . . .

So with all of the Lovely Heresy abundant in the world today I thought I would say how I would (as a fan of all things Forge World) plan releases. 

Corax for HH Weekender (to even up the amount of Loyalists to traitors). He would be set up for his momentary dynamic duel with Curze Diorama.  

Mortarion for July. Would release him on 7/7/14 for giggles. 

Book 4: I would put Dark Angels and Sons of Horus in a Campaign together on Diamat. This is down to how much relatively little work (compared to the others) would be required to enter the first Legion in. I would also put in some lovely galactic conquest rule sets (similar but better than Planetary Empires) so people can fight on the Galaxy as a larger conquest. 
I would also put White Scars in against Orks as well as a second Alpha Legion visit for kill team size games (to go with Conquest mission tables). 
I would also include a large Mechanicum army list with either the Crusader, Castellan and/or Warden class Knight. 
This book I would release at Gamesday with Lion el' Johnson on a Mechanicum board and if time permitted: get the Orks from GW Heavy Metal on a display against Jaghati Khan on a GW table with his Scars. Egan would do The Lion and Edgar the Hunter (finishing all Primarchs in one book in one fell swoop and giving a year to get the backlog out). 
It would also have Sigismunds' raid on Mars. 
I'd also get rules for the Mammoth out and a Space Marine Fighter (Fury iir). 
It would also detail the Imperial Army. 

2014 - 2015
I would have Edgar do second part of a Primarch Diorama with Curze and release at Openday. 

Egan would release Vulkan for HH Weekender. 
Would preview Atrocity book too. Ltd edition model would be Ingethel the Daemon. 

Alpharius for July by Edgar

Atrocity would be book 5. It would have the Calth Atrocity and Signus. It would also have a Cultist / Daemon list (which ties in to both). I hate the current Daemon Codex as it takes too much work to set a game up so hopefully would tie in to a new Codex release. 
It would also feature the Conflict of the Iron Warriors vs the Imperial fists from Angel Exterminatus to re-ignite interest in these two Legions as their Primarchs would not have been released yet. Rules for the Iron Circle would be included. 
Maybe finally a Warlord Titan. 

Gamesday would see a Robute Guilliman by Edgar and a Almost finished Sanguinius (to be released Nov / Dec). 

2015 - 2016 

Openday would see Perturabo by Edgar and his Iron Circle as a centre piece on a lovely defensive wall board against Imperial fists with massive trenches etc designed by Blake Spence!

HH Weekender will have Dorn by Egans. 
Inferno will be previewed and a ltd ed Sister of Silence would be released. 
The Rout and the Thousand Sons would be featured with the Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence. 
It would also have the Thramas Crusade and feature the Deliverence lost battle with Raven Guard and Alpha Legion. 

Gamesday would have Inferno released with Russ and Magnus (Russ by Egans and Magnus by Edgar). This will complete all Primarchs at the release of this book on Gamesday 2016. 

During this entire thing I would have Edgar, Egans, Robertson, Gonzalez and Whitehead taking it in turn to release the Knights Errant models starting with Garro. This I would do as a single model every month until all are complete. Blake Spence would set up a lovely Window Cil piece for the Knights Errant to go on. Us as hobbyists love to collect, and if we had the option of buying a £15 mini a month to go onto an ongoing display I'm sorry 90% of Heresy collectors would be all over it. 

That's what I would do. What would you all do?

Drake Seta


  1. Inferno as the sixth book.. thats just mean.. :-(

    :) loving the wishlisting.

    1. I know I know. . . . Russ is my favourite character in history but it just makes sense. Could swap Atrocity and Inferno round though.

  2. Yes Curze and Corax would be amazing primarch duel!

    Could you plz contact me at, I would like to offer you something about 30k?

    1. Yup.
      Contact me thru our Facebook site mate :)

  3. The one problem is.. it only takes one manager in gw Hq to look at the horns heresy profits and say... can you stretch this out over 12 books. And then well be down to less than one legion per book ...

    1. Let's just hope they decide to do the 2nd and 11th Legions eventually. That would be a cash Piniata.

  4. I absolutly love this, i'd be particularly excited for Inferno and I love the character every month idea. Also i love the primarchs schedule, and it may very well be that Forge Works does this, cheers drake!

    1. It ticks all the boxes for me too.
      Cheers Mike

  5. My extermination book just came in and i was woundering about character in the series. Do you think that we will eventually get every character as a model? I'd love to see Kyr or Polus, but I'm not confident that fw will
    Produce models for every character. I'm still waiting out for Saul and ivreally want Sigismund

    1. Forge World have a record for not doing every character in their book. . . Lest us not forget the unfinished Wolf Lord. I would say no. Only the really significant ones.

  6. Alpha Legion Upgrades just popped into Forge Worlds Heresy shop area

    1. They look excellent. Was really expecting a Primarch announcement though.

      Should be this weekend instead then.

  7. You've better self control than me If I ruled forge world all the models would be mine mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    Probably for the best I'm not ;)

    1. Willy Wonker and the Forge World Factory. . . . Come with me and you'll be. . In a world of purrree Warhammer-fication. . .

    2. LOL I've got visions of oompa lumpas in red shirts, the terrain forest and a technical paint waterfall

  8. If I ruled Forge World I would do £20 Supplements for each Legion, it would have expanded histories, artwork, legion insignia and structures etc.

    My focus would be the completing of current ranges. E.g All characters and special units from Betrayal, Massacre and Extermination.

    I would produce conversion pieces for current Primarch's. A new face for Fulgrim would be nice - I like the current one but I don't feel it fits with the Great Crusade feel of my Emperor's Children. Also weapon variants - Fireblade etc.

    Transfers, upgrade packs etc etc need to be a priority for the comfort of the fans. I want there to be some completion of current projects before Conquest.

    I think conquest will be Dark Angels and Blood Angels. Diamat is a good shout but not sure of the Blood Angels campaign.

    Mortarion will be at Weekender, I am sure of it.

    Thats it really. I hope that Ultramarines and White Scars are not this year lol

    1. I like the supplement idea but you know how often they release new Characters in the FW books. I am sure they will do Legion specific supplement books after SoT.

      Transfers and Characters are extremely important, they need to get other Sculptors onto these and the Primarchs. I would not say Upgrade packs but would say release 2 types of each Primarch (one at ease and one combat with weapon options).

      Why do you think Signus and Diamat?

    2. Not sure, I believe that Mars is a very good chance of being in Conquest but seems a little too soon to be giving Imperial Fists more love.

      The staff at FW seem to be fans above everything. I think a gentle nod to Codex: Angels of Darkness (historically, one of GWs most successful publications centred around 2 significant and popular legions) could be on the table.

      Of course, we could all be jumping the gun and Conquest could be a renamed Inferno...