Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Gorgon cometh

Finally after months of planning and procrastination he is here, Ferrus Manus!

He was an absolute dream to paint as all the detail on him is so crisp it pretty much highlights it's self.

I started by building his body and hammer shaft to make it easyer to reach all the chest details and the bits in his back

After a careful chaos black primer spay I took to the air brush useing the same technique I use in my normal troops.

After an afternoon of fan boy nerdgasming I had painted all the detail on the Armour useing lead belcher and sycorax bronze

Next up was a Nuln oil wash and highlighting useing iron breaker on the armours symbols

Forge breaker was a nice quick paint and scrubs up really nicely.

Next up was his face, I was really worried about painting this but Mr Egan has done an amazeing job sculpting ferrus so it nearly paints it's self.

The last thing to paint was ferrus's famous silver arms, to get the base colour I used Vallejo liquid silver and washed it with a lahmian thinned drakenhof night shade. 

I'm really proud if this model and I would like to thank Simon Egan and the forge world team for designing such an amazeing sculpt.

Here's some pics of the finished model, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed painting him.

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  1. Very nice Mega. Looking forward to getting him on a battle board in some photos with your Legion.

    Here he is everyone. The Primarch in charge of the Karrus sector invasion from the Galactic South.

  2. Awesome! The face is sooooo well painted, I'm impressed sire

  3. What colours did you use for the face?

  4. The face and skin were done in 3. Stages, Cadian fleshtone as a base then a watered down seraphim sepia wash over the top then finally a light dry brush of Cadian over the details.

    1. I always prefer a light dry brush for highlighting faces too. Adds more natural a blend in my opinion. Well done.