Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Legions on Parade: Nolan Furnell's Death Guard

Hi all. 

It has been a slow week so far. Lots done but not photographed properly yet. 

From New South Wales we have Nolan's Beautiful looking Death Guard. The Photography used to capture these is fantastic and really completes the pictures. So for your viewing pleasure I give you his Legion. 

Typhon leading the charge 

If you have a Legion to show off, Like us on Facebook and send us 8 pics inc HQs troops and vehicles on a decent board / Backdrop and any fluffy background information and next Wednesday it could be you :)

Drake Seta


  1. Looking very good!! Love this feature

    1. Get your XIX Legion done Dave :)

    2. Really nice photography! Looks awesome! Great paint job too!

  2. The photography is amazing!

    The XIX are coming along Drake, the next batch of bits should be here soon so I can finish my next few squads!