Thursday, 11 September 2014

Mechanicum Triaros WIP

Another day another project started. 

Khall has recently got a Thanatar and has found it difficult to get motivated to do it; "sigh. If you trim it and undercoat it I will finish it for Saturday's battle."

So I set to it and got it done. So he has been working on that big beauty. 
I however loved the Triaros since the first moment I saw it. Great model; very steampunk and quirky. It weighs a ton,
so having had the opportunity to get one pre-release at the European Openday (the only thing I bought apart from an Iron

Warrior T-shirt) I have decided to knock it out before my other projects. 

I to this day have not seen one painted so am hitting it with fresh eyes. 

I have decided to start on the tracks as I only had 3 hours tonight. 

I have only got to early stages and pre-washes so far, but I am happy how it is turning out. The door is screaming for Mechanicum transfers!

Next to my Krios. 

Not sure about the top yet but I am leaning towards full brass. 

Stay tuned. 

Drake Seta


  1. That thing looks awesome! Keep it up. For the doors, I suppose they're glued already? If not, how cool would it be to make it vertical, and paint the entire thing like the AdMech symbol? The cogs are already molded around the outside, and that way when the door opens (in our imagination, anyway) one side would have a skull and the other the mech face.

    1. I like your thinking Jeff!

      That tank looks so awesome! Going to be a great project to keep checking back on.

    2. Lol. Yup already fixed in place which is a shame, otherwise the Skull motif would have definitely been incorporated.
      I'm determined to finish this project before getting back to my others I am awaiting some materials for my Siege Wall now.

  2. Is it noticeably bigger than the Krios'?
    I really love that thing, looks like the bastard offspring of a ww1 tank and the cars from 'the shadow' toy range.

    1. Lol I really see it!! Yeah it is substantially bigger. Another 30% track mass I would say. Matt Kane has painted one now. It's in the New Stuff section on FW. He has it next to a standard Rhino to show scale.

    2. Second picture shows it next to my Krios too :)