Tuesday, 22 July 2014

I'm the biggest and the badist!

After completing my work on the Iron Hands that will be attacking the Karus sector I have once again started to become hyper aggressive and loud for loudness sake. Yes that's right folks it's WAAAGH! Time.

Today's project was to bring the ork boys to the size needed for the campaign

I already had around 3000 points of orks before starting the heresy and they will more then double in size over the next few months. Here is the list that we will be fielding.

Warboss in mega armour: bosspole; cybork body; gitfinda 115
Mek: kustom mega-slugga; killsaw; grot oiler 60
Weirdboy: Psyker (Mastery Level 2) 70
Big Mek in mega armour: tellyporta blasta 100

30 Boyz: Boss Nob (power klaw; bosspole) 220
30 Boyz: Boss Nob (power klaw; bosspole) 220

9 Meganobz: 5× 2 killsaws; 2× kombi-weapon with rokkit launcha, power klaw; 2× kombi-weapon with skorcha, power klaw 430

5 Deffkoptas: 5× twin-linked rokkit launcha 150
Dakkajet: twin-linked supa shoota; red paint job 135

Morkanaut: kustom force field; extra armour; grot riggers 310
15 Lootas 210
Deff Dread: kustom mega-blasta; skorcha; grot riggers; extra armour 110
3 Killa Kans: rokkit launcha; grotzooka; kustom mega-blasta; 3× grot riggers; 3× extra armour 205
4 Mek Gunz: lobba; 2× bubblechukka; smasha gun; + 8× Gretchin 108
Gorkanaut 245

Fluffy: 4× Big Shoota 545
Stompa 770

4.003 points

Incase you were wondering, Fluffy is my pet Gargantuan Squigoth and will take pride of place stomp'in through any stoopid 'umans wat gits in er way

There is much more to come for the orks so keep your eyes peeled.

Mega Nob


  1. That is the best name i have heard of for a gargantuan squiggoth. I like it

    1. He carries it ala-Paris Hilton in a handbag.
      We are looking at getting a dog collar made for it in the end.

      When fluffy gets brought to the tables at Warhammer World we get a bit of attention whilst it tears Legionnaires to ribbons.
      Looking forward to seeing it in our first opening battle of the Karrus Campaign.

    2. Definatly can 't wait to see the campaign start it will be awesome seeing fluffy smashing the legiones astartes to pieces.

    3. Also mega nob great job on the orks and fluffy they all look great

    4. Thanks Warsmith, she was really fun to paint. What is it you collect?

  2. When I bought her and took her home I loved the model so much I hugged it which made me bleed and left scars on my chest. Ever since then she's had a taste for human blood.

    1. Wow that just made me laugh quite hard and i collect pre heresy iron warriors and orks and marines in 40k and all you guys are awesome

  3. Are you planning on using 6th Ed Ork Rules, or 7th Ed? I know it is a silly question as it will probably be all 7th edition stuff, but I was wondering if people are waiting for a FAQ from Forge World about the changes?

    1. We will be using the most up to date rules for every faction etc :)

      I don't think there will be that big of a change anyway :)

    2. Looking good Meganob! What are you adding next?

  4. I'm going to buy another 60 boys, that will allow me to have 6 30 man squads. But I have to paint my way through everything else I have first starting with my mega nobs.

  5. Please get some forge world vehicles. Something that may stand a chance to the imperium tanks lol