Saturday, 31 May 2014

STAND ALONE 30K BATTLE REPORT: Death Guard vs Emperor's Children

Welcome to our Legion vs Legion Stand alone battle report. For those of you who have not seen our Battle reports before; we have a distinct style of reporting we haven't seen anywhere else. We favour the Comic strip style battle report, with comments descriptions and lots of explosions. 

The Battle Bunnies Blog has been around since 2011 and we jumped on the Horus Heresy Bandwagon at day 1. We are a closed gaming group now (though we love sharing other collectors' Legion armies) and specialise in 30k. 

We have a few rules to our battles
1) Have fun
2) Must be fully painted to game
3) Your list must be fluffy (also the reason we are Bunnies). 
4) No dice in pictures etc. 

Emperor's Children
Legion Centurion - Legion Champion: Volkite Serpenta; Master crafted Power Weapon; Digital lasers; Refractor field; Jump Pack; Artificier Armour, Frag and krak grenades 160

1 Legion Contemptor Deadnought: Kheres Pattern Assault cannon; DCCW Heavy Flamers; Havoc Launcher 215
EC - Palatine Blade Squad: 4× Power Sword; Sonic Shriekers; Jump Packs; + 1 Palatine Prefector (Power Sword) 220

9 Legionaire: + 1 Legionaire Sergeant 150
9 Assault Legionaire: Plasma Pistol (1in5); Power Weapon (1in5); + 1 Legionaire Assault Sergeant (plasma pistol; Power Weapon) 300

3 Sky Hunter Legionaire: Jetbike Multi-melta (1in3); + 1 Sky Hunter Legionaire Sergeant (Melta-bombs (sgt)) 165
9 Seeker Legionaire: + 1 Strike Leader (Power fist) 265

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: 4× Lascannon; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (Lascannon) 235
4 Heavy Support Legionaire: 4× Autocannon; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon) 160

Primarch Fulgrim 380

2,250 points

Death Guard

Legion Centurion - Master Of Signal: bolt pistol; chainsword; Melta-bombs; Refractor field; Artificier Armour, Frag and krak grenades 110

5 Deathshroud Terminators: Melta-bombs; + 1 Point offset mandatory 235
4 Destroyer Legionaires: 3× 2x Bolt Pistol; (1:5) Missile Launcher with Suspensor web and Rad missiles & Bolt Pistol ; 4× Chainsword; Squad Melta bombs; + 1 Legionaire Destroyer Sergeant (Artificier armour; rad, fag and krak grenades; 2× Phosphex Bomb) 230
Legion Rhino Armoured Carrier: extra armour; Auxilary drive 55
1 Rapier Carrier: Graviton cannon 75

9 Legionaire: + 1 Legionaire Sergeant (DG - Power Scythe; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades) 175
9 Legionaire: + 1 Legionaire Sergeant 150
4 Support Legionaires: + 1 Legionaire Sergeant (Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta-bombs (Sgt)) 115

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: 4× Autocannon; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner) 175
Legion Vindicator: Combi-Bolter; extra armour 140
Legion Sicaran Battle Tank: Armoured Ceramite; Sponson Lascannons 195
1 Legion Medusa: extra armour 165

Primarch Mortarion The Reaper 425
1 DG - Upgrade: Chem-munitions

2,245 points

Now . . . To battle!!!

Deployment: Search and destroy
Battle: Extermination (Betrayal book)
Emperor's Children Warlord: Fulgrim - Trait +1 to cover saves in ruins (chosen). 
Death Guard Warlord: Mortarion - Trait: Can move one unit after deployment before game starts. 

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  1. Great batrep! I'm surprised by the combat between Mortarion and Fulgrim!

    1. Yeah. Fulgrim rolled a lot of 1 and 2s on the first two combat turns. On a best out of three to the death Fulgrim wins hands down, but there were always close moments.

  2. Awesome battle report. Looks so good on your completed cityscape!

    1. Cheers Dave. Was one of the best battles I have ever had too.

  3. Beautiful board and brilliant report....... What are you usi g for amoke.. Are those little leds inside?

    1. Here you go mate:

      Good luck and thanks for the nice comments :)

  4. I love reading your Battle Reports, even more so when it's an EC victory :)

    1. Conniving. . . Purple . . . Bastards. . . . .

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers mate. We are planning on doing millions more. We are building to an invasion of a whole Sector called The Karrus Sector. Ferrus Manus will be leading Mortarion, Angron (new to his Legion), Fulgrim (his no 2) and Lorgar.
      They will be meeting at Winskrieg before the invasion begins. It will be epic.

  6. I love your Batreps. Had a great laugh at " Oh Throne, Mortarion is looking right at me".

    Awesome, love the irony.

    1. Cheers mate. Really appreciate it. You wait til we hit the Great Crusade ones!

    2. Also had to delete "Surprise Cockbags!!!" A few times after Fulgrim ran out of the building.

  7. Really liked the way it was presented and the humour - such a good read!

    1. Hopefully we will get lots more done in 2015. Thanks for your message :)

  8. You r not playing 30k looks like 40k no troops and s primarch on the table ??? Not very realistic looks like cheese to me
    Go play 8th