Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Flashiest gitz around

It seems lately that every week brings more Ill advised additions to my WAAAGH! And after a midnight revelation   I realized I had no ranged boys to hold the wall, my solution...... Flash Gitz.

I still have another 5 of these guys to build which will allow me to have 2 5 man squads churning out all the anti marine fire power possible.

Not only is this guy so flash that he's got a plasma, mega, snazzy do-da, but he's working his way through a stogy as well. 

And last but not least oo's ready for sergery, this crazy looking sucka will be working his 'miracles' on the boys holding the wall as well.

Only time will tell us if his presence is a curse or a blessing.

The boys requiring greening are mounting up and soon the Waaagh! Will launch to take over the galaxy.

Keep your eyes peeled for more.

Mega nob



  1. I have no idea why they took their armor save away. But I can't complain too much, the models are absolutely brilliant.

  2. They are some fine looking Orks Mega Nob. Looking forward to seeing them atop the wall.