Sunday, 4 May 2014

Primarch no 6. Coming soon.

With the Horus Heresy Weekender imminent we have 2 exciting weeks of announcements and previews coming. 

Firstly amongst all is Primarch 6. Who will it be? We know it will be of the first 12 to have rules. So we have the Following Primarchs in my order of possibility:

I am sure it is either Mortarion or Corax which we will see in the next week. We will also see a sneaky glimpse of Primarch 7 at the Weekender - which hints towards it being either Vulkan or a Primarch in production for Book 4 Conquest. I am almost totally sure it is Vulkan. 

We should also see the new Lancer Knight which was at the Openday going on general release and maybe the Gorgonite Terminators and Several upgrade packs. 

We will also be seeing a Ltd edition HH mini. I am hoping it is another impressive one like the Davinite priest. I was convinced it was to be a Sister of Silence character to go with Inferno, but as that has changed; I am thinking a loyalist character might be a winner. Wouldn't Garro be great to tie in with Mortarion?

Anyhoo a great few weeks are ahead of us. Can't wait for Seditions Gate either. 

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Drake Seta. 


  1. Gah!! The anticipation and speculation is killing me! I would put solid money on Motarion at the weekender. I hope so too, because then we are one step closer to doing Istvaan III!

    I cant wait :)

  2. Sounds great! Hope its Corax :) any news on what 'Conquest' is? :)

    1. Nothing yet but my Heresy-sense is screaming Dark Angels and White Scars.
      Dark Angels were Legion 1 so have done their share of Conquering and the White Scars are based on the Mongols which conquered the most land in history. But scars can be swapped with Blood Angels easily enough.

    2. What about all three legions? Scars, Blood Angels and the Dark Angels? That would make for an awesome book, but three big legions like that in such little time seems a little stretched sadly :$

    3. Yeah I agree.
      Inferno: Thousand Sons, the Rout, Sisters of Silence and Custodes.
      Conquest: Dark Angels, Imperial Army (to go with all the Guard stuff flying around), Mechanicum and I'd say White Scars.
      Atrocity: Ultramarines at Calth, Blood Angels at Signus, a Cultist and Daemon list.

      This covers everything nicely.

    4. Damn, the traitors will tremble at the coming of atrocity then! Both the Avenging son and the Fallen Angel!! For the Emperor! :)

  3. Honestly I hope it's not a primarch at all...and Sigismund instead :).

    1. Lol. We know Edgar has a Primarch finished and ready to go.
      Am kind of expecting Sigismund too though.

  4. I'm gonna guess corax but as an old time ravenguard player I might be prejudiced

    1. Would love to see it as Corax!

    2. The only thing with ravenguard in the heresy they only really saw action at Istvaan which is before mk 6 armour and I always think that the beakie helmets are what defines the RG visually.

      I also have a sneaking fear that when Forgeworld get round to doing the RG the excellent upgrade kit they do will go the way of the dodo(or squat more topically)

    3. Fair comment. Good thing is they were trialling the mk6 kit so you can cut about 30-40% of a squad with them. The rest would be almost totally mk4 due to them being founded late in the Great Crusade (m30 970ish).
      Mk4 armour still looks awesome.
      I also feel that playing the Heresy isn't just a "get 4k list complete and you're done" affair. A Legion requires progression. You add to your squads. Mk5 appearing after Isstvan 5 and Prospero. You add them in. Then later add in some 6's and finally 7's at Terra. Imagine the epic force all collectors will have amassed by then.
      Just feel sorry for the likes of the World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor's Children as their schemes change so divergently before and on the Eve of the Siege of Terra.

      Squats. Oooh. They will be back soon. For years people have said "we want Knights" and we get them. Squats were officially written out but have now slyly been written back in (Rulebook and recent White Dwarf with comments about abhumans and Beastmen and Squats). Honestly, you can count on them as an Allied attachment AT LEAST soon.
      I for one can't wait. Next in line is the mythical Plastic Thunderhawk.

    4. I actually played squats in rogue trader showing my age now loved my trike skid attack and exo armored short termies.

      I thought it was mk5 they were trialing and the improvements and recommendations were incorporated according to deliverance lost they got the mk6 when corax returned to deliverance after getting the gene seed tech on terra. Offcourse fluff get a bit mangled. At times

    5. They were trialling Proto-Beakie armour at time of Heresy. Mk5 is just ramshackle cut and shunt job armour.
      Corvus pattern would have been referred to as mk5 if the Legions didn't create their own hobbled together Mk. The Proto-Beakie would have retained most of its characteristics. It's not as if the Mechanicum went "here test this spoon" "spoon was great just needed a smoother handle" "thanks for your assistance in testing this suit, here is the final version: a fork" lol

  5. I expect too see Mortarion. There is a lot of Death Guard players out there and it would give the Death Guard model range a rather complete feel. Finally having all Book I Primarchs on the table would be a nice thing.

    I also expect them to preview Primarchs of the already released books and a preview of the next book, Conquest, but no Primarch featured in Conquest shown, anything else would really suprise me.

    1. Would love a Primarch at this point. We have all Legions on display in our gaming room and only my 2 Legions do not have a Demi-God leading them.

      Simon Egan has said we will see the Primarch he is working on at the weekender. Conquest (whatever or whoever it may include) should also have atleast one Primarch included in its pages on its release day (should be Gamesday). So there is still a chance it isn't a current book model with how long it takes Simon to sculpt a Primarch. Not long til we see now. You going to be there?

    2. Here I stand corrected : ) now thats pretty cool news to me !

      I really wonder if Forgeworld will always release their books in similar fashion to the first triology, meaning 4 Legions per book, always triologies.

    3. Ah and unfortunately I wont be attending the Weekender, but I will be chained to your website longing for pics and comments and interviews.

  6. i'm gonna go out and say Vulkan or Mortarion