Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My model on Forge World!

Hi everyone. 

We were told a little while ago on a Bulletin that my Best of Show tank would appear on the Forge Wotld Website and on the next Bulletin. 

Here it is:

Obviously I am very proud of this award so here it is :)

Drake Seta


  1. Congrats! Great looking tank.

  2. My favorite tank model with an amazing paintjob. You could probably sell high res versions of this as posters :).

  3. Now your not only THE Knight in your neighborhood, but also world famous ! Just like Elton John : )

    The tanks looks even sweeter on this photograph, great work Sir !

    1. Oh you. :) cheers again. Don't think I will enter competition again now though. Will do a Diorama for Golden Daemon in a year I think. That will be my Competition end though for painting. After that it will be just Gaming tournaments.

  4. Dont blush young Knight ! The praise is well deserved : D

    Though it will sadden the realm if you sheath the competition brush for good.

  5. I thought it looked familiar when I saw it :) nice job.