Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Legions on Parade: Tom Leu's Word Bearers

Here we have Tom Leu's fantastic Word Bearers. 

It was done with a black undercoat, Rhinox hide, Khorne red and highlighted with Evil Sunz scarlet. It was then washed with Carroburg Crimson and after that Nuln oil.

The Legion on parade. 

Lorgar Aurellian painted exceptionally well. 

Whirlwind Scorpius. 

Love the scripture on the armour. 

And on this great Sicaran. 

The first Heretic Kor Phaeron and Erebus. 

Land Raider with Dozor blade. 

A beautifully modified Terminator squad. 

You can have your Legion on Legion on Parade next Wednesday, just follow links on the left. 

Drake Seta


  1. Stunning army. Really love the red and I am a massive fan of the scripture! Well done good sir!

  2. Very nice! Really like that shade of red.
    And particular kudos for having a Kharybdis, i love that thing.

    1. Agreed Kharybdis is pretty!

      Have either of you used one? They seem underwhelming in their rules...

    2. its...okay, it does a job. it shoves a nasty unit down in your opponents face protected by 12 armour, jinking and 5 HP, then they can get out and charge turn 2 unmolested, if the assault claw survives beyond that youre in bonus town.
      i agree that doesnt really seem worth it for a heavy slot and 260 points, but i love the sheer ludicrousness of the thing, its absurdly big (and quite heavy).
      i think it probably should have been a dedicated transport option for certain units if youre using the orbital assault rite to be honest.

    3. My Death Guard are too blunt to have a Kharybdis in my opinion, they are more likely to have a Caestus assault ram due to durability, but can't wait to get my paws on one for my Night Lords and maybe Vlka Fenryka.
      I am with u Richard though, they are quite points heavy but what they allow your force to do is quite impressive.

    4. i only got one fairly recently for my emperors children as a delivery system for Fulgrim and whatever unit hes deemed fit to arrive with, but im so impressed with the centrepieceness of the model that im now strongly considering a 2nd and im also now looking at getting a bunch of drop pods to take the orbital strike rite of war.
      I guess that folowing my inital post, this now sounds like a rather glowing endorsement, but ill quantify that by adding that im the kind of player that likes to perservere with something suboptimal just because its cool.

  3. A very good looking Legion. Has a great spread of vehicles that can be used to cover most battlefield situations.

  4. Wow really beautiful army. I am really impressed by the banner on the terminator guard

  5. They are looking really gd. I would be happy if when I do my red word bearers half as gd as that. Well done :-)

  6. How did you get to that shade of red on the power armor?