Thursday, 18 September 2014

Codex: Eldar Exodite Research

Hey all

As some of you may know, I have been interested in doing Eldar Exodites for our Great Crusade for a while now, so I have been doing some research. I have listened to Promethean Sun twice in the last few weeks and made some notes. I have also looked at the Exodite section in the Eldar codex for information.

This is just the beginning though. I am planning on doing some snow units and some desert units too, but I,need to listen to Feat of Iron again to research it.

I want to go for a more primitive and tribal looking Exodite vibe, which is more of the waynI picture them. As such I will be basing most of the miniatures around Dark Elf, Lizardmen and Wood Elf bitz with a little bit of Eldar armour and tech thrown in. Here is my research so far:

Forest/Jungle Exodites

Mottled green cloaks
Verdant cloak

Army rules:
Stealth and Shrouded in nature
Not pitched battle fighters
Trees came alive
Swamps swallowed enemies
Bugs filled mouths and eyes
Arboreal empass - restrict movement in trees


Option to take carnosaur mount

Can take mount

Royal Guard:
Retinue for above

Is above Warlock
Runic symbols

Veridean robes with cerulean clasp
Rune sword
Runic iconography on his armour
Powers used - Kineshield, force push, force lightning

Wyche covens:
Bald female in middle
Riding eldrich energies - from the Menhir
Work as group to make powers stronger
Throw electricity - crack ceramite with ease
Psychic shields
Strangle vines
Attack and defend at same time


Blade Master Kindred:
Azure plated
More marshall in aspect
Ornate crested helms that conceal face
Vermillion capes
Long angular swords

Dragon Guards:
Sword and shields

Raptor Packs:
Raptors - rending


Bow caster Kindred:
Fierce repeating bow casters
1 in 5 upgraded to long rifles
1 heavy weapon team - all types

Close combat Kindred:
Leader with ornamental sword

Dragon Rangers:
Hooded riders
Long rifles
Conical helms

Rangers - see Eldar codex

Fast Attack:

Dragon Riders:

Terrasaur Kindred:
Riders with spears, swords etc

Heavy Support:

Heavy weapons

Carnosaur Riders:
Down dreadnoughts with ease

Vaul Batteries:
See codex eldar

Lord of War

Dread Saurian:

Causes fear
Membranous wings
Thorny hide
Horn from snout
Talons from toes
Umber scales
Axe headed tail
Seer rider with staff and rune blade - no hands to fly
2 Primarchs to fight it
Wings pulp innards and throw marines flying
Can only fight forwards
Poisonous vapour and fog
Roots pinning from seer 

So what do you think? Any modelling ideas? Anything you can add (provide references where possible)? 

I will be working on these and other Xenos projects every Thursday night. So stay tuned for updates :)

Khall Sithis


  1. Sounds awsome dude, try looking into things like the dread maw and magma dragon for big mounts for the hq classes

    1. Yeah, was thinking about using the Magma Dragon as the Terradon. Great idea mate!

  2. Very nice. Are you still thinking of doing that armoured plate creature (cross between an Armadillo and a porcupine's quills), that pop out to the side and basically acts as a mobile defence wall.
    You should watch Avatar again too, may get some more advice for creatures etc. that is what I picture the Exodites like (but with better tech).

    What is your next step from here?

    1. Next step will be to buy some Wood Elf Ranger models and start kitbashing 20-40 Exodites. 20 with bowcasters (from Dark Elf dreadspears) and 20 with swords and javelins. I will give some the conical Eldar helmet. One I have these troops in place I will look at doing 15 raptor riders (Dark Elf Cold Ones with various Eldar and Wood Elf bitz).

      In many peoples armies the Exodites are converted with Scale cloaks etc. I have found no references to this in the fluff I have read. So I am going to go for a more primitive and tribal look.