Monday, 4 August 2014

So you wanna build a Siege wall

I have said Au Revoir to France (and building a wall there in my Dad's Grand Design-esque barn renovation) and have returned to good ol' blighty. 

I have immediately recommenced work on the Curtain wall which will be the centrepiece for the start of our upcoming Great Crusade Campaign in the Karrus Sector. 

I left off with the main structure of the walls assembled and the front and sides of the Bastion parts started. 

Tonight I have added the rear face of the Bastions and the parapets. 

A Wraith Knight considers it. 

A good scale in my opinion to keep the foes of the Imperium at bay. 

Fragile for now but Armour 15 soon enough :)

I hope to add another gate section and a destroyed wall section too eventually. 

The Sons of Perturabo approve this construction. 

Well as always it's good to be back in the realm of 30k and Milton Keynes.

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Drake Seta


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers fellow Warsmith! There are miles and miles to go but I am getting there. Need to invest in some right angle plasticard for the edging and either a rivet gun or scorer. Going to be fun to battle on!!!

  2. I have also invested in some new ork mobs to hold the wall against them stoopid hoomy's and have a few bomb shells to drop over the next few weeks. I can't wIt for this to start.

  3. Would be able to make a pdf of the measurements and the diagram of the Curtain Wall because I think this is what I would like to make my Iron Warrior's Fortress Walls as when it is being assaulted by Orks.

    1. I may do eventually. Keep tuned til the end of it :)