Friday, 15 August 2014

Siege wall Battlements complete!

Thats it for the ramparts apart from an hour of gap filling. Next stage is to add the chequer plate flooring which should be delivered in a couple of days.

It is coming on nicely and I am quite proud of it so far. Details for the piece will be done soon (doors etc). 

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Drake Seta


  1. I'm curious, did you use any plans/templates for this? I built one awhile back using some plans from Warseer as a rough guide, but they weren't really designed for direct use. I more or less was able to use them to cut a few of the shapes and then had to extrapolate the other shapes to create the rest of each tower and wall portion. The gatehouse I had to do entirely on my own, for the most part.

    Also I cheated and cut up an Aegis Defense Line for my crenelations. ;)

    Looks fantastic though! Can't wait to see it painted up!

    1. I'm a Surveyor by trade and am very anal about scales and schematics. I designed this wall myself completely so it is easy to use and multi-poseable. I will also be doing schematics eventually for detail to sit on top of the wall (balconies, AA guns etc).
      I will carry on with the process and see at the end if it is worth creating a PDF for (A0 printer required).
      I will be starting a gate soon. Thanks for your interest, keep an eye on our blog and I will update the wall as it continues.