Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Follow Up Post - Great Crusade, What Can We Use?

Hello Bunnies!

Khall here, back from an awesome weekend in Amsterdam! Last week I asked the question 'What can be used in the Great Crusade?' We had a flattering amount of responses, all with different opinions and understandings! Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and contribute. I spoke to Alan Bligh about this and he gave me a very thorough explanation. I have provided some of this information below. 

First of all let's look at the GC briefly:
It lasted 200 years.
It started with the uniting of Segmentum Solar and then expanded outward - HOWEVER - this didn't happen evenly. Many different worlds were ignored when originally discovered, to be returned to at a later date. Some of the reasons for this were - not a priority target, not enough resources and also not having the technology!
The Great Crusade - as with all wars - funded the advancement of technology and as such, the reason why we have now got phenomenal gear in the closing phases of the Great Crusade.

So I asked Alan Bligh about this and he said to picture the Last third of the Great Crusade having all of the new technologies as they came into fruition for 'tough-to-crack nuts'. Also that Primarchs who commissioned individual machines, would have access to them before other legions. I asked him for a date and he said that in limited numbers it would all be available from M30 950 onwards. Great news! Anyone who has met Alan Bligh will know that he is very passionate about his work and I find myself grinning vacantly towards him at times. He is incredibly intelligent. I would like to thank Alan Bligh for taking the time to discuss it all with me :)

So, here is our updated list of availability, items we will allow the use of in our Great Crusade campaigns (which we will now start in 950):

Terminator Armour
Storm Eagle
Fire Raptor
Land Raider Achilles/Achilles Alpha
Scorpius Whirlwind

The only one we will not allow is the Venator as it clearly states the first battles of the Horus Heresy. 

So what do you all think about that?

Khall Sithis


  1. Great success indeed! I've been holding off getting the more advanced tanks for ages thinking I wouldn't be able to use them so I'm chuffed to bollocks that I can have all the cool toys.

    1. Are you going to paint a typhon, it will be cool to see one in iron hand colours.

    2. It's a distinct possibility, my next purchase will be a glave so I finally have a super heavy in my army

    3. Typhon or Glaive will be great ideas!

  2. I like that list yeah it looks good it really says great crusade.

  3. Ah sweet!! It's nice to hear that and get an "official" word :-) by the way, where will you be advertising these campaigns? Or are they group only style?

    1. We will be trying to re-enact most of the big Great Crusade battles amongst the group. However, if the demand is there, I am sure we can look at doing something cool with the community. Ullanor just smacks of Epic scale the group can't achieve entirely on its own. What would you like to see us do?

    2. Also, writing our own campaigns set between M30 950 and Murder!

    3. Certain Campaigns will be a lot easier to do than others. Isstvan 5 is almost damn perfect as I can easily and cheaply create a good 20+ boards with black sand, hills and trenches. I really do want it to be a grand success and really fluffy too. We will advertise it through our Facebook page and Blog. I will hit the current thread with all the interest when we get the Campaign planned and booked completely.

  4. Alan Bligh really does know his 30k and genuinely chats like a Historian of the age. I honestly don't think the Horus Heresy could be in the hands of a more capable person.
    It is great news about the tanks too