Saturday, 6 September 2014

European Open day 2014

The Bunnies have arrived at the Forge World open day in Amsterdam. All in all a good show so far. No new Primarch sadly, but Simon Egan has said that it will not be ready for Warhammer-Fest but will hope to show it off as a WIP. FW will not say who it is though (we still believe it is Curze). 

Some great Solar Auxillia artwork is on display, and the models look absolutely exceptional!! We hope to see much more of the 3D printed models in the future. 

Army Basilisk

Army transport and a Leman Russ turret with Volkite!

The Queue ride!

The Knight Magaera

The Knight Acheron

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Drake Seta


  1. Any chance you can hit someone up for a discussion on rules for the new knights?

    1. Also thanks a ton for posting all this up!

  2. Awesome day. Hope to get all of the Bunnies there next year.